Apply For Verified Seller

Apply For Verified Seller

Apply For Verified Seller

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The Treasures Auctions Network websites have sold nearly half a million items online since forming in The success has been largely due to our Verified Sellers Program and the high standard of stock that our sellers bring to the network. Our customers know and trust that we will approve only the best sellers to give them the best products and a great buying experience. We take great pride in hand picking and constantly checking the standard of products that are being offered by our sellers and do not allow eBay sellers to participate on our sites. Our sellers are managed by our Sheriff Program across our network. It is the Sheriffs that will guide our potential sellers through the Verified Seller application process and provide ongoing support to our sellers. The probation period will cease at the end of 3 months of active selling with the following conditions met —. At the end of the standard 3 month probation period we will reflect and communicate with you on your overall professional performance. At our discretion we may —. This program is operated by a qualified Gemologist and panel of advisers from within the Gemstone, Opal and Jewelry industries. The position of Sheriff is a voluntary position and is not paid or reimbursed in any way by The Treasures Auctions Network. If you have any queries or questions regarding listing stock or gemological questions never hesitate to contact the Sheriff, they are always there to help. Failure to meet any of the rules below or abide by the Terms and conditions may result in the Verified Seller getting a strike against their seller account. These strikes are at the discretion of the Sheriff and Management. If you wish to apply to become a Verified Seller on any of The Treasures Auctions Network websites please download the application Form below and email it back to applications treasuresauctions. Verified Seller Application Form Ver 1. All sellers on Opal Auctions must comply with our Verified Sellers program which ensures a high degree of industry knowledge, consistent refund policy and wholesale pricing. The Opal Sheriff program allows our members to request an audit on any auction, which is completed by an independent Gemologist who assesses the accuracy of the item description and pictures. The Verified Seller application process includes - Sellers wishing to join a website within The Treasures Auctions Network have to first register as a buyer using their intended Store Name. This bond will be held by Treasures Auctions, interest free for a period of 12 months. At our discretion we may — End your probation period and allow you to apply for the next selling plan Extend your probation period if we feel you are not ready to move to the next selling plan Cancel your selling account if we feel you are not up to the required standard of the Verified Sellers Program. How does the Verified Seller Program work? The Sheriff has two main goals — To support and guide sellers To answer questions and guide potential buyers via the Audit system. Refusal or delay to comply with this request will result in immediate and permanent suspension. Shipping to the Sheriff will be at the Verified Sellers expense and the Sheriff will return the item in the same method at no further expense to the seller. Examples of a Strike - Verified Seller fails to communicate with a buyer, administration, management or Sheriff in a timely manner Verified Seller fails to post items to a buyer or refund monies in a timely manner Continuous mistakes in listing items Verified Seller fails to uphold the expected high level of professional conduct Verified Seller fails to honour the sale of an item regardless of whatever price an auction sells for Misrepresentation of a stone, examples - Misrepresenting and selling a glass filled Ruby as unheated Ruby Selling smoked Ethiopian Opal as Natural Black Opal Selling gold plated Jewelry as Solid Gold Jewelry Misrepresenting and selling a Doublet or Triplet Opal as a Solid Opal Selling a Doublet Gemstone on gemrockauctions. This includes but is not limited to social media, Facebook, Twitter, forums or print media Verified Sellers on Opal Auctions or Gem Rock Auctions are eligible to apply for a Sellers account on Jewelry Auctioned or Coins Auctioned with no monthly plan fee Verified Sellers may not entice customers to purchase items outside of the Treasures Auctions Network. All plan changes must be requested by the Seller via the Selling Preferences tab in Account Settings. The request may be approved or denied at the discretion of management. Was this article helpful? Listing Guide for Verified Sellers 23rd Nov All verified sellers must adhere to the listing guide when Verified Sellers Program 5th Dec The treasures auctions network websites have sold nearly half a How do I make a payment? Placing your first bid 2nd Dec You must log in before placing a bid if you PayPal Payments 23rd Nov This website supports paypal instant payment notifications which means that How can we help you? Placing your first bid How do reserve price auctions work? Registering an account Where can I monitor my bidding activity? How can I delete my bid? What is the Refund or Exchange Policy? What is a Buy It Now auction? How do I pay by Credit Card? Why is my PayPal payment delayed? Why was my bid refused? Create a Support Ticket. Register your Free Account or tell me more.

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Apply For Verified Seller

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Verified Sellers Program

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G2A will allow developers to apply for royalties, adds seller verification

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How to apply for verified seller/power seller? (player auctions)

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Verified Sellers Program

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Apply For Verified Seller

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Verified Sellers Program

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Apply For Verified Seller

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G2A will allow developers to apply for royalties, adds seller verification

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Apply For Verified Seller


Apply For Verified Seller

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G2A will allow developers to apply for royalties, adds seller verification

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Apply For Verified Seller

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How to apply for verified seller/power seller? (player auctions)

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G2A will allow developers to apply for royalties, adds seller verification

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G2A will allow developers to apply for royalties, adds seller verification

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Verified Sellers Program

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G2A will allow developers to apply for royalties, adds seller verification

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Verified Sellers Program

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How to apply for verified seller/power seller? (player auctions)