Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn


Everyone was invited, among the pairs gliding along in gentle waltz you could occasionally detect a familiar face; there was Rita Hayworth, dancing with some lucky guy. Sophia Loren, with her partner. The long-legged Cyd Charisse moving with unmatched grace, except for Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, of course. Even Marilyn Monroe was there, getting a lot of attention with JFK. But it was me, who danced with the most adorable of them all...

Audrey blinked her huge, brown doe-eyes and smiled. The gown she was wearing was the one from Sabrina; a tight corset and a big flowing skirt, all in white with matching lace gloves. Her hair was short and chestnut brown, the style she had made famous all around the world.

The music faded, and Audrey put her hands on my chest, tickling. She was expecting a kiss, which I gave her. It was a nice one, no tongue, just lips touching. Adorable. Her slim body was pressed tightly against me, and she softly whispered: "Darling..." and slowly slid onto her knees, carefully smoothing the hems of her thick skirt.

Slender fingers started opening my belt. The orchestra started playing again, a slow, romantic melody, but the people were not dancing. Silent, everyone stood in a circle around us; the men watched in awe, the ladies with large, surprised eyes.

Audrey stroked my shaft gently, and then bent her head down for a little sweet kiss. She looked like an angel, her sensual lips touching the red tip of my cock. The most beautiful angel in heaven...

She had such a petite, delicate mouth; my cock bulged throuch her cheeks as she sucked lovingly and twisted her head from side to side. I sighed and moved my hand to her head, brushing my fingers through her short hair until I managed to find a good grip. It became useful soon, as my knees buckled when I was deep-throated by the innocent beauty. "Oh God!" I groaned, as did most of the men in the audience, when Audrey Hepburn's head started bobbing rhythmically, and she tried to take me deeper, little by little.

For a while the only sounds beside the music were my grunts and the sloppy gurgling. Audrey's cute nose tickled my pubic hairs and her puckered rose-red lips met my balls. She had achieved her goal, and proceeded to repeat the act in rapid succession until she finally heard my warning: "Baby, here it comes!"

"Aaahnhh!" I moaned, and everyone in the room could hear the wet splurt of my thick sperm shooting into Audrey Hepburn's mouth. She gulped, and the gaze of every man present was locked to the contracting motions of her throat. Much to their distress, the ladies found themselves under the assault of groping hands, as the sight and sounds of my sperm being swallowed by the famous cutie was too much to handle.

Gripping the short brown hair tightly with both hands, I watched the starlet accept the gift of my balls until I had nothing left to give. She opened her large dark eyes and looked up at me. I embraced my lover and proceeded by taking off her gown, the thick fabric serving as a comfortable mattress once it was off her wonderful form. The other dancers were going mad with lust; I heard bodices ripping and saw many a respected female idol being forced down onto their knees.

Audrey sighed as I kissed her small pointy breast. "Sorry, baby, but it's going to take a while..." I had to softly whisper, caressing the adorable young face. "...You just swallowed a year's worth."

"Oh," she expressed with a shy smile, and giggled a little. "Sorry."

I winked at Ingrid Bergman, straight from Casablanca. "I'm sure you could help" I said. Audrey watched on the floor, large eyes blinking, legs spread, as I undressed the classic actress. Naked, Ingrid went down and licked Audrey's inner thigh. She looked at me, eyes wide with worry.

"I've... never..." she started.

"...Been with a girl?" I filled her in and looked at the other woman. "How about you, Ingrid?"

She turned to look at me, and said: "Never." Then her eyes locked with Audrey's, and her tongue started closing in on the entrance.

"There, you see," I told Audrey, who was biting her lip. "Nothing to fear."

"O-oh..." Audrey Hepburn moaned and closed her brown eyes as Ingrid Bergman's long, slithering tongue slipped inside her warm hole.

Ingrid's nose was buried in the dark fur of Audrey's crotch, and she was making wet slurping sounds as her tongue traveled deep inside the adorable actress's snatch. I could imagine the sweet taste...

Needless to say, watching this had already made me hard as rock for the last ten minutes. I did not wish to interfere, though, as I saw a lovely blushing glow spread on my Audrey's foxy face. "Oh G-god, don't stop..." she moaned, tickling Ingrid's hair. After several leg-twitching, back-arching orgasms Ingrid gave her a tender, sensual kiss (you know where) and got up.

"Thanks" I said.

"Any time, honey" Ingrid smirked, and then found herself about to be gang-banged by several young admirers. "Oh dear..." she muttered as I turned my attention back to Audrey.

She embraced me, shivering, and whispered: "Make love to me."

"Yes, darling," I answered and she laid back, spreading her legs. How beautiful, and as I soon found out, felt just as nice. She was tight, but her cunt was full of Ingrid Bergman's warm, slippery saliva, and I slid in comfortably. Holding Audrey's smooth ass I gave her a long, hard, sweaty fuck. She screamed, her arms and legs curling around me and she orgasmed with rapid velocity. My heart and balls were full of warm feelings for Audrey and I felt an eager need to share them with her. "I love you!" I moaned, and shot my load deep into her sweet pussy with a loud wet splurt. Ingrid Bergman interrupted the blowjob she was giving to flash a smile at me over her shoulder as my cum mixed with her slobber inside Audrey, and then turned back to catch some guy's sperm in her mouth.

Sighing, Audrey rested her head on my chest, breathing deep. I didn't wake up and the dream never ended.

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