Are you a Gay Baby?

Are you a Gay Baby?

Daddy Blum
You don't have to be gay to be Gay, and you don't have to be a baby to be baby. Gay babydom is a state of mind. It doesn't hurt to be a gay babyfur, but everyone is welcome in this Gay space.

What is this?

Gay Baby Central is a weird and wholesome place for Blum and his buds hang out. In essence it is the official SqueakyBlum chat. We have weekly movie nights and a JackBox game night every 3 weeks. Day-t0-day we share memes, cute SFW furry art and discuss stuff like video games, technology and current events. There's also a monthly free art raffle for those that come to the event nights.

Our Values

I seek to build an environment focused around tolerance, respect, and forgiveness as much as possible. I see a lot of spaces in the furry subculture that self-identify as tolerant without really delivering on that promise.

  • Respecting each other is paramount. This isn't a space to call other members out, use slurs, or say hateful things about others. It's meant to be a positive escapism place for everyone regardless of their sexuality, race, sexual identity etc.
  • We believe that art is art. We are not in the business of policing peoples' harmless kinks, and dialogue to this effect is not welcome here. You will find artists and connoisseurs of content here that makes you uncomfortable, and that's okay!
  • We believe in second chances. People that have made minor to serious blunders are welcome here provided that they are willing to demonstrate that they have learned from their mistakes. In the case of convicted criminals that have served their sentence, they are welcome provided that they never re-offend and acknowledge their wrongdoing.

The Actual Rules

1. Absolutely NO minors. If you are found to be under 18, you will be removed until you are 18.

2. Respect your peers! Don't discriminate against someone because of their race, sexuality, sexual identity, mental health, disabilities etc. Don't complain about fictional artwork you don't like or feel comfortable with.

3. Don't create drama. Don't start drama in the chat. If you have a concern with another member of the chat, it must be discussed privately with an admin. Being a mole and sharing messages from our chat elsewhere is bannable.

4. Don't fedpost. Attempts to make us look like shitty people by defending bigotry, advocating for violence/sexual abuse/bestiality etc in the chat will be interpreted as bad faith trolling and are bannable.

5. Don't post sex/nudity. In an effort to bring a lot of different people together without creating discomfort, most NSFW furry art can't be posted. No IRL NSFW is allowed at all. Don't post furry art containing nudity or sex acts.

There is a companion group available that utilizes many Telegram topics for porn; this allows people to choose if they want to see furry porn, and choose which kinds they would like to see.


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