Another Batch of #Telegram Plugins for #WordPress (part 2)

Another Batch of #Telegram Plugins for #WordPress (part 2)

Welcome to the second article of the WordPress series auround plugins interacting with Telegram messenger. First of all, we omit plugins based on external services. Maybe then we have nothing to write about any more. But to be fair we list them here.

On Page 4 of the plugins page ( we can find the WP AllAround by Michele Pinassi, his website is looking good, but I can't see any reason to join his site Allaroundsiena. Maybe this is kind of a local phenomen in Italy.

So that leads us already to page three. And there are two interesting candidates. One of these Plugins is "WP Two Factor Authentication with Telegram" by dueclic.

Ok, if it is doing what I expect, thats might be interesting. After setting up with a bot token and getting my chat ID by another bot and a validation sign ( came from our bot) I clicked "Activate Two Factor athentication" And now lets see if it works. I logged out and logged in again. Nothing interacts with my bot or something. So it did not what I exprected. Also it sends spam inside my own bot. Huh what was this. Lets analyze the source code. Very important is , where it saved my Bot token. At least the source codes looks good although very complicated. At first glance it saves my data in wp_options. I revoked my bot token and hope it did not doing anything bad.

At last there is a Plugin called "Universal Chat" on Page 3, just wanna mention it and looks promising. But it is an external service again.

Ok, keep in touch. Next week we start with Page 2 on the plugin repository. Need more background? Than read part 1 of the series .