Ascending Lauren Ch. 04

Ascending Lauren Ch. 04

This narrative is part of a multi-part story. Reading previous chapters will enhance the reader's understanding of each subsequent installment.

As previously stated, this story showcases wife sharing. If that is not your thing and you still read on, any emotions it elicits in you, is on you.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18.


Lauren and Corey woke early that Friday morning, determined to make the most of their time off. It was a gorgeous fall day -- warmer than Iowa autumns -- so they decided to have a leisurely breakfast at an outdoor café. After two perfect omelets and gourmet coffee, Lauren suggested a walk along the bay front. Various parks and marinas dotted the downtown seawall. As they passed by one pier in particular, Lauren pointed out a large seagoing cruiser towering above the rest. It belonged to the firm's big time investor she had mentioned the night before. Seeing the look of envy on her husband's face, Lauren took his hand and they walked down the pier to get a closer look. Stopping at the slip, they marveled at its size and amenities. There certainly wasn't anything like this in Des Moines. While Corey snapped some pics to show his buddies back home, Lauren looked at all the fiberglass hulls in one place, wondering just how many had come from her company. The money anchored at just this one dock alone was staggering. About to walk away, they heard a voice from behind them. "Ahoy there!"

Turning towards the shout, they saw a rather rugged, handsome looking man waving at them from the top of the ship's gangway. "Okay, that was cheesy. Nobody says that anymore," he laughed as he walked down the ramp and stood in front of the couple.

"Lauren, right?" he asked. "Remember me from the other night? Got so pissed I passed out. Very embarrassing."

"Yes, Myles," she replied, extending her hand. "It gave Amy a good laugh."

"Ah, Amy. She's a lot of fun."

"Yes, she is," Lauren replied. Tons of fun, she thought.

"Myles, this is my husband, Corey. He's visiting for the weekend."

The deeply tanned businessman turned to Corey and grabbed his right hand, pumping it up and down. "Glad to meet you! Visiting? Ah, yes, you're still up in Ohio, right?

"Iowa," Corey corrected him, staring past the man at the ship he had just descended from.

Myles followed Corey's gaze and turned in the direction he was looking. "She's a beauty, huh? 175 feet of joy, 2900 horsepower. Needs an entire pier to herself because of her length and draft. Hey, if you guys got the time, I can give you a tour. I'm waiting on some business associates, but they won't be here for another hour."

A huge smile broke across Corey's face. Myles nodded his head, "Right then, let's go."

Their host took them topside first, pointing out the 10-person sunning area on the bow and multiple couches aft, enough for 15 more passengers. Below there were two more decks, with accommodations for 14 overnight guests across five cabins and two VIP suites. "It'll sleep more than 14 if people are willing to bunk up," Myles laughed. Corey and Lauren looked at each other, eyebrows raised at the innuendo, trying not to smile. On the main deck there was a large party room, filled with pastel colored oversized chairs and couches, and 70's style white shag carpeting covering the bulkheads. A shiny brass stripper pole at one end of the room completed the decor. Someone was clearly still embracing the disco era. During the tour, Myles came off not as a braggart, but someone who genuinely wanted to share the beauty of this vessel.

Coming back around to the gangway, Myles shook the couple's hands again and thanked them for spending time with him. He looked at Lauren, seemed to hesitate for a moment, then spoke up.

"You know what? I'm having a small get together onboard tomorrow, you know, to celebrate...uh, Saturday. Would you guys like to be my guests? A group of us are taking her out for the day, be back at night. A great way to extend those tans!"

When Lauren saw Corey's eyes light up, she knew his answer. She started to say yes, but Myles raised his hands and stopped her.

"Before you answer, you should know that my friends have very liberal attitudes. Once we get on the high seas, you may see some nudity and quite a bit of drinking. And sometimes all that nudity and booze leads to...adventures. Nothing that you have to be part of if you don't want to be; there's plenty of space onboard for everyone to spread out and do their own thing. But you may find some it interesting. It'll be your call. You could wear gunny sacks and just stare up at the stars if you wanted. No one judges. What happens on the dingy, stays on the dingy. I'm just telling you because it's the right thing to do and there are no surprises."

"Oookaay," Corey said, slowly drinking in the disclaimer. "Are your friends all young and single, or will there be couples, like us?" He didn't want to find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, with a bunch of naked kids running around.

Myles shook his head. "Besides a friend or two who are single like me, everyone there will be married."

Corey looked at Lauren, trying to gauge her reaction. She looked backed at him, one eyebrow raised, as if looking to him for the answer. Reaching out and shaking Myles hand again, he bought them some time. "Thanks for the invitation. Can we think about it? I'm only in town for three days and there's a lot of things we want to do."

"Absolutely. If you're game, we sail at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Bring day clothes, swimsuits, maybe some evening wear. And come hungry. I've got everything else covered. If not, it was great to meet you, and I hope you enjoy your visit to Miami."

The couple carefully walked back down the gangway onto the dock and turned towards the Mariana parking lot. Once he was certain Myles could no longer hear them, he let it out.

"Holy shit! Did you see the size of that yacht? How fucking rich is that guy?"

Lauren laughed. "Not really sure. One, two billion? His investments have done very well. I guess boys need their toys!"

Corey nodded, taking one last look at the massive vessel as they walked down the street.

"So, what do you think?" Lauren asked, slipping her arm around his waist as they strolled.

"I think I need a better job!"

She punched his shoulder. "I mean about Myles' invitation."

"Was he inviting us on an excursion or to get naked?"

Lauren chuckled. "I don't know. Probably both. Does it matter? Didn't you say last night that you were up for something a bit naughty?

Corey stopped and turned to his wife.

"Okay, I admit. It definitely sounds like an adventure. Not sure if we'd ever have a chance to go out on a ship like that again. As long as there's no pressure to do anything we don't want to, it sounds like fun. In the end, I suppose we could always just stare at the water and drink heavily. Do you trust this guy? I mean, out on the water, 9-1-1 doesn't summon help all that quickly."

Lauren took Corey's chin in her hand, wiggling it back and forth. "Do I know if he's not a serial killer in his spare time, when he's not being a well-respected businessman and running an empire? No."

Corey smiled, put his arms around his wife, and pulled her close.

"So, what do you want to do now?" he whispered in her ear.

Lauren's eyes twinkled. "Well. It looks like I'll be needing a new suit!"


The couple spent the rest of the morning scouring the downtown swimwear shops. Corey didn't complain. There were worse ways to spend a day than watching a sexy woman try on bikinis. At last, in the fourth store, Lauren walked out to the mirrored viewing area in an unbelievably erotic number.

"Good god almighty," Corey whistled. "That's unholy." It certainly was. A shiny gold two-piece, the top stretched tightly across her small chest, two soft shimmering golden globes holding her tiny breasts taut, connected by a single braid. The bottom was barely there as well, with the back and front material held together by the same thin string, ultimately designed to tie above each hip. Not quite as Brazilian as Amy's, but with the same effect. However, there was one small issue.

"Great suit, but do you see what I see? Corey asked, referring to the hint of wiry pubic hair peeking out from most sides.

Lauren frowned, looking in the mirror. "Yeah, I was afraid of that. This is much smaller than my other bikinis. I'll call and see if the salon down the street can get me in today for a wax. Wouldn't you like to see me rocking this on the high seas tomorrow?"

Corey smiled and winked. "You bet your ass I would."

"I might just do that," she replied over her shoulder, wiggling back into the dressing room. "Bet my ass, that is."


The couple arrived at the pier just before nine the following morning and stood gazing up at the rear of the yacht, uncertain what to do next. Men dressed in red polos and white shorts walked briskly around the ship's several levels. Smooth jazz music played at low volume as the powerful engines gently idled. Corey took Lauren's hand and walked up the gangway, stepping onto the teak wood decking at the top. Out of nowhere a spiffy looking woman in a blue dress appeared, offering mimosas. She reminded Lauren of the airline stewardesses in the 1960s. Her name tag read "Lucy".

Lucy looked their names up on the manifest, checking them off the list. After assigning them to cabin 2, she directed them down a passageway towards the party room that had been part of their tour the day before. The pleasant aroma of breakfast food cooking filled the air. Entering the compartment, they noticed five other couples standing in a tight group engaged in light banter. Seconds later they were greeted by Myles' booming voice.

"Hey guys, glad you could make it," he exclaimed, hugging Lauren and fist bumping Corey. "We'll be getting underway in just a few minutes. Make yourself comfortable and let the crew know if you need something," he said, pointing out a couple more 60's-era stews milling about.

True to his word, the other guests appeared to be about Myles' age, mid-to-late 30s. All were carefully coifed and wearing expensive watches and jewelry. They politely acknowledged the pair's presence and went back to their conversations. Periodically, one or two would look over at the newcomers, as if sizing them up.

The couple was on their second drink when the ship got underway. They watched as the large ship glided pass other vessels in the marina, an endless mix of sailing and motorized craft. They grinned at each other. It FELT like they were embarking on an exciting adventure.

Brunch proved to be a delicious combination of egg burritos, cheese quesadillas, and Bloody Mary's. Afterward, with the shore now well out of sight, the guests began changing into their swimsuits. Lauren and Corey found the cabin to which they had been assigned. They looked at each other. Cabin 2 was one of the VIP suites Myles had mentioned on the tour.

"Do you think it's a mistake?" Corey asked, thinking he should go and ask Lucy.

Lauren shook her head. "Probably not. After all, this is only a day cruise. Its just a place for us to change and leave our stuff."

Inside, the suite was impressive, at least in yacht terms. A large queen bed, end tables, chairs and a separate toilet and shower area. Much like a standard hotel room, only on water. The pair proceeded to put on their swimsuits. Having fell asleep before Lauren the night before, he had not yet seen her new wax job until just that moment. Dumbstruck, he stared down at the completely bald pussy in front of him.

"You really went all out on the wax, huh?" he asked, not able to take his eyes off the hairless clam.

"Do you like?"

"Are you serious?"

After donning her shimmering gold two-piece, Lauren proceeded to hook a thin, gold double-strand waist chain around her mid-section, allowing it to settle down around her shapely hips. Corey shook his head. He wanted to throw her on the bed right then.

Intentionally letting his wife go before him, the playful husband watched with a smile as the tiny ass shifted back and forth inches in front of his face as they ascended the ladder to the top deck. Once outside, the pair found empty chaise lounges up front on the bow and settled in. Sunscreen applied, they laid back to soak up the sun. Lauren reached out her hand and hooked her pinky finger around Corey's. Life was good.

Eventually other guests staked their spots around them. Within minutes, Corey struck up a conversation with several men gathered around a television previewing that day's upcoming college football matches. The women were friendly too, all seemed to know one another, and graciously drew Lauren into their circle as they began to compare swimsuits and tans. It wasn't too long before most had lost their tops, their breasts swaying in the bright sunlight. Corey overheard one of the women suggesting that Lauren do the same. "If you've never tried it, you don't know what you're missing," she coaxed. "The sea breeze on your tits feels simply exhilarating."

Lauren glanced at Corey standing over by the men. He smiled back. "You wouldn't want to miss out on THAT feeling now, would you?"

Setting her drink down, Lauren reached behind her neck and untied the shimmering gold top. As she removed it, her small pale 30 b-cup breasts stuck out, nipples hardening as the sea breeze's invisible tongue delicately licked them. Picking the Bloody Mary back up, she raised the glass towards her husband and smiled, as if making some type of silent toast.

Corey immediately noticed a few of his football pals had turned to gaze at the new girl. Exhilarating indeed, he thought. Trying not to gawk as Lauren went back to chatting with the women, he surveyed the other wives. Two were tall blondes, one with a bob cut, the other with willowy curls midway down her back. Both had medium sized breasts sitting proudly on thin, wiry frames. Another was a brunette that struck Corey as the definition of a rich trophy wife. Obviously proud of her money bought tits, she never passed up an opportunity to jiggle them around. The last was a short, somewhat meaty looking woman wearing a royal blue one-piece covering what appeared to be very large breasts. Still immensely attractive with a cute face, her "modern shag" haircut was tinted light purple with the tips dyed a deep pink. Corey' eyes went back to Lauren. He took pride in the fact that apart from a few more visible veins in the calves, one would not guess his own bride was 10 to 12 years older than the others. And her body was clearly more fit.

"If you don't mind me saying so, your wife is very beautiful," one of the guys watching the pregame predictions said, holding his hand out. "I'm Paul."

Corey shook his hand. "Yes, I remember from brunch. And yes, I agree."

"They certainly are having a good time," Paul observed, nodding towards the women; they all seemed to be talking at once. "Mine is the blonde with the short hair in the red bottoms. She's pretty hot too, eh?"

"Um," Corey paused cautiously, not knowing exactly how to respond to his question.

"It's okay, man. I won't be offended. In fact, none of us are going to be. It's all good out here."

"Yeeaaaah, okay then. She's very pretty."

Paul took a drink of his beer. "So, you're down visiting from Iowa? Lots of commodities there. And now you are on the Atlantic on a $40 million yacht. Nice of Myles to invite you along."

Corey agreed, and went on to explain how lucky it was that they happened to be in the right place and time be invited.

"Lucky indeed," Paul concurred, "you don't realize how much.

"We're a close-knit group. Have been for years. It's been a long time since Myles has invited strangers -- no offense - to come out with us. So long, in fact, that he ran it past us ahead of time. I'm hoping he explained how liberal minded our little group can be."

"He did," Corey nodded. "Said there might be some nudity and stuff."

Paul grinned. "Yeah, and stuff."

"You all seem to know each other. Do you guys get together often?"

"Not as often as we'd like. Maybe once every couple months. Me, Stan, Myles, we went to business school together and decided to make some investments down here that panned out well, more so for Myles. Stan and I married; Myles never has."

"And the others?"

"Bill is a business associate of Myles. His wife Brooke is the one over there with the, eh, cosmetic surgery. The others we met at parties. Chris and his wife Sophie first, then Stephen and Charlotte. We all clicked years ago and discovered we have common likes."

Just then, Paul's phone rang and he stepped away to take the call. Corey returned to dividing his attention between the football game and the half-naked women jabbering and clinking glasses together.


As the afternoon wore on, the drinking continued in earnest, with pretty much everyone on the ship -- save the crew - getting quite hammered. Even though it was September, the intensity of the sun on the open water began to take its toll and several of the revelers began heading below deck. Lauren, who had since put her top back on, suggested that her and Corey head below as well.

The last to enter their cabin, Lauren closed the door behind her and tossed her beach bag on the floor next to the bed. She turned to Corey.

"You okay? Was that too naughty, your wife baring her breasts?" she asked vivaciously, "or not enough?"

Corey pushed her back on the bed. "Not enough," he grinned, pulling his swimsuit down to his knees. Lauren saw his hard cock spring free of the nylon material and wanted nothing more than for it to ravish her bare vagina. But that was not in the cards, at least not yet. Motioning for him to climb on top her, she waited until his face hovered above hers.

"My, my, my, someone's hot and bothered," she cooed, wrapping a hand around his solid shaft. Why is that? Cause other guys were watching me take off my top? Maybe thinking about licking my itty, bitty titties? Would you have liked that?"

Corey grunted, grinding his cock into her fingers.

"I think I'd like that too," Lauren continued. "Feeling my nipples in their mouths. What if I'd had gone with one or two of them to a cabin, so they could rip off my suit and have their way with me?"

Corey was breathing heavy now, his hips gyrating against the pressure from her hand, dick pulsating.

"You ARE a nasty little perv, aren't you? You'd really to see that happen, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," Corey half whispered, half hissed, lowering his mouth to kiss her. "Serious as a heart attack. And at my age, I don't joke about heart attacks."

"Uh huh. I thought as much," Lauren shot back, rolling them both over to one side. Now on top, Lauren pinned her husband's shoulders to the mattress, holding him still.

"Take it easy there, tiger. I'm well beyond horny too, but we have to wait, it's not in the plan."

Corey suddenly stopped his advances. Wait for what? What plan?

A knock on the cabin door caused both heads to turn towards the sound. Lauren slipped off the bed and went to it, putting one hand on the thin paneling, the other on the latch. After a pause and a noticeable exhale, she started to open it.

Realizing his swim trunks were still around his ankles, Corey tried to stop her. "Wait! You don't know who the hell that is!"

Looking back at him, she replied with a sultry smile, "Not true, I know exactly who it is."

As the door opened wider, a well-dressed man in his early to mid-forties entered the room and stood behind Lauren.