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terrogations within the military. Accordingly, while Article 31(b) warnings must be given to any person who is a suspect or an ac- cused, Miranda rights to counsel, as set forth in paragraph 140a(2) of the Manual for Courts Martial, must be complied with only ifthe military member is the ubject of a custodial interrogation. In. 12 Mar 1980 officers.6 The 1969 Manual for Courts-Martial. The Judge Advocate provision noted that the Article 31 (b) warn-. i n g ~ ~ and the right to Department of the Army Rights Warnings Card,. GTA 19-6-2. DA Form 3881, Rights Warnings/Waiver Certificate. “22 C.M.A. 570, 48 C.M.R. 77 (1974). 'a5 M.J. 409 20 Dec 2013 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014 to 2020) and repealing Decision 1982/2006/EC (See page 104 of this Official. Journal). (5) OJ C . (31). In order to enhance transparency, the names of experts that have assisted the Commission or relevant funding bodies in the application of this 1 Sep 2015 Article 31: DISTRIBUTION OF THE AGREEMENT. . “Graduate Teaching Assistantship” (GTAship) means the employment contract between a registered full-time graduate student and the . 11.02 The Employer acknowledges the right and duties of the representatives of the Union to assist employees in Article 28. Adoption of Protocols · Article 29. Amendment of the Convention or Protocol · Article 30. Adoption and Amendment of Annexes · Article 31. Right to Vote · Article 32. Relationship between this Convention and Its Protocols · Article 33. Signature · Article 34. Ratification, Acceptance or Approval · Article 35. Accession SUSPECTS—QUESTIONING/INTERROGATION/ARTICLE 31(b). REFERENCES: (a) Manual for Courts-Martial, MRE 301-305. (b) UCMJ, Article 31(b). (c) MILPERSMAN 1620-010. (d) JAGMAN Appendix A-1-e. (e) JAGMAN Appendix A-1-m. MAJOR CRIMINAL OFFENSES: DO NOT allow anyone from your command to I have the right to remain silent. [ ] Any statements I do make may be used as evidence against me in trial. by court-martial. [ ] I have the right to consult with legal counsel prior to any questioning. This legal counsel may be a civilian lawyer retained by me at my own. expenses, a military lawyer appointed to act as my counsel ORGANIZATION. BILLET. LOCATION OF INTERVIEW. TIME. DATE. RIGHTS. I certify and acknowledge by my signature and initials set forth below that, before the interviewer requested a statement from me, he warned me that: (1) I am suspected of having committed the following offense(s):. (2) I have the right to remain

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