Another Kind of Roman Story Ch. 02

Another Kind of Roman Story Ch. 02

This story is about a young mage in ancient Rome with some little changes in history. The story takes place in about 300BC.

According to your comments, I will try to write longer chapters. I thank you for your feedback and advise. I am a new writer, so I will take any constructive critic very seriously. Meanwhile here are two chapters. Enjoy...

Note: All characters are over 18 in the story.


The week of training and Eugenia's motivation every night kept me training to the maximum. I got kind a little addicted to this wonderful ass. Also I liked to have some fighting practice with her. My best weapon was the bastard staff, but also the spear was a good weapon for me. It nearly broke my heart when my week of special training was over and I returned to the academy. 

My father talked to my teachers and asked them to check the results with spear and bastard staff. Their surprise was worth it. Now I was one of the top students with the weapons but not in the club like staff. Every other weapon was better. 

The other students got very excited when I told them that I had an additional training at a ludus. I did not tell them which ludus and with whom I had trained, but they saw my improvement. Sometime later I did my exams. 

I got good grates everywhere but I got outstanding grates for destructive fire spells. Even the older legion mages were impressed by the easiness which I could set a whole area on fire. The Igniplano-spell was a very advanced spell which most of the older mages did not really perfect in all their career time. The focused more on the fireball spell Ignisphero or the flame ray Ignifaxius. For me I could handle all three spells without problem. 

With these good grades in fire I was assigned to the second legion. For my graduation I got arm and leg protection of black iron. This is a very expensive material because it is very rare. The big advantage of it is that it does not disturb any magic like bronze or normal iron. Unexpected from me the teachers had some influence in the senate, so they gave me a bastard staff which a blade of black iron. 

This was a special gift for me and showed me which high expectations my teachers had about my time in the army. The legion I - Latinium was the guard of the republics officials. My father was part of this legion. I was sent to legion II - Italia. This is the legion which was used for real battles and not only guarding and ceremonial purposes. I liked it this way. 

When I was going to leave the academy the tribune of the legion came personally to pick me up. We were going to the legions headquarters outside of Rome. There I was introduced to the people and was introduced to my new work. Usually the main parts were training and sometimes checking of a magical phenomenon in the area. The times were easy and the military was not in direct war state. We had a nice summer and it came near to Jupiter day celebration. 

I wanted to celebrate with my unit and as the fresh man I wanted to do a good impression. For the celebration I thought that I should bring some booze, so I went to our legions alchemists. When I asked the alchemists they told me that I should talk to Agrippa. She is producing good booze for a price that is within my budget. I went to her room and knocked. 

"Who disturbs?" asked a woman's voice. 

"Darius Marcius Censorius of the second legion," was my answer. 

"My dear legionary... It is not allowed for common soldiers to disturb the alchemists while they are busy," she said in a repelling tone. "We have no time for the plebeians' problems. The legion needs special elixirs which we need to produce. Please go back to your duties." 

While she said this I could feel magical waves in her words that tried to send me back to headquarters. For usual people this would be a strong urge to go now, but not for me. I simply ignored the words and entered the door. She was very surprised by seeing me opening the door. 

"Donna Agrippa, may I say that I am not a simple legionary?"I said with a little pride. 

She started at me end checked my appearance. She asked a little overwhelmed, "You are a mage, but how? I do not know the family of Marcius in Rome." 

I took a look at her. She was a very pavonine about her appearance. Her hair was combed really carefully and also her clothing style was from expensive materials. Except of that she had a very beautiful face and also her body shape was very good with nice a little bigger breasts. 

"I am a gifted guy who got a chance on the academy and I made it. I am here to ask you for a favor," I explained.

"Since you are a legion mage I think we can do a deal. I need something and want you to get it for me. They I will brew for you what you want if the ingredients are not too hard to get," she suggested.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I want from you that you are getting a harpies egg and some feathers. I need that for a special experiment with a new elixir I am creating. What is your wish?" she replied.

"Since you are asking for a more difficult task then me, I would like to have some very good booze in order to celebrate the bosses from the legion in order to have a better influence in the legion. And now I also want you to accompany me at the celebration. Having a beautiful lady like you at the celebration would also be good for the impression in the legion. Also the contacts there could be useful to you when you got in touch with the officers of the second legion. Think about it!" I recommended.

"Hmmm, when I think about the legate of the second legion you would be right. Gaius Fabius Pictor is hard to get otherwise. So you are also offering a ticket to this celebration?" she asked.

"Yes, I do. All you have to do in return is to give me the best booze that the alchemists are producing in Rome. I think if Fabius likes it, you would be better in a position to talk to him."

"Then it is settled. Go get me some harpy eggs and I will create the best booze you ever tasted," she said.

"Sound's good. I am on my way. See you soon," I replied and left.

I reported and explained my centurion what I planned and left Rome the same day with his approval. Just grabbed some supplies and used a horse to go to the Apennines. I heard stories of harpies in the east of Rome in the mountains so I went to the small city of Frusna. 

When I tried talking to the local people they seem very frightened of me. This was maybe due to the events of the revolt of Frusna against Rome some years ago. They were relieved when I asked them about the harpies and did not threaten them or asking them for anything else. They sent me to the village of Sora deeper in the mountains. Before I reached the village I could see harpies flying in the mountains in the east. I paid a local farmer to take care of my horse while I am going to the mountains and went deeper into the mountains. 

After about two hours of walking up a pass path I saw a group of goblins following a small path to the north. I followed them in some distance. They guided me to a harpy's nest, which was accessible without big trouble. Coming more near I saw what they were doing. They were stealing eggs and put them in a bag. 

I showed myself to the goblins and commanded them, "Give me those eggs!" 

"No, human! We will not. This is our food. Go away!" said the goblin with the bag.

The goblin holding the eggs seems to be their leader, so I casted an Igniqueris spell on him. Flames appeared around his neck and started to tighten slowly burning his flesh. The other goblins were shocked about the flames and ran away as fast as they could. 

I heard a harpy cry in the air above me. I went to the goblin and grabbed the bag with the eggs. The goblin did not want to release the bag so I tightened the flames around his neck. He screamed in pain but still did not release the eggs, so I let the flames cut off his head. The harpies were coming nearer so I went to their nest and put some eggs back into the nest. The harpies stopped their aggressive crying and their combat preparations and landed next to me. I read about harpies, but I never saw them before. 

They were a hybrid of a naked woman and an eagle. They had a human head and front torso, but at the legs were that of an eagle. Also their arms started to have feathers directly at the shoulders for their wings. Only on the angle of the wings they had some claws which could be considered as hands. Their head was nearly human except the small feathers that they had instead of human hair. On their back there were only feathers visible with very long feathers at the end of the back bone. Below these long feathers there was a human hip, but not half way down to the knee the feathers had returned. 

"You are a good human. You saved our eggs from bad stealing goblins. Are you one of our friends from Sora?" they asked. 

"Sorry I come from a city more in the west," I answered. 

"So you are not allied with us yet. Do you want to have an alliance?" one of them asked.

"This depends on the terms. What do you offer and what do I need to do in return?"

"We offer guidance and protection during your passage through the mountains. In return you will help us breeding," has the harpies offereing. 

"Breeding?" I asked a little confused. Did they want me to cuddle their eggs in order to hedge? 

"Yes, we need you for breeding. We are not many here in the mountains and the local goblins are a big problem for us because of our little number. Even today the goblins have killed one of our sisters in order to get our eggs for food. Therefore we made alliances with humans for their seeds," the harpy explained. 

This was better than expected. "We can form an alliance, but do not need your protection. I need from you other things. I need some of your feathers and an egg." 

"Why do you want an egg?" the harpy asked.

"I need it for magical medicine. It is needed for it like some of your feathers." 

They were discussing in a very fast language which I was not able to follow. After a while they stopped and told me, "You may have one egg if you breed at least three of us." 

"Fine. Shall we begin?" 

I pulled my pants down and showed them my penis. I was already hard due to seeing the harpies' naked woman's body all time. One harpy was coming near and took it into her mouth for a second. Then she said, "Excellent taste... Lay down human!" 

And so I did as she asked for. She placed her pussy directly over the penis and started to move. She was completely dry when I entered her, but there was no resistance. Also her vagina muscles tightened in order to increase my stimulation. When I wanted to increase the speed I realized that I cannot pull out that easily. This harpy's pussy was sucking me in by force. 

The low pressure was really intensive so that I was giving her what she asked for. I moaned very loudly before I pumped my sperm into her cunt. Her face was satisfied as she released my penis and removed her body from mine. A little white drop was flowing down her leg when she went back to the nest. Another harpy came to her and licked the drop. 

"Hmm... What an excellent seed. I can taste magic in it. I want next!" she said and came directly to me. 

My penis was not hard yet, so she began to take in into her mouth and sucked it until it was hard again. She did not want to waste time asked me to lie down and placed herself over me. This pussy now was the complete opposite of the first harpy. It was dripping wet I could see the juices dripping out even before she her wet lips touched the tip of my penis. Sliding into her was exactly like a human pussy would feel, but there was no resistance at all. 

When I was inside the muscles tightened and stimulated me. This harpy's muscles were maybe more trained. It was even more tight then the first. I felt exactly like when I was in the beautiful trained ass of my former weapons teacher Eugenia. I started to fasten my movement when I realized that this harpy was not simply sucking with her pussy. 

She enjoyed it and I could see her orgasm was on the rise when I increased my speed more. I enjoyed ever moment of this breeding, too. The moment she came was also too hard for me. I came in her but much more then the first harpy got. About triple amount of sperm was pumped into her, compared to the other one. 

After we finished our breeding she still was sitting on my lap for some time enjoying what happened. Then she stood up and a big load was coming out of her still dripping wet pussy. 

"See, this is the correct procedure. Do it this way," she said to the others. 

The third harpy was nearly exactly like the first one. She tried to do as the second showed them but failed in it totally. After the release of another load I was getting tired. I grabbed my bag and pulled out the blanket to sleep a little. After a little rest I bred another harpy even if this was not part of the deal, but then I asked them for the egg and some feathers. 

They gave me one egg and a lot of their feathers. With now a lot of feathers and one given egg and two additional eggs that were still in the bag of the goblin I killed I had now enough material to go back to Rome and to present Agrippa what she asked for, but of it more than she hoped for. 


Getting back to Rome I went directly to the alchemist's street to see Agrippa. The guards let me through and I went directly to her door. "Hello. I am back," I said while knocking the door.

"You are faster than expected. Did you get what I asked for?" she greeted me.

No hello, no how was your journey, only asking for the ingredients. I was sure that she still had a problem with me being not of a patrician family. A commoner who was getting education on the same good level as she got it was troublesome for her. 

"Yes, I got it all here. Some eggs and a lot of feathers, as you requested," I presented here my good proudly.

"This is more of it then I expected... and in such a short time... you definitely seem to be a gifted mage. Now I see why they trained you even without having a patrician family to support you," I realized that this complement did not come out easily. 

"Believe me. The Marcius family will be a known name in some years. We will do the best we can for Rome," I said with a little pride.

"We shall see how far you can go. You got my curiosity and I will help you with your booze for the Jupiter day celebration. You can bring a wagon to pick up the wares in three days. See you then," she said in a tone that I disliked.

"Thank you. Bye then," I said before leaving her lab. 

Now there are still some days left before the Jupiter day, so I decided to visit my family at home on the Aventine hill. Our guards recognized me and let me in with s short greeting. Our servants were busy so I decided to go to the room of my little sister Alyssa. 

When I walked though the corridor I saw one of our guards coming out of her room. The guard was a little surprised to see me so he simply nodded in my direction and ran away to the guards' quarters. I knocked the door but no answer. Since the guard was inside before I simply opened the door. 

The situation I saw was not what was expected. My sister was lying naked on her bed with her legs spread open. Out of her pussy white liquid was dropping, so I was sure what the guard did some minutes ago. My sister herself was just on the bed with her eyes closed and mumbling word which were not understandable for me. On her chair there were black clothes with a black bag, like the thieves in the city usually use. 

I watched her for a while before the sperm which was dripping out of her pussy was starting to glow in a green light before it disappeared completely. She was quite surprised seeing me.

"Hi Darius. It is nice to see you, brother. How long were you watching?" she asked.

"I came in after the guard has already left," I replied.

"So you saw my ritual. I am preparing for tonight," she explained.

"Can you please explain to me what you were doing exactly? Are you not afraid to get pregnant?" I asked directly.

She started to smile and said, "I see you have no knowledge about mother's witch magic. I will explain it for you. The witch magic is a little different to your legions magic. It is triggered by feelings and for us it is more like priesthood, too. Our power comes from the great mother earth, so we need a connection to the ground for magic. If we are not on the ground it is difficult for us to use magic and in order to recharge my magical power I was having some problems, because I was not outside in the garden. This is why it took me so long. But doing this in daylight is causing a little more trouble than worth the power recharge." 

"But what did you do exactly?" I asked.

"I sacrificed the cum of the guard to the great mother earth in order to please her so she recharged my magical power. Yes, I could also do it with sperm in the mouth, but I like it more in pussy or ass," she said.

I thought about what mother has told me about witch magic, "I never heard mother talking to me about this magic."

"The problem is she cannot teach you. This is only for cum given to you, not cum you give. The problem of our magic is that it is usually designed to be performed by women. There is also magic that makes sure that you receive a daughter when you are getting pregnant. This ritual is needed to awaken your magical witch abilities. So the bigger question is: why are you a man?" she philosophized.

"I have no idea what exactly magically happened between mom and dad when they met and created me. The strong magical bond is still between them, and it does not seem to weaken. But I have another question: What is it about these clothes?"

"Oh that. I am going out tonight stealing some valuable goods like jewels from the patrician families living on the Palatine hill. They do not even realize that they were robbed. They have so much that they have no financial problems after some jewels are gone," she answered.

"What if you get caught? This would be a catastrophe for our family's reputation," I asked her.

"This happened sometimes. Therefore I have different possibilities. The way I like most is to remove my clothes and make the guards additionally horny with one of my spells. Therefore I can send out pheromones with my pussy juice. As soon as the guards smell it, they forget everything and want to fuck me depending on the doses I sent out. Sorry but you also cannot learn this spell. It requires a pussy fluid to make it happen," she explained.

"And what happens if the guards are not interested in your gender? I heard of some gay guardsmen on palatine hill from people in the legion. What will you do then?" I asked her.

"This already happened once. I have some spells in order to walk a wall like a spider, or to jump long distances like a frog. I can jump over the city walls or to the other side of Tiber River if needed and you know that this is a long distance. I also have an illusion spell that other people see me but think of me as not interesting. But this spell requires a lot of magical power so I use it only if there is no other way. So don't worry. The witch magic has a lot to offer," she explained.

"Does mom know, what you are doing in the nights?"I asked.

"No, she does not. Please let it be this way. She will only get scared and protective, like you know... It is better if she does not know," my sister begged.

"Good I will leave it this way. Speaking of mom: Where is she? Is she still in her temple?" I asked.

"No, she is at home with Gloria. The two are eating each other out if father is not at home," she answered.

This was a surprise for me. My step mother Gloria was always angry about my mother's existence as long as I remember, but it was a long time ago since I moved out for going to the academy.