Android P on Whyred

Android P on Whyred

Mohammed Faisal

Before flashing this Rom, Note that this is a Ported Rom from Google Pixel XL to get it working for our Treble Devices and you are responsible for your actions (Won't Hardbrick like ARB though). Take a backup before flashing!

Also Note that if Coming from MIUI, Make sure you have anti 3 and you will need to format data because of Encryption


1. GSI zip:

2. Post sGSI_3 v0.2 :

2. Treble Fix Zip:

Steps to Flash

1. Wile Data, system, vendor and flash the Treble Fix Zip

2. Extract the GSI and Select install img and flash it

3. Select Flash Zip and Flash Post sGSI_3 v0.2 Zip

4. Reboot to System

Additional Files

- To flash Magisk, Download Magisk zip from:

And Flash in TWRP

- Flash this Magisk Module for api2, Pixel Accent


- Fix for Navigation Gestures and Dark Overlay (Mount Vendor first and flash in TWRP)


- Gcam Settings Crash Fix

Download and flash this file in TWRP


Bugs & their fixes

1. Can't Login in Google

> Download and Install the Play services app from

2. Pixel Setup Notification is stuck

> Long Press the Notification press i button and force stop & disable app

3. I dont have the New Gestures

> Assuming you have flashed the gesture fix, Go to Settings - System - Gestures - Swipe Up on Home Button and enable it

4. I can't access the System UI Tuner

Download Activity launcher from Play store - Tap Recent activities on top bar - Change to All activities - Find System UI Tuner and Tweak it

5. I am yet get VoLTE in P

> Set Up Rom and wait for a few minutes, Reboot again and Check. Make sure you have APN set

6. I don't have dt2w on my phone even after enabling.

> Flash this zip in TWRP:

7. Can I try a Custom kernel on P?

> Yes You can. No Name kernel with Android P specific improvements is available.

8. What are the New Changes in DP4 from DP3?

> Here is a Guide by xda on this:

9. I can't get MTP working. Help plox

>Settings - Sytem - About Phone - Tap on Build Number 6 times

Go to Developer options, Select Default USB Configuration and select File Transfer. Unplug and Plug in the usb cable again

10. I am having x & y issue with gcam

> Make sure api2 is enabled and try with this gcam


11. I am facing some weird bugs

> Join and report there

Github Page:

Credits to Shahan, Vasishath, Mhiran, Erfan and all other Devs of Community