Archer Cast

Archer Cast


Who says that cartoons are just kid’s stuff? There are many reasons for kids and adults to enjoy animation. Shows like the Simpsons or Family Guy have shown adults the appeal of animation. In fact, they were all a new type of TV phenomenon, and audiences have been open and kind to new creations since then. Archer has done the same drawing viewers in with its witty and satirical style.

From a ratings standpoint, Archer is certainly one of the greatest in popularity of the animation spy genre. However, no doubt, it’s adult animation, and kids have to be kept away from it. When animated violence, drug traffic, nudity and sex are the main topics, it is obvious that adults are the target audience.

Archer has achieved what its production staff has set out to achieve. An animated series for mature audiences that has been successfully on air for almost ten years. It premiered in 2009 on cable network FX. It is easy to take for granted all the work and detail that go in making a series like this remain on air long enough. But when you enter the world of Archer, you see the answer: teamwork.

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