Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Freelancer Clone

Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Freelancer Clone


In the world where getting job is as hard as breaking rock, people opt for self employment. They work as a freelancer who helps the companies in executing projects based on the expertise they have. This services includes: financial help, any technical help, content writing, or any other service on which they are expertise in. Freelancing is not same as owning a business, business proprietor will not be participating in daily operation of his company whereas self-employed person will continually be working on all the areas as he is solely responsible in executing the task. There are various Freelancing websites like: Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. which encourages self-employment at very high level. Freelancing website has very simple concept: seat inside their house on their couch and work.

Freelancer Clone Script

There exist people who want their own Freelancer kind of website, but developing a website sames as Freelancer from zero, you will be needing a lot of time, money and energy which every startup and big organizations can not afford. So to reduce the stress of developing a website like Freelancer from scratch, Freelancer Clone Script can extremely be helpful in quick launching of a freelance marketplace website without surplus efforts.

Freelancer Clone is an accurate Freelance marketplace script developed to entitle growing startups to launch their own Freelancing website. Freelancer script is integrated with all the high-end features that adds more value to your Freelance marketplace website.

Let’s explore 5 striking techniques which can be used in order to improve your  Freelancer Clone:

  1. Integrating Your Freelancer Clone with Social Media:

In order to grow more business online, social networking websites like: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. plays an important role. With the help of Freelancer Clone script, user can post related to their projects or jobs to reach maximum audience. Other user will then come across with the post when they search for any particular job or project.

2. Generating Revenue Models Integration:

With the help of Freelance website script you can create an opportunity to earn handsome revenue by giving some of your exclusive services as a premium service. If any user wants to use those services, he/she has to pay to your Freelancing website whenever he/she is asked. This services include:

  • Adding job or projects
  • Adding any service
  • Payment after completing job or project, etc.

Besides, they can also integrate various other revenue generating models like commission fee model, membership model, paid advertising fee and lot more.

3. Secured Payment Option:

As any user has completed any task he can submit his work to the receiving party after successfully completion of financial transaction. Freelancer Clone script must be integrated PayPal as its payment gateway. Using PayPal, user can easily make financial transaction without any errors or interruption.

4. Compatible with Latest Technologies:

If you are planning to start your own Freelancing website, you should take a note that your website should be build using latest technology like: PHP, MySql, CSS, Ajax, HTML5 and more. The reason behind the high demand of these technologies is they are highly capable enough to tackle all the technological fluctuations. Your Freelancer Clone should website should also be compatible with mobile technology as well.

5. Fully Secured Admin Panel:

Being an website owner you should handover all the authority of the website to the admin. Admin is the person who is solely responsible to handle all the movement over the website. He should be able to have control over:

  • Job Management
  • Service management
  • Payment Management, and much more.

At the end, website build using Freelancer Clone will reduce the cost and saves lot of time and energy of both website owner and website developer as well. If you are startup or first time entrepreneur or any business organisation and planning to launch your own Freelancing website then you can opt to Freelancer Clone script.

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