Arum is a plant that has been used for centuries to decorate gardens and parks

Arum is a plant that has been used for centuries to decorate gardens and parks

Arum plants are a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae, native to Europe and Asia. They have great diversity with highest populations found along an area from Morocco all way up into China's steppes where it meets those other two continents at its junction point between Africa and Eurasia (the Caucasus).

Arums typically grow as herbaceous perennial rhizomatous genera anywhere between 5-20 inches tall depending on species; some may reach 60 cm like Zantedeschia Aurea which has Arrowhead shaped leaves 10 - 55 cms long held erect upon short stems.

The Arum flower is a unique member of the squash family. The flowers are hidden from sight, most commonly found at base or hood-shaped inflorescences called spadices that contain various colours depending on gender; Male (with white petals), female(pink). These plants also have rings within their design - one for males who fertilize them via insecttrapping hairs above but not before carrying pollen onto other plant's blooms where it can potentially pollinate an individualfemale arums' reproductive organs.

Arum is a type of flower that occurs in many colors and species all over the world. It has arrow-shaped leaves with distinctive shiny surfaces, which can grow up to 60 cm tall when fully grown; its flowers create colorful spadices at their center-- usually one color per individual petal but sometimes mixture like brown or yellowknown as " SUMMER FLORENT". This perennial plant natively grows around Europe along side other countries suchas Turkey where it's known under another common name ' ARUM LILY'.

Arum is a plant that has been used for centuries to decorate gardens and parks. It's easily grown, needs little maintenance once established in the ground, prefers well-drained soils with plenty of nutrients but not too much watering (it should be allowed dry enough so as not cause rot). Arums can also tolerate high temperatures - up until May when you should give them some water again if they've gone without) although these need rich soil thanks very nicely---and frequent fertilizing! The seeds from this amazing flower were first discovered by an English botanist named William Hoyland back during 1690s travels through Mediterranean regions where it still occurs naturally today; however development along our cities walls have significantly reduced its natural habit.

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