ArtDAO, the redemption of troubled souls 🎈

ArtDAO, the redemption of troubled souls 🎈

Satoshi Banksymoto

I'm a special forces veteran, after my service I got a job in intelligence.

I have seen things I cannot unsee, and did things I am not proud of.

But I was lucky enough to have a prosperous career as an artist in NYC.

I was even luckier to discover Bitcoin.

A way out of the traditional system, a way out of governments, a way for me to contribute back and fight what I once helped support.

Today, I am unveiling my first anonymous piece of art.

It's time I give back to weirdos like me.

Thanks to Ethereum, I have created a non-fungible token representing my first artwork "Banksy on LSD". Banksy blew my mind, not only his works, but his anonymity.

"Banksy on LSD" is a window into my LSD visions of Banksy's art.

Not only is it one of my favorite pieces, but it is also controlled by a DAO. A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. I called it "ArtDAO".

I have donated my piece to ArtDAO. Now people all around the world can purchase $ART, ArtDAO's token, to decide what to do with "Banksy on LSD".

$ART also grants access to an exclusive Telegram group, which I intend to populate with anonymous artists dropping new pieces into the DAO.

To be a part of this movement, you just need to open this Telegram bot.

The Telegram bot will guide you to buy $ART and become part of out Telegram group.

$ART is on Uniswap, 980 tokens, to be precise. The other 20 are owned by me. I do not intend to retain ownership in the DAO, and rather intend for the community to take it from me. You can audit it all in the DAO.

Vires in numeris, ars in caritate,

Satoshi Banksymoto