Athena Ch.02

Athena Ch.02


The price being it was his now whether he wanted it or not, whether he wanted to be her bottom bitch or not.

"You’ll learn to love it…" she said softly, as if reading his thoughts, "Being my boy… Here, let me show you something new…"

For a moment Robin wondered how she could show him anything in the darkness as hot water streamed over their bodies, but then he felt her hand on his head, tilting it back, he parted his lips to speak, but felt her mouth find his.

They kissed. Or, rather, she kissed him, her lips full and pressing, her tongue aggressively searching out his own as she moaned into his mouth, cupping his head in her hands, his own relaxing from her breasts, which now rested on his chest, to hold her hips.

He whimpered cutely into the kiss, unsure what to do, but trying his best for her, their tongues mingling together, the two of them feeling hot and wet in the shower as she writhed her body against his.

He wasn’t sure how long the kiss lasted before she broke it, but when she did and his senses returned, he heard her quickened breath and felt something hard and all too familiar pressing into the softness of one of his pale thighs.

She felt him tense as he realised she was hard again and she kissed at his cheek, trying to relax him.

"Don’t be scared… I just think you’re so fucking hot, I can't help it…" she giggled a little, her voice more than a little breathy as steam curled around them.

"You… Really think that?" He asked, voice a whisper.

"Yeah, I really do… Go on, touch it for me…" She whispered back, keenly but didn’t feel him relax. She bit her lip, he was still frightened and cornered, telling him commands was only making him close up all the more, to get what she wanted she’d have to use soft kind words, lure him out, "please?... I won’t make you but… I really want you to…"

He bit his lip softly, afraid of what she wanted to do to him with that monster but, as before in the limo, he found himself unable to disappoint the idol, Athena.

"Ah!" she gasped, a little surprised with just how quickly he’d responded to her baiting, his hand, so small and soft, more feminine even than her own wrapping around her length, not squeezing or stroking, but holding, "O-oh fuck Robin, that feels so good…"

"Do you really want to fuck me with this?" he asked, voice incredulous as his small fingers traced around the veiny girth of her twitching length.

"Mmhm." She smirked chewing her lip as she took a half step forward, pushing his back to the wall and crowding him in, stuck between the cool hard tiles and her soft warm body, "It’ll be difficult to start with but in a few days, and the years after that you’ll love it, you’ll become a real slut for my cock…"

She bit her lip and pulled his hand from her cock, guiding her length instead with her own hand between his soft thighs, moaning softly as she did so, feeling it press up under him, his small balls and cock resting on top of her length, displaying her superiority, "You’ll love it, trust me…"

He didn’t trust her, but he didn’t have any other options either. Biting his lips he squeezed his thighs tighter around her length, just to get a better measure for her size but she let out an eager little moan, "Ooh see? You already want my cock…."

"What… What should I do?"

"Mm, first things first, there should be some soap somewhere…" She said in a casual tone, taking a step back away from him, her cock sliding free and leaving him no longer pressed against the cold wall or her warm supple body.

Robin remembered when he’d been fiddling with the shower temperature that he’d seen it tucked into the corner at the bottom, "Ah, I know where it is…"

He leaned down and reached forward, his hand closing around the soap bottle around about the same time as his cheek pressed against the hardness of her cock.

They both let out a surprised little noise and she laughed, finding his head with her hand and, as he tried to stand again, keeping him knelt, "Mm, you can stay down there, at least until you’ve cleaned that half of me, then you can come up here and clean my tits as a reward… Make sure you’re thorough, though."

He blushed in the darkness and found the idea of obediently washing her cock while kneeled before her like a servant left a less bitter taste when he considered the reward when he was done, he'd just have to get it over with.

She smiled as, without complaint she felt his hands, slick with lather begin working into the muscles of her calves, then her thighs, his fingers pressing into the softness, a little harder than they needed to.

"Mm, you really enjoy your girls plus-sized, don’t you…" She purred low as his hands, reached around her dug into the soft pillows of her ass cheeks, squeezing them.

"I er, y-yes… I like the softness," he admitted shyly, his hands moving from her body as he relathered his hands, the hot water rinsing away his efforts in the dark.

She hesitated for a moment, waiting for his hands to find what she was waiting for, his slick fingers once again closing around her cock, this time stroking her length, albeit under the pretence of cleaning her.

"And what about the hardness… Do you like that too?" She asked, mirth in her tone as she ran her fingers through his long slick hair.

"Sucking it was okay… I guess…" He said softly, blushing as he ran his fingers along her length, drawing a soft moan from her before his hands moved to her heavy balls, washing them too.

"You think so? Would you like to do that again? Instead of getting fucked?" She asked in a cute little voice.

"C-can I?"

"Mmhm, kiss the tip and ask me again, but nicer this time…"

He swallowed meekly and leaned in, using his hand on her cock to know where he was going and, after a moment, pressed his full soft lips to the hard cherry tip of her cock, feeling the familiar heat and size, "Mm, please, Athena, let me suck your cock?"

She grinned a little and bit her lip, genuinely considering it for a moment, even though it had just been a ploy, "Mm, no, but that was super cute."

He flushed crimson, and slowly moved to stand, something that she let him do now, keeping her word in that at least.

"Oh don’t pout…" she laughed a little, unable to see him, but able to guess, "Come on, keep washing."

He did so, though he pouted defiantly, his hands travelling over her stomach and waist, then in no short order up to her breasts, his hands once against massaging her full chest, hands tracing around the heavy natural orbs, then pressing them tight to her before cupping them and repeating the whole process.

"Mm, you can play with these whenever you want baby, that feels so good…" She urged, feeling his slippery soaped fingers tracing and pressing over the springy flesh of her chest.

He bit his lip as, a little reluctantly, he finished playing with her breasts, washing the rest of her torso as she rested her hands on his hips, "Mm, all done?" she queried.

"Y-yes," he said softly.

"Good… Now, turn around."

He did so, expecting to feel her hands against his back and he bit his lip expectantly, wanting to feel her touch, but instead of her hands he felt her body, first her breasts against his upper back, then her stomach against his lower, her cock nestling between his thighs again, "Mm, good boy…" she said, gently looping on arm around his waist, holding onto him as he leaned against the wall, "I’m really worked up so, once I’m in, I won't last too long, probably."

He blinked and suddenly felt trapped, once more between her and the wall, "Y-you’re going to fuck me here? I thought... The bed…"

"Oh sweetie, after a show like that and a shower like this, the second my head hits the pillow I’m going to be lights out, but there's no way I’m falling asleep without busting a nut in you first." She explained, smirking as she used one hand to guide her cock between his cheeks, letting him feel as the wide hard head of her cock kissed his little star.

"A-ah! I’ve, ah, never had anything up there before, s-shouldn’t I like, start with a finger or something smaller?" He squeaked, chest pressed to the wall, Athena's to his back.

"Usually, yes, but you’re a good boy, you’ll do fine…" she said dismissively, "Reach back and spread your cheeks for me, do that and relax and it’ll help, promise…" she lied easily, then smirked as she felt his bubbly cheeks that had been hugging her cock relax their grip as he obeyed.

"Such a good boy, I’m lucky to have you…" She praised, gently, keeping one arm around his waist to hold him in place as she started to apply pressure.

"Mm! It, ah! It hurts Athena!" He whimpered, squirming against her.

She continued to push, feeling herself making no gains, "You need to relax more baby, come on, give me what I want…"

"Ah! Nn, please, please wait, just a second!" He gasped, the pain exquisite.

Athena bit her lip and relented, feeling impatient as she leaned back, "Fuck, you’re tighter than I thought, what are-..."

She went quiet as he reached away with his hands for a second, then she felt a hand reaching back around, a cool liquid smearing into her cock, the soap which he applied both to her length and to his little hole.

"Good thinking…" She purred softly putting her hands back in place as he once against spread his cheeks.

"Q-quick, before it washes off…" He insisted and she couldn’t help but giggle.

"Oooh? Now you’re begging to take it in your hot little ass? Cute." She bit her lip and again applied pressure, again he whimpered and complained, but this time she felt his perfect little star start to spread open, reluctantly welcoming her.

"It’s too big!" he whimpered adorably, shuffling his feet as he held himself spread for her, feeling the tip spearing her, opening him wide and trying to gain access, "It, ah! It’ll never fit!"

"A-ah, you’re just saying that because nothing ever has, come ooon…" She groaned and, with more pressure and less care, the tip of her cock pressed inside him, the tight ring of his ass settling behind the crown of her cock.

"A-ah!" He cried out and she drew in a sharp intake of breath, feeling the pleasure wrap around the head of her cock as she took the first step in his final corruption.

"Oooh fuck, there, there it is, see, not the worst thing in the world, is it?" She grinned, moving both her hands to his hips.

"Y-yes, it is!" He gasped out, whimpering loudly.

She bit her lip, "Mm really? Then the rest of this should be a breeze." She quipped, tightening her grip and forcing her hips forward.

He gasped loudly, his hands moving instinctually from his cheeks to her stomach, palms pressing into the softness of her curves, trying to push her away as she fed the rest of her cock into him, her cock angling upwards, Athena having to part her legs slightly and lower her body to make it work as he writhed and struggled.

Athena, panting softly, pulled him back away from the wall some, keeping him hilted on her cock which twitched and throbbed deep within the squirming boy, enjoying the tight embrace his hole had to offer, squeezing down on every inch of her sensitive length.

"There, there, see? It all fit… Just stay still, let your ass get used to being my pussy…" She cooed softly, hugging him to her, his hands pressing against the wall again as he focused on his breathing, the insistent pitter-pattering of water against his skin and her curves against his back, pretty much trying to think about anything that wasn't the massive cock shoved up his tight virgin ass.

After about ninety seconds, around when Athena was starting to grow impatient again, he spoke up, "O-okay… Okay." he whimpered softly, knowing the sooner they got it over with the sooner he’d be able to sleep.

"Okay…" she confirmed, voice soft and reassuring and he bit his lip, expecting her to start moving.

"S-something wrong?" He asked, uncertainty in his quivering voice as nothing happened.

"No… I’m just waiting for you to start bouncing back against my cock, slut." She explained and he could hear the jovial edge to her voice.

He blushed crimson and swallowed hard, hating her, hating himself, but beginning to rock his hips.

"Oooh fuck Robin you’re such a fucking gem." She moaned as she felt him begin to move his ass, actively taking part in his own defloration.

He whimpered and gasped, voice breathy as he inched his ass up and down her cock as slow as he dared, feeling every ridge and vein of her cock as he rode her with his thick bubbly ass.

"Shit baby, I knew you’d be good but, ah, this is amazing, I’m in love…" she laughed and he blushed crimson, whimpering and moaning too, the conflict running deep in his mind as he loathed himself for giving into her so easily, while at the same time grateful for the darkness, so she couldn’t see his expression, the pleasure that was written across it mingling with the pain, as well as the throbbing erection between his own thighs.

Athena tilted her head back and felt the water streaming down her face in little rivulets. Right here and now, she was at the top of the world. And she didn’t just think that in some meagre way, the world was hanging on her every word, fame, fortune, it was all hers. And while, sure, others held that status, the chance that they too were in a position like hers, here and now, in a state of pure bliss, their dream lover willingly giving their body and soul to them as Robin was to her, hot rain playing against her tan skin and her own record-breaking music echoing around her.

After the thought passed she let her head hang down, focusing once more on the sex as she moved her hands to his hips, gripping him and taking the decision of their tempo from him, claiming it as she claimed him, increasing their pace.

His voice mingled with her music like a backup singer, his moans so genuine she wondered if they were all show for her, or actually real, not that it mattered, all that mattered was her pleasure.

"F-fuck…" She growled as time and time again she bounced his ass off her body, wishing she had gone ahead and taken him out of the shower to use him, just so she could see the way he was throwing his fine pale ass back against her cock like a bitch in heat.

The intimate sound of their bodies colliding sounded through the small confined space, the rhythm in keeping with the bouncy high tempo song of hers that was currently on, the sensations surrounding her cock so perfectly euphoric that, despite her climax just a short while ago in the car on the way here, she could feel herself quickly building to another.

"Yeah, fuck... You want it don’t you, want my cum in your ass, say it!" She panted, gripping his pale waist so tightly she was sure she was bruising it, not that she, or by the sounds of it, he, cared.

"A-ah! Please! Please cum in me Athena! Please!" He begged in delight and shame, head bowed, long black hair falling about his face as he panted hard, feeling each stab of her huge cock with him, her heavy, cum-laden balls bouncing against his own smaller ones again and again in a sign of her born superiority.

She couldn’t resist that, and, panting hard, gripping him in a vice-like hold, she felt her cock begin to twitch and throb, her balls tightening in their smooth sack as she felt her load churning, desperate to be spent inside this boy, her lover, her toy.

"Fuck, fuck!" She gasped, ramming herself as hard as she could into the boy, feeling his body shake and shudder with the ferocity of her thrusts, his ass repurposed as her new pussy, gripping and squeezing her length as she came, a powerful surge within him, a torrent of white that threatened to overflow as she continued to thrust into his milking hole, using him to sate herself.

Robin gasped and whimpered like a girl as she came within him, the pleasure from her cock overtaking the pain as the sensation of soreness within him was overwhelmed by the flooding heat of her cum pouring out deep within him, a viscous liquid that touched upon every nerve ending inside him sending so many mixed signals to his brain that he couldn't even think straight.

After a moment her thrusts slowed, though her climax continued, the fireworks going off in her mind lasting longer than her tired muscles, her body resting against his even as her steel hard cock fired off the last of her impressive load into her tight slut of a boyfriend.

"W-wow… Robin… That was the best fuck I’ve ever had…" She panted hard, holding him tight as her cock began to flag.

"M-me too…" He panted softly, forgetting himself for a moment and blushing furiously as he realised what he’d said.

She laughed, "Oh fuck, really?"

"W-well…" he stammered, "I-it was my first t-time so…"

"Pff…" she smirked and, biting her lip, slowly withdrew her cock from his ass with a moan, her cum flowing freely from his ass, unnoticed by them both as it trickled down his pale thighs. "I’m abso-fucking-lutely exhausted… Ah… I’m going to dry off and get into bed… You probably uh, wanna clean up… Come join me when you’re done, huh?"

"O-okay Athena, I will," he promised softly and felt her hand squeeze into the plushness of his butt before he heard the shower door open and heard her step from it.

He kept his back turned as she opened the door to the bathroom, finding and taking her phone as light poured in for the time it took for her to grab it and go closing the door again behind him, leaving him once more in the dark, this time alone, this time in silence.

He washed himself as best as he could in the shower, soaping himself down twice, feeling a little dirty in the afterglow of what had happened and feeling the conflict once more rise within him.

Did he want to go home? Did he wish today hadn’t happened? He stood in the shower and let the minutes tick by, lost to his own mind, an internal struggle without an answer.

It was some time before he finally stepped from the shower, turning it off and turning on the bathroom light, catching sight of himself in the mirror. He looked strange, like a different person almost. Turning away and quietly he towelled himself off, spending quite some time on his hair, not wishing to get the pillow wet when he went through and joined her.

Briefly he turned around, looking over his shoulder as he spread the cheeks of his ass, curiously looking at the little well-bred hole between the big cheeks and blushing, the colour obvious on his pale face in the white light of the bathroom as he recalled how it had gotten so pink and used.

He stepped from the bathroom, turning off the light behind him and found himself once more in the dark, though the bedroom at least wasn’t absolutely pitch black, with a few electronic LED’s and the light from the outside world partially spilling in between the cracks in a curtain, he could make out the shape of Athena in bed, fast asleep he supposed.

BHe stepped cautiously towards the bed and slid under the covers, laying on his back beside her, not touching her, not disturbing her, just staring up at the ceiling. He couldn’t change this, that wasn't his choice anymore, but he could make the most of it, that decision was the only power remaining in his life. And maybe, after all, she was right, maybe the doubts would fade and he would learn to love this. Learn to love her. Though didn't he already? Hadn't he since he first laid eyes on her?

"A...athena?" He whispered softly, then again a little louder, "Athena?"

"Mmm…. What…." She said, her voice dull, heavy with sleep and muffled by a pillow.

"...Want to spoon?" He asked, though his question was met by a long moment's silence.

"...Mm… Fuck yes I do, you cutie butt… Get over here…"

He heard her moving and he moved towards her, her arms wrapping around him, holding him to her soft luxurious body and he closed his eyes, comfortable in her embrace.

As Athena let out a soft sigh, about to fall asleep again, she noted, with just a little spark of victory, just how closely he nestled his bubbly white ass back against her thick soft cock.

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