Appeal to an issue – Continuation

Appeal to an issue – Continuation

Andrei Afanasiev

...For example:

Title: The regional election Commission summed up the election of the Krasnoyarsk Governor

First paragraph: The election Commission summed up the election of the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region after processing 100% of the protocols.

og:description: Alexander Uss won with the results of 60.19% of the vote

Sometimes og:description text is cut in the middle of the sentence, but it's still better than the first paragraph description, for example:

Title: Alexander Shlegel: "Heat at the Universiade facilities is the key to the development of territories"

First paragraph: December 22, energy will celebrate the professional holiday. By this date, the director of the Krasnoyarsk branch of the Siberian generating company, Alexander Schlegel ...

og:description: SGK is ready not only to provide residents with reliable heat, but also to develop public infrastructure …


1. Please reconsider.

2. If you still believe we should take the descriptions from the first paragraph, then you should reject my opponent's template as he just hardcoded this particular description: take any article, like—he uses og:description, not something else.

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