Automatic Dispenser Solution | Millennium Semiconductors

Automatic Dispenser Solution | Millennium Semiconductors

Complete solution for Automatic Dispensers which will enable automatic sanitization with a built-in motion detector. When it senses your hands under the spout to dispense, it will provide you the perfect amount of liquid sanitizer automatically to get your hands quickly clean.


  • Made in India
  • Infrared / Motion Detection
  • Contactless 
  • AC - DC Adapter / SMPS – 5V/12V/24V Supply
  • Low consumption of sanitizer
  • Adjustable Sensing Distance
  • Adjustable Dispense Time


  • Power Supply: USB
  • Led Indications: Motor on/off 
  • Microcontroller based timing adjustment if sensor on continuous motor off 
  • Direct drive motor with transistor
  • Value for money

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