ArFF / Comunicado Cierre del Hotel Castelar #02 - EN

ArFF / Comunicado Cierre del Hotel Castelar #02 - EN


City of Buenos Aires, June 05, 2020.


Throughout the last week we have had good news regarding the termination of the relationship with the Hotel Castelar, part of this was revealed live during the ArFF! Open Day stream, but over the past few days something new arised that we think is very important to communicate here.

After a long process where the organization of the event has maintained a firm stance, the Hotel Castelar reinstated ArFF! 100% of the amount paid as reservation for use of the convention space. 

It is important to note that no compensation has been made for the time elapsed between the payment -paid at dollar value- in the month of December 2019 and today. As a reference, the amount paid -only due to the movement of the street dollar rate- has lost more than half of its value.

In any case, this is good news, because on one hand it takes us away from the worst possible scenario and, on the other, it definitively closes the saga with the Hotel Castelar. 

What happens then with the event?

There are some unknowns left to be resolved, the most important of which is the process of donating, returning and / or transferring tickets to 2021. 

To date, there are approximately 60 people who have not taken any course of action on their tickets and still have time to do so until July 31, 2020. We ask that if you are reading this and you are among those 60 people, please help us by making a decision on choosing one of the 3 alternatives. 

In the meantime and as we reported in the previous statement, we are in search of appropriate places to hold the event. Quarantine does not allow us to go to hotels or establishments to observe spaces and choose a suitable place, but there are options in our sights.

How I can help?

The best help you can give us at this time is to roll over your ticket to 2021 or donate it, any of the 2 alternatives are done with just two clicks from your account on our website. Rolling over your ticket to 2021 is a good way to ensure the price you paid now in a highly inflationary context.

Another way is to visit our store at, various artists have donated their talent to raise funds to cover the loss that this situation represents, there are excellent opportunities to get commissions at very reasonable prices and we constantly update the contents of the store. 


ArFF! Open Day was a beautiful experience that would have not been possible without all of you. This type of event connects us - both the staff and the attendees - with the most beautiful aspect of Furry Fandom, which is the vocation to help others, be together and have a good time. From this place, Open Day felt like a real piece of ArFF in our homes and in each one of us.

Once again, it is very important to us to celebrate those people who have taken a real step forward, supporting and inspiring us throughout this process, day by day more people join the list and we can’t help but express our deepest gratitude to them.

That is why the Argentina FurFiesta Staff would like to dedicate this space to especially thank:

Thank you all for supporting, for inspiring and cheering us in these times of adversity, thank you for helping us on having the courage to be able to close a chapter and look forward, the event would be nothing without this incredible community and each one of you is a living testimony of that. 

As always, we will publish all the news on our social media and on our Telegram channel (@furfiesta).

Greetings, thank you and please #QuedateEnCasa.

-The ArFF! Staff

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