Australian social-engineering experiments and the Stolen Generation of "ab"Original children

Australian social-engineering experiments and the Stolen Generation of "ab"Original children


Below is the story as told to a friend around 10 years ago, by one indigenous Australian woman, for her privacy we are not disclosing her name. Here is what she wrote:

I do not remember being silently taken away, while playing with my brother with our Mother inside cleaning somebody's house. I remember crying on the plane to Adelaide with another girl, because we realised we were not going back to Croker Island, our home for the first years of our lives. That was my first heartbreak.
Many sleepless nights were spent in the childrens' home thinking of Croker Island. We arrived at the beginning of winter in 1956. I later learned in 2001 from a newspaper clipping that my friend and I were "used as an experiment in assimilation" and that we would be returned to Croker Island when we reached 20 years of age. We were never told this. We never went back home...
I grew up in Greenslade Home with other girls from baby to 15 years of age. When I reached 16 years I was on my own. Greenslade my second home had ups and downs, but loved by second home. My favourite hiding place was the attic a no-go area. Think of the heartache my Mother would have gone through not knowing whatever happened to me and me not knowing her.

The countless numbers of Origine Australians who were stolen from their parents by the state, have never received any compensation only a verbal "apology" from an Australian prime minister many years later.

The Australian authorities continue to this day with social engineering experiments, the latest of which is under the guise of a virus, forcing the elderly to die alone behind glass unable to hold hands, hugs, kiss and say good bye to their loved ones.