Avg retail registration | Avg retail activation

Avg retail registration | Avg retail activation


Avg retail registration | Avg retail activation

Avg retail registration | avg retail activation to download avg activate online internet connection is very much required. if you do not have an internet connection or the internet speed is very slow then you can download avg activate by using a CD or DVD.

avg retail registration

If purchased avg Online:

Visit home.avg.com and sign in to your avg account, if already have one.

If avg account does not exist already then visit avg.com/retail.

Enter your email address and 30 digit avg Activate code which you get a mail to your registered email address.

Click Submit or You may also sign in with your facebook or google account.

Now enter your email and password to sign in.

Click Agree & Install, when prompted.

Now you need to enter your billing details for future purchase or renewal but you can skip this and do this later.

Click Install on PC to start the download.

Now Run the avg Activation File, when the download is finished and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Enter avg Product key again, If required.

Congratulations you have successfully installed your avg product.

If purchased avg offline from a retail store:

Visit avgstore.com and register your avg Product.

Click My Account and sign in to your avg account, if exist.

If the account does not exist then create a new account using your registered email and password.

Now register your product by entering your avg product key.

avg product key can be found on the back side of the purchased avg retail card.

Scratch the avg retail card and enter the 30 digit avg product key in the required field then click submit.

Visit www.avg.com/retail and sign in to your avg account.

Click install to start the download.

Enter your email id and address to sign in again if prompted.

Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the avg installation process.

Click finish or close and you can now start using your avg product.

services Required For www.avg.com/retail



avg Antivirus installation/uninstallation.

Update avg Security.

avg Antivirus re-installation.

avg Antivirus error fixation.

avg Antivirus product activation.

Computers scan for the threats to analyze the virus infections.

Configure avg Antivirus settings as per system requirements.

Security setting for complete protection.

Repair avg Antivirus.

Fixing avg firewall and network conflicting problems.

Fix Blue/black screen of death PC

Fix Support for Display problem

Fix Sound issues with Desktop / Laptop

Wireless Internet configuration/cable connections in PC/Laptops