At School Sissy Wished She Could

At School Sissy Wished She Could


My sister had got a job working in the school office and found it very useful when my classes were getting set up. Sis put most of all my classes in rooms close to hers or some of the other girls that knew me. 
She also got me out of gym class by telling everyone I had breathing problems and could not do the gym at all, at least thats what she told me, anyway I didn't take gym my last 6 years of school.
I was living as a girl almost 90% of the time. And the other 10% was when I was around my mom, but I still wore my panties, nylons and petti pants all the time when we were all together.
There were sometimes after school that Cathy and sis would pick me up at school and drive me home or we would go to Cathy's house and I would do her chores while they watched.
Some days after school as soon as I got into the car they would drive to a nearby park and they would have me change into a petticoat and dress for the ride home. I dont know who was more excited about the dressing up, Cathy and sis or I, but we sure had a wonderful time.
One day after school we went to Cathys house, a few of her girlfriends came over to visit too. All of the girls changed their clothes in Cathys room. They said for me to start cleaning up the kitchen and living room while they were changing.
When they were finished, they came into the living room and said I could start cleaning the bedrooms, but to start in Cathy's room first while they visited.
They closed the door, but left it open just a crack. I could here them a little out in the other room, but could not make out what they were saying. So anyways, I looked around her room, I really didn't know where to start, there were tops and skirts all lying about some on a chair, some on the floor.
Finally, I started by picking up the skirts and hanging them in her closet. I saw a pretty lavender print full skirt with three tiers of ruffles. It was made of a thin polyester material, and as I picked it up I could feel the material, it was so silky.
I decided to try it on. So off with my slacks and loafers, and I pulled on the skirt. It was a little snug at the top, so I zipped it up and left the button unbuttoned at the top. I twirled around a bit admiring myself in her dresser mirror.
Then I went to her closet and sorted thru her clothes looking for a nice top to wear. Instead I saw way in the back of the closet, a short white fluffy petticoat. I pulled at it till it fell to the floor then I stepped into it, pulling it up under the skirt. It filled my skirt out and felt so wonderful rubbing on my nylon legs as I swished about the room.
I continued hanging up the rest of the clothes while I wiggled about the room. I saw a white silky blouse that was laying on a chair. So,I held it up and it looked close to my size and put it on and tucked the top into the skirt and as I looked at myself in the mirror, " I could see the girl coming out in me again.
As I continued cleaning up her room, I kept hearing giggles from outside the door, I even went to the door and peaked out once, but I didn't see anyone. So, I went back to my cleaning.

Then, Sis knocked on the door and came in to see how I was doing. She looked shocked as she came in. She said, " you are suppose to be cleaning in here, not trying on Cathy's clothes!"  
I told her that I just wanted to have some fun and tried on a skirts that was on the floor.
Sis opened the door wider and called for Cathy. Cathy came in and with a stern voice said, "hey!, you got my skirt and one of my blouses on?" Then her face turned to a small grin and she said,"  you look so sweet and pretty wearing everything tho.
Cathy sai, "I see your also wearing a petti slip too." She said that the petticoat was her mom's that she didn't wear anymore, so, she put it in her closet just yesterday and hoped that while I was in her room cleaning, I would snoop and find it hanging in her closet and try it on. This was sounding more like a planned afternoon to me, but I just put it out of my mind. I was having too much fun and I really didn't care if it was planned or not.

I could see that both girls were trying very hard to hold back their giggles as they asked me to twirl around a few times so they could get a good look at me.
Sis came over and straigtened my hair a little and Cathy said that I needed something to fill out my bra. She went to her drawers and pulled out some panties. Then stuffed one into each cup. Cathy said, "there you have booby's and look like a girl should".

Sis grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room, dragging me, struggling into the hall. As she did Cathy yelled out; "here comes our new sissy girl!"

Sis shoved me all the way into the middle of the living room. All the girls were laughing as I entered the room. Then they all burst into loud screems of laughter. After 15 mins or so, they kinda calmed down to just a smile and a few giggles.
Sis said they all saw me at school and thot what I was wearing girls clothes. They ask Cathy and she told them what happened this summer and that I was wearing girls panties and nylons under the uniform too.

They didn't beleive Cathy, so they ask if they could come and see for themselves. So Cathy and sis got together and planned this after school event.
They both knew that when I went to Cathy's room to clean up and I saw all the clothes laying about the room that I would do as I always have. Yep. I went to snooping in her drawers and closet and I would put something on.
Sis said she peaked in on me and watched to make sure I was doing it. She said after she saw me in the skirt and petticoat, she went out and told the other girls that I took the bait all the way.
And now that we have shown our guests what you like to do at home, there's gonna be five more girls that know about you now!
Cathy told them how I got off for them, so they wanted me to do it for them too. So I put on a show for them.

They promised to keep it a secret if I would dress up for them and help at their house's cleaning too.
That day we played a game called Twister, It's the game where there is a lot of close contact with everyone. I was in some very weird poses, and all the girls just loved seeing my panties exposed and my skirt pulling up. They all patted and pulled at my petticoat and skirt as we played.
I continued to dress as a girl thru out my high school years and will have more exciting stories to tell soon.

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I would of loved to have gone to school dressed as a Girl !!!
Oh! To ave dressed as a pretty girl! And found me a boifriend, too! I would have been such a proud little gurl back then! And, so useful, too! Roxanne Lanyon
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wish i could to school as a girl inthe 60 went dressies an skirts were wore
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raced home from school that day after a pretty awful last day of

new 'bob cut' I'd agreed to in a desperate attempt to win over Auntie
Maureen had attracted a lot of unwanted attention. No matter what I
did that morning to try to disguise and style it it still looked too
feminine. Some other boys might have carried it off but with my
already lightly plucked eyebrows and just a little too long nails I
had already received enough scorn and derision. The usual boys and
some of the girls openly abused me, and former friends shunned me
either through disgust, or sheer embarrassment to be associated with
me anymore.

had been a pretty awful and lonely few months at school, being that
weird British boy, but now I tried to clear my mind of all that the
moment as I stepped through the door. I needed to focus and hurry if
I was to be sure to not leave any excuse for Step-mum, and more
importantly Auntie Maureen, to continue my torture.

rushed through the big hallway and up the wide stairs up to my room.
There was a time this house entranced me with it's relative grandeur,
but lately it felt like a gilded cage.

my shame the first thing that greeted my gaze in my room was the
collection of clothes I
had actually selected myself
the previous night. This wasn't a time to fight or put up a fuss
though, I'd learnt those lessons the hard way. I just had to humble
myself a few hours more and....well hopefully it was all over

quickly stripped myself of my school clothes folding them as neatly
as I could in my rush into the trunk at the end of my bed. Just as
I'd done for the last few months.

I rushed into the en-suite donned the ridiculous pink shower cap to
protect my hair and showered using the horrible scented soap Auntie
Maureen had bought me.

of the shower, I patted myself dry on the huge fluffy white towel,
catching a glimpse of my pink painted toe nails that I'd dared to
wear to school just to save some time this evening. There may have
been little chance of anyone seeing them, but it was still an
uncomfortable time for a fourteen year old boy knowing all day how
easily he could have been revealed as a one hundred per cent sissy,
rather than just accused of being one. That was a gut wrenchingly
significant difference.

to leave out any detail today I dusted myself a little with nasty
floral talc Auntie so loved.

in my room I attempted the mental feat of blotting out that it was
actually being me performing this ritual, as from the pile of
underthings on my bed I pulled out a pair of peach shiny nylon
panties with lace inserts. I was soon pulling up the waistband of
what were probably the most feminine of panties in my punishment
collection. And I'd actually chosen them for today. A sickening
thought I too tried to submerge.

nearly all of these damned girl's clothes they always felt too small.
I knew though that the panties were just a taster of what was to come
as I struggled as quickly as I could to pull on the hateful peach
Berlei long leg panty girdle. Eventually it was on and it gripped me
in it's unrelenting embrace. I still imagined that it must
be a several sizes too small.

there was no time feel sorry for myself. The matching bra was next,
and with no Step-Mum or Auntie around I dared to save time by hooking
it up in reverse, and swizzling it around and putting my arms in the
straps. Auntie had already ensured that the straps were well adjusted
and it was soon into place. From the beginning I fumed at the
pointlessness of a fourteen year old boy wearing a bra. I had nothing
to support. This contraption however tugged and goaded my flesh to
create a most humiliating cleavage, and it was well enough padded to
give an unmistakable impression of a bust under clothes.

still, for the last few weeks at the end of an evening in one of
these contraptions, or worse still a whole day at the weekend, what
Step-Mum called my 'puppy fat' remained still moulded into something
resembling a breast for a considerable time after I took the damned
thing off.

was usually at this point, prancing around in panties, girdle, and
bra that I felt that most distinct sense of defeat. And this was no
exception, I'd submitted to their will.

sat myself on the plush pink velour on the stool of the dressing
table set that appeared in my room the same day my posters and
aircraft models disappeared.

held a fresh pack of stockings in my hand, and not for the first
time. These were the seven denier Hane's nudes that Step-Mum raved
about. It was with some trepidation that I opened them and rolled
them up my legs. You only had so much as to look at these seven
denier stockings and they snagged, this was not a time I wanted to be
caught out with laddered stockings. None of the girls at school wore
stockings, it was either socks or pantyhose, but Step-Mum and Auntie
decided girdles and nylons 'teach the boy a better lesson'.

set to fastening the stocking tops to the tabs attached to the panty
girdle, they were so damned fiddly. There was disturbingly something
humiliatingly comforting in the way stockings caressed my legs. I
blushed even to have this stupid thought, and cursed myself for my

in stockings, panties, girdle, and bra, I was barely a boy anymore,
the more so because there was nobody actually stood over me making me
dress like this. Anyone who didn't know better would think I was
doing this willingly, and my silent submission haunted and ridiculed
me. But hopefully....hopefully this was the last time.

glanced at the bedside clock, I hadn't much time, and certainly no
time for such self indulgent thoughts.

heart sank a bit at the thought of the dress I'd self selected. Pink
floral taffeta with a wide skirt. Auntie thought it 'adorable' I
thought it looked like something from the fifties and was sickeningly
over feminine. But that was why I'd chosen it, she knew I hated it, I
knew she loved it, and hopefully it was the last gesture to
convincing her I'd learnt my lesson.

I pulled up the stupid tiered petticoats. White, fluffy, and lacy
they screamed girl, and to my shame I'd spent nearly an hour with
Auntie the previous weekend learning how to iron and starch them.

on I climbed into the flimsy dress. Puffed sleeves slid up my bare
arms, the bodice was tight, and it was a feat of stretching and
wriggling to zip myself up from behind, and then fasten the little
hook at my neck that locked me into this piece of femininity.

now had a definite bust, and more disturbingly the outline of that
stupid bra was clearly visible through the flimsy fabric of the
dress. Like a silly girl I set to straightening my skirts over the
petticoats, and it was all I could do to just hide the lace edges of
the petticoats with the short hem of the skirts.

really was in a panic of a rush now, as there was still quite a few
things to do before I was 'presentable'. I looked around in vain for
the shoes I'd be wearing. I was breathing heavier now in my panic, my
breath constrained by the stupid bra, the panty girdle restricting my
movement as I searched, and the petticoats were ridiculing me with
their absurd rustling.

I remembered, I'd kicked the awful shoes under the bed in annoyance
the night before. I carefully, and rather abjectly bent down onto my
stockinged knees to reach under the bed, fearful of laddering the
damned nylons due to my ill considered act the night before. I
reached out and retrieved the loathsome shoes.

seconds I was sat back on the dressing table stool forcing my feet
into those horrible white patent kitten heels with their accusing
open toes revealing my femininely painted nails under flimsy nylon. I
fastened the straps and swizzled around to perform my last acts of
self humiliation.

my self-disgust I'd thought about make up the night before, and I'd
set the cosmetics out ready to save time. I wanted to impress them
but after some deliberation I'd decided to keep it simple. Better to
do a good job, than try to hard and just be criticised, besides I had
very little time.

applied and smoothed in the Max Factor light foundation, rather too
expertly for my own self esteem, as I watched myself carefully in the
mirror. I applied the Maybelline
frosted pink lipstick, leaving a tell-tale lipsticked stained pink
tissue on the dresser, as I dabbed the lipstick between applications.

breathed heavily through slick painted lips, as I tried to steady
myself a little as I applied the Revlon black mascara. My Auntie's
instructions rang in my ears as I tried to get even application
without clumping. Pathetic long lashes batted back at me as I
inspected my work. It wasn't too bad, and no time left to better it

final light dusting of Cover Girl blusher, and my face was 'made up'.

grabbed the big hairbrush to try to restore my horrible coiffure to
last night's condition. Unsurprisingly, and ironically quite
fortunately too, it took only a few brushes to look as girlish as I
was unable to disguise this morning.

look at the clock. Just about enough time I estimated. I preceded to
put on all the trinkets that completed my penance. First the silly
gold butterfly necklace that was Step-Mum's 'when she was my age'.
Then the ridiculous charm bracelet that Auntie took great and
mystifying delight in adding to. I clipped on the pearl drop earrings
which pinched my ear lobes dreadfully.

tried to steady my breath again as I needed steady hands to apply the
nail varnish I'd left till last. Experience had taught me you could
barely touch or do anything with wet nails without smudging them much
to my tormentors disapproval.

opened the Maybelline frosted peach nail varnish and the harsh and
unmistakable smell immediately hit my senses. Laying my hands flat I
began to subject my nails to their own shame. I'd only time for one
coat so it had to be good. I doubt any girl or woman had ever wanted
to do such a good job on their nails as I did now.

they were were done and not too bad really. Time was very short now
so I waved my hands around in an effort to speed up the drying
process. I caught a discomforting glimpse in the mirror of a bobbed
made up girl in a prissy pink dress waving her hands girlishly. I
cringed right down to my stupid nylon panties.

nails were almost dry, I'd better go I thought. I stood up, and just
avoided the now almost reflex action of smoothing down my skirts. My
nails weren't quite dry enough for that yet, I made a mental note to
sort that before I saw the two women.

began to walk to the door, I had the multiple sensations of walking
in heels, tugging nylons, and restrictive underwear. At the last
moment I recalled it was Friday, and a very special Friday at that.
On Friday's and weekends I was expected to wear perfume, which
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