AuroraCredit is a simplified DeFi loan project based on the smart contract on TRON blockchain. You can get a loan in just 2 clicks. By getting a loan you freeze your deposit for a chosen period of time. After the deposit you can immediately withdraw the loan and you can freely use it.

How to participate

There are 4 types of deposits you can choose from. They differ according to the terms and the interest rate:

Rapid - 7 days of freeze give 7% of your deposit
Profitable - 14 days of freeze give 17 % of your deposit
Optimal - 21 days of freeze give 28% of your deposit
Premium - 28 days of freeze give 42% of your deposit.

When a player makes a deposit, the amount invested gets frozen for the period of time, while the percentage indicated is immediately available for withdrawal. There are 2 options after the completion of the deposit term:

1. Renew the loan (Reinvest that amount of TRX and instantly receive the loan again)
2. Take your initial deposit back (withdraw you invested TRX)

Referral Program

The project has a 5-level referral program. Each level has its own bonus profitability percentage + the bonus depends on the type of loan your referral takes.

Referral rewards are credited at the time of investment directly to the referrer’s wallet. Bonuses are credited both for initial deposits as well as reinvestments (loan renewals).

Leadership program

Leadership program is another way of encouraging active players who invite others to join the project. Leadership bonus depends on the turnover of your structure (First 3 referral lines).

Each referral level has its own leadership coefficient. If the deposit comes from a direct referral (1st level referral), then the turnover is calculated with a coefficient of 1(1000 trx invested - 1000 points credited for the leadership program). For referrals of the 2nd level the coefficient is 0.3 (1000 invested - 300 points credited for the leadership program) , for a referral of the 3rd level, the coefficient is 0.15 (1000 invested - 150 credited).

When the turnover reaches a certain point (Check the table below) a player receives a bonus directly to their wallet. The bigger the turnover, the higher the bonus.

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