's decision to silence's decision to silence

ACP admin team

After member and moderator discussion, we have decided to sustain the silencing of

We recognize that a significant part of this issue is due to the lack of adequate moderation tools at the user and instance level. And we are sorry that Mastodon's features are sorely lacking when it comes to silencing and suspending (both at the admin and user level), but we're stuck working with the tools we have available at this point in time.

If we unsilence the entire instance, we will be subjecting our members to flippant racist, transmisogynist, and ableist language and references. While we understand that supporters claim these references are intended to be in jest, a significant subsection of our members find these "jokes" to be harmful because of their own experiences as oppressed people, or because their neurodiversity or native language makes it difficult (if not impossible) to differentiate actual fascism from faux fascism.

It is not just a matter of silencing or suspending a few bad actors, because this faux bigotry is's praxis, and often comes from the instance admin. (see and

We still do not wish to de-federate entirely, as we respect that there are relationships between ACP and bofa users, and that despite differences in praxis, we have many similarities in our fights to end injustice.

However, will remain silenced at this time.