ArFF / Statement COVID-19 #04 - EN

ArFF / Statement COVID-19 #04 - EN


City of Buenos Aires, April 22nd, 2020.


Today the Hotel Castelar contacted us and informed us that it is closing its doors.

This leaves us with very little margin in a context of quarantine that does not allow us to find a suitable place to have the event in time for September. Therefore, and with no other possible alternatives for action:

Argentina FurFiesta 2020 moves to 2021

We are looking for options, the current situation is complex and it will take time to define a new date and place. We are targeting mid-2021 as a tentative date.

As a result of this decision:

  • All confirmations for 2020 are now void.
  • All refund requests to date have been processed
  • All tickets that have not been rolled over towards 2021 or requested a refund until now, can be rolled over towards 2021, donated to the Con, or request a refund

YOU HAVE TIME UNTIL JULY 31st, 2020 to log in to the website and choose one of these options:

  1. Roll over your ticket towards 2021: keeping the same level of your current ticket, accessing all perks that category offers in the 2021 edition
  2. Refund: We will receive refund requests through our support portal: and they will be credited within 30 days of making the request.
    Before requesting a refund: we ask that you please consider rolling over your ticket towards 2021 since refunds are extremely detrimental to the execution of the event and, in this context, they leave us in a very precarious situation
    IMPORTANT: The refund will only be paid to the person who has made the payment. 
  3. Donate your ticket: We will accept ticket donations on our website. If you want to perform a partial donation of your Super Sponsor or Sponsor ticket and attend 2021 with a lower category ticket you can do it by requesting it through our support portal:
    In case you decide to attend 2021 after donating your ticket, you will have founding prices throughout the ticket sale, regardless of which sale phase we are in.
All tickets that by July 31, 2020 have not been rolled over to 2021, initiated a return process or have been donated, will be automatically confirmed for the 2021 edition of Argentina FurFiesta.

We remind you that once you have chosen any of the alternatives that the system offers, there is no possibility to undo it.


  • Reservations at Hotel Castelar: Speak directly with the hotel. They will give notice to reservation systems, however, keep in mind it is not related to the organization of the event.
  • Travel plans: With the advance of the pandemic, tourism companies have relaxed the criteria for processing refunds and rescheduling of trips. The terms vary between companies and countries, so we suggest you contact your company to get adequate information.
  • Dealer's Den: If you roll your ticket over, we will honor your spot for 2021. Otherwise, it will be refunded alongside your ticket.
  • Calls for Panels, Dance Competition and DJs: They are suspended until a later date to be determined. 
  • Theme and Guests of Honor: Everything will remain the same. 

Wrapping up...

The news of the closure of Hotel Castelar takes us by surprise at a critical moment where moving to 2021 is the only sensible alternative for organizing the event.

Today more than ever we ask you to help us by considering moving your entry to 2021, this storm leaves us in an extremely precarious situation that will require enormous effort.

We wanted to communicate this to you as quickly as possible, give you a clear picture of the situation and avoid unnecessary reprogramming. We know that time is a very important variable for many of you, especially for those visiting us from overseas. 

Once again we ask for, PATIENCE. We understand you may have questions, so we remind you of the link to our support center: 

We are going to publish any updates on our social networks and our Telegram channel (@furfiesta).

Greetings, thank you and please #StayHome.

The ArFF Staff!

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