Ashley and Jason Part 4_(1)

Ashley and Jason Part 4_(1)


As Jason walked into Ashleys Jason saw Ashley sitting on her bed looking at her phone. Jason felt nervous due to him getting a text indicating Ashley was angry at him. A-am i in trouble? Jason asked nervously. Ashley pointed to the other bed indicating he sit down. Ashley let out a sigh and turned over and glared at him. do you know WHY I called you in here? Ashley said as she stood up and put her hands on her hips. Jason shook his head no not having a clue on why shes mad. Look at this Ashley said as she handed him his report card. Jason looked down at his legs trying not to make eye contact with Ashley. How could you be so careless here? Ashley asked. Ive been trying my hardest to learn but some of the stuff just isnt working. Even then Im going to the teachers and asking them for help honest!! Jason said as he tried not to look into Ashleys eyes.

Ashley let out a sigh and looked at him. look at me She said with her hands still on her hips. Jason look. at. me She said again. Jason nervously looked up and saw that Ashleys expression had changed. I know its hard but itll only get harder as you stay here. I understand youre scared right now Ashley said as she sat down on the bed and held Jason on her lap bringing his head into her chest. Im sorry for snapping at you. I just...I can be a bit parental inside a relationship. And I understand you come here cause you love being with me and you love having sex with me Ashley said. But I actually LOVE you though Jason confessed. Y-you do? Ashley said surprised. Jason nodded. I dont come here cause I love being around you. I come here cause I love you so much I cant get enough of you. Youre my dream girl Ashley. And thats not because you have a nice meaty cock between your legs Jason confessed.

Ashley looked into Jasons eyes and knew he was telling the truth and kissed him deeply pushing him on his back as he lied down on the bed. I love you too sweety Ashley said as she held him. Ashley, I think someone wants to say something Jason said as he felt her cock press into him. Oh Im so Ashley was cut off as Jason was already between her legs sucking her cock as he lifted her skirt while her cock was popping out over her panties. Ashley let out a moan in relief. Good thing you know how I am. Ive been sooo stressed its been piling up more and more Ashley said as she lied back and began groping herself as her hips began to hump Jasons face. Jason bobbed his head more taking Ashleys cock down his throat more eagerly and started sucking her cock vigorously.

Ashleys phone went off as someone was calling her. Jason kept sucking her cock as she answered the phone. Hello? Oh hey whats up? Yea sure Id love to go. Alright thanks for the invite. When is it? Tonight, I like the sound of that, ok bye Ashley said as she looked down at Jason sucking her cock and slowly moved her hips in rhythm. I just got invited to a pool party and Im allowed to bring you with me. Wanna go? Ashley asked. Jason stopped sucking Ashleys cock. Will I need to be in a swimsuit or naked? Jason asked. Swimsuit silly Ashley said as she kissed Jason. But I dont have one Jason said. Its fine just wear basketball shorts or something Ashley said waving it off like it was no big deal.

Later that night Jason came to Ashleys room and saw Ashley inside a hot bikini outfit and looked at Jason as she put her towel around her waist. No dont do that Jason said kid like. Ashley unwrapped her towel so Jason could look at Ashleys hot body as her bikini filled out her gorgeous body. his eyes slid down to her bikini bottoms and saw a large bulging outline of her cock inside the small bikini bottom. Jason walked over and got on his knees and kissed Ashleys cock through her bikini bottom. Oh no, Not yet. Trust me Ill fuck your ass, just not yet. Lets get to the pool first Ashley said as she brought Jason up and kissed him deeply as his hands grabbed her chest.

After they got to the swimming pool they were greeted by other couples and their boyfriends. Some were in the water. others were walking around. Some were already having sex with each other. Jason swallowed his throat nervously as he followed behind Ashley the entire time. As soon as Ashley got into the water she turned and looked at Jason. Come on in the waters fine Ashley said. Jason ran and slipped and landed on the back of his head hurting himself before he could get into the water. Oh my god are you ok?! Ashley said as she got out of the water to check on Jason. Jason was hunched over holding the back of his head in pain. After Ashley knew Jason was ok he sat on Ashleys lap facing her while she was on the stairs where the pool started as she held Jason close to her. Jason was kissing Ashleys neck as his hand moved up on Ashleys thigh towards her crotch. Jason noticed her bulge was starting to grow outwards.

Ashley looked at Jason and brought him into the water and took off his swimming shorts that he had on and pulled him around so her crotch was pressing directly into Jasons ass. Jason looked back with lust filling his eyes as he began kissing Ashley. Ashley reached down and undid her bikini bottoms and took them off and showed Jason. Jason looked down to see Ashleys cock rock hard as she placed it between his legs. Jason turned around and began kissing Ashley as she began to support him and hold him. Ashley took off her bikini top and let it float in the water as Jason buried his face into Ashleys chest kissing her tits and rubbing his face into them. Ashley walked Jason deeper into the water still keeping him supported and spread Jasons ass.

Jason knew exactly what she wanted to do and looked deep into her eyes. Do it, Fuck my ass like you want to be with me forever Jason said as he kissed Ashley as deep as he possibly could before feeling his ass penetrated by Ashleys cock. Ashley pushed her cock as deep as she possibly could inside Jason before holding him at the base of her cock. Jason was already sucking on Ashleys nipple aggressively as she began to pump her hips inside Jasons ass making him moan as she began speeding up her rhythm. Ashley began grinding her cock against Jasons G spot making him moan uncontrollably into Ashleys nipple as her hips were moving faster. Ashley began walking closer to the edge so she could hold Jason against the wall and fuck his ass harder.

OOOOHHH FUUUUCK ASHLEY Jason moaned as the other girls were busy fucking their partners turning the party into a orgy. OH FUCK JASON, Youre ass is so nice sucking in my cock. My hips cant stop moving Ashley moaned as she kissed Jason. WE WERE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER Ashley moaned as she pushed her cock balls deep inside Jason and cummed. Jasons body gave out and began cumming inside the water. Ashley picked up Jason and walked them over to where they set their towels. Ashley lied down on her back on the seat as Jason kissed down Ashleys perfect body and began sucking her cock vigorously making her hips move fast humping into his face. Jason took her cock as deep as he could inside his throat and held himself there as he came up for air.

Jason got on top of Ashley as she brought his ass to her waiting cock and fucked his ass again but this time not stopping after she came. Ashley came inside his ass 15 times throughout the night. Jason woke up before Ashley and got off the seat that they slept on and started stroking Ashleys cock making it grow hard and began sucking her cock gently giving her a blowjob as she slept. Ashleys body responded with her hips moving slowly. Jason kept sucking Ashleys cock making it harder and harder then sucked her cock vigorously giving her a wet dream as her cock exploded with cum and shot down Jasons throat.

Ashley woke up and noticed her cock was rock hard and Jasons mouth was engulfing it and looked up at her. Morning Ashley said as she looked at Jason with her cock in his mouth. I hope someone enjoyed breakfast Ashley said smiling. Ashley began packing up their stuff and Jason decided to pick up Ashley and jump into the pool holding her. Jason we need to Ashley was cut off as Jason kissed her deeply and turned her around and pushed her up against the wall of the pool spreading her ass. I know what you want Ashley said as she reached around and grabbed Jasons cock and stroked it making it hard. Ashley moved over to a water jet and let the tip of her cock get hit by the constant stream. Jason pushed his cock inside Ashleys ass and pushed her into the wall and began fucking her ass. Oh Jason...You like my ass dont you? Ashley asked.

I love everything bout you. Your looks, your body, your tits, Even more that nice big meaty cock you have Jason said as he began groping Ashleys tits and moved faster. Fuck Jason Ashley moaned out as Jason made each movement balls deep inside her ass. Give it to me damnit Ashley encouraged Jason as he sped up. Ashley was moaning even more as the jet kept hitting the tip of her cock making her tense up. Oh Jason get ready. my ass is gonna tighten Ashley said as Jason was too lost inside Ashleys body kissing it and groping her. Ashleys body tensed up as her cock gave out and made her cum. As soon as she did Jason felt her ass tighten and sucked the cum right out of his cock and shot it up Ashleys ass. Ooohh fuck yes Jason Ashley moaned as she turned around and pulled Jasons face into her tits as he rubbed his face into them and sucked on her hard nipples.

After they returned to Ashleys room Ashley did a strip tease for Jason using her bikini making Jason rock hard after she was completely naked with her cock pointing at him. Jason lied down and sucked Ashleys cock as she began to suck his in a 69 position. Ashleys hips moved as Jason sucked her cock. Ashley used her hands and lifted Jasons head up enough and wrapped her legs around his neck forcing him to suck her cock until she was ready to let go. Ashley cummed down Jasons throat 10 times while Jason cummed down Ashleys 4 times.

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