ArFF / Statement COVID-19 #02 - EN

ArFF / Statement COVID-19 #02 - EN


City of Buenos Aires, March 20, 2020


A week ago we issued our first statement regarding the advance of the virus, on that opportunity we explained a little of the details that occur behind the scenes in the organization of the event and how the advance of the pandemic affects it. As we said last time, we believe that it is important to give this topic the attention it deserves in order to provide peace of mind to those attending the event.

Again, let's be clear: At this time and given the current state of affairs, the event remains planned for the scheduled date WITHOUT alterations.

What changed from the last time? 

Throughout the last week, the Argentine Republic has observed a significant increase of positive cases in a sustained manner, we are on the verge of a critical phase in the spread of the disease, where the number one priority of our society must be to "Flatten the contagion curve", there is plenty of evidence in the world that this is key to reduce the mortality rate of the virus to a minimum. The contagion curve must be flattened to allow people to get sick and heal without collapsing the public / private health system. 

We all have a fundamental role in this stage and the instructions provided by doctors and health authorities must be followed. It is important that you stay at home, that you leave only for what is essential and that you wash your hands correctly. The only "vaccine" that exists against this virus is prevention.

On the other hand, the promulgation of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency N ° 297/ 20 of the Presidency of the Nation modified the state of situation establishing a “social, preventive and obligatory isolation” -quarantaine- for the entire population of the Republic from 00:00 of 03/20 to 03/31 inclusive, where it is forbidden to go to workplaces and also to travel on routes, roads and public spaces. 

Likewise, this DNU prohibits during its validity the organization of cultural, recreational, sporting, religious events, or of any other nature that imply the concurrence of people, as well as the opening of stores -except for exceptions-, shopping centers, wholesale establishments and retailers, and any other place that requires the presence of people.

Why is the date not canceled / moved?

At the risk of being overly repetitive, as we said earlier: ArFF is not in a position to cancel the event.

We depend exclusively on the contractual terms we have with the Hotel Castelar and it is not a decision that we can make unilaterally on our side without such a high cost that it would directly make any type of event (current or future) unfeasible. Any change requires the approval of the hotel and to date that compliance is not there, we follow the progress of the pandemic with them and we are in contact in case the situation changes and forces us to take action. 

Repeating something that was said in statement No. 1: Canceling involves making refunds of all tickets and is something that in this state of development in the organization of the event is impossible to fulfill, as a reminder: The event is not for profit, all the resources it generates are reinvested in its organization.

That is why the staff continues to work committed towards the end of May date, this week the Archive section has been launched with all the memories and galleries of 2019, there is still the video of the dance competition that will come along with the Call for DJs and participants from the competition, we also have to finalize the details of the Dealer's Den to confirm the stands that are going to be part of it.

To conclude ...

We would like to repeat the keyword: PATIENCE. We understand better than anyone that this situation brings unnecessary stress and inconvenience, but the reality is that we are all in the same boat going through the same storm. A week ago the situation was different, today this is the reality that we must face.

The Staff firmly believes that if all the measures are met, if the quarantine is followed by all, and that if we really commit ourselves to the common good, the situation may be better than expected. Perhaps it requires an effort never seen before in our history and today it is up to us, as members of this community and as citizens of this Nation to be up to what the circumstances demand.

As always we are available through Telegram (@furfiesta @Baubao) or through our email (

Please... #StayHome, sincerely 

The ArFF Staff!

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