An Old Girlfriend, A New Life

An Old Girlfriend, A New Life

We looked at the clock; it was a little after 1. "When do you need to be home?" I asked.

"Soon, honey. Let me text Angela. She's still awake. I just don't want her to worry. I'll tell her I'll be home by 2?"

"Sure. I wish you could stay, though."

"Next time. There will be a next time, won't there?" Kitty asked, looking slightly worried.

"I was hoping so. Maybe a lot of next times. I had an amazing evening with you, Kitty. Better than I expected. Even without sex. It's been a great evening."

She walked over to me and we held each other as we kissed, a very long and tender kiss. "I have to text her. She worries about me as if she was my mother."

While Kitty texted her daughter, I got dressed back in the same clothes I went out in, just to try to pretend everything was above board if for some reason I saw Angela. Kitty then got dressed, but she gave me her panties with a very wicked smile. "Something to remember me by until we see each other again. Next week I guess?"

"I have Jeremy next weekend. That's something I wouldn't pass on for anything. You understand, don't you?"

"Of course. I'm glad you're a dedicated father. It's one of the few good things about Seamus. Lousy husband, but he's an excellent father. If he could only get through to Jack. I really worry about him. He barely speaks to me."

"I'm sorry, Kitty. I wish I knew what to tell you." We had our only uncomfortable pause. "Would you like to come over for dinner one night during the week? Tuesday or Wednesday? I still know how to cook. You always liked my roast chicken."

"With homemade stuffing?"

"Of course. What else would I make with it?"

"Deal! Wednesday it is!"

Our mood lightened, and we had a pleasant drive back to Kitty's. When we got there, we looked at each other like it was the end of a first date. "Artie, I had the nicest evening I've had since... well, in a very long time. You're still the same sweet, kind man you always were. And the same naughty man you always were." She smiled and I smiled back at her. "And you still know how to treat me like a lady and like a woman. No one else has ever done that for me."

"It all just came back to me. Like this long gap never happened. I hope we can keep seeing each other, Kitty. I hope it keeps working for us." I kissed her goodnight in the car, another long, great kiss. Then a few shorter kisses until it was finally time to end our date. I got out of the car and held her door for her, and Kitty was so pleased by that final gesture of chivalry she kissed me again in the open right in front of her house. "Angela will be happy for me. Trust me."

We stood in front of her door and it was very hard to say goodnight, just like it was years before on nights when she couldn't sleep over at my apartment. "You're coming Wednesday night, right? Chicken and stuffing?"

"I wouldn't miss it. Should I bring dessert?"

"I thought dessert would take care of itself" I teased and Kitty lit up her smile.

"OK, but I'll bring a little something anyway. Maybe something with whipped cream." She opened her door and gave me one last small kiss." Goodnight, Artie. Call me tomorrow if you want. Call me even if you don't want." With that, the door closed and I already started to miss her.

I drove home, took a quick shower and climbed into bed at 2:30. Her wet panties were lying there and I took it in my hand and I got one last blast of her distinct scent, wonderfully, uniquely Kitty, that made me again wish she was there with me. I didn't have the energy to change the sheets. I didn't even care about the wet spot in the middle. I just went to sleep, faster than I usually did, with the thought of Kitty in front of me like a couple of spoons. Her round, soft tush fitting perfectly in my crotch. Her hair in my nose. And my arms around her waist as she gave a little wiggle as we settled in for the night. A man can dream, can't he?


Sunday morning I was woken by the ringing of my phone at 9AM. I briefly thought who the hell could be calling at this ungodly hour before I realized it had to be Jeremy. We always talked early Sunday morning before he went out to do whatever sports themed activity that was on his schedule. I faked being awake as we talked about our week. He asked how I was feeling, anything new, and I told him I had a date the night before but he shouldn't tell his mother. There was no reason to tell her something that could hurt her in any way. We said goodbye and he put his mother, my ex, on the phone. We tried to talk once or twice a week so we could coordinate things, mostly regarding Jeremy.

"Hey Artie, how's things?"

"Not bad, and you, Helena?"

"Same. Working and raising our son. Could be much worse. Did he tell you he's applying to Cornell and Binghamton for college?"

"He did not. With his grades, test scores and extras, he's got a decent chance. Does he have some good recommendations?"

"Yes, he does. Artie, how's his college fund?"

"Honestly, I haven't been able to contribute as much since our divorce. I just don't have as much extra money. Child support and my own living expenses take up just about all my income. I rarely go out socially anymore."

"So where were you last night? I tried to call a few times, and I got your answering service. I even left a message. Didn't you get it?"

Shit. I never checked my service after I got home with Kitty. "Hello? Artie? So where were you for hours. I stopped trying at 10 and there was no answer. So you were out later than that, unless you had a lady over." She asked without anger, but she was more than normal curious.

I never lied to Helena, not in all the years I knew her. "I was out on a date. My first since we broke up. So my first in more than 20 years. I wasn't planning on telling you until I knew there was something to tell you about."

"Oh. Sorry, I shouldn't interfere. I really just want to know what condition Jeremy's college fund is in. I've been making my contributions. I need you to step up and start doing it again. Jeremy needs it. I don't want to tell you not to date; you're certainly entitled. But we both have other obligations."

"I know, Helena, but if you go out, it doesn't cost you anything. I go out, I have to pick up the check."

"I wouldn't know; I haven't had a date yet. I'm not even sure I'm ready to start." We were still trying to be friends both for practical reasons like maintaining civility for Jeremy's sake and because we genuinely liked each other as people. Also, we actually cared about each other, about our welfare and wellbeing.

"I can't tell you when to start, Helena. You're a beautiful woman; you must get asked."

"You think so? I haven't had even a nibble. Not that I'm really looking. But there are things I miss." I knew exactly what she was referring to. "Artie, Jeremy's gone until dinner time. Would you like a little company? Just a little stress relief. Nothing more than that. I'm not looking to get back together. I just....miss you."

I was touched and a little sad for her. If she had asked a few weeks ago, no question I would have said yes. We had a good sex life when we were married. A little on the traditional side, but enjoyable.

"Helena, I'm really flattered, and if you had asked last week..."

"Artie, it's just sex. I'm just looking to get laid with someone I can trust and whom I know knows what he's doing. It's been well over a year. I don't want to pick up some guy. That was never my thing. Where did you meet your date? Maybe I can find a nice guy that way."

"It was through Facebook. Someone from my past."

Helena was quiet. The silence between us was screechingly loud. "Was it an ex girlfriend? Or just a friend?"

"Helena, we really shouldn't be having this conversation. Besides, does it really matter?"

"I don't know. You just rejected me sexually, which I honestly didn't expect. Did you sleep with her last night?"

"Helena, I don't think we should talk about this. We're not married any more and it's personal."

"Artie, I'm not angry or upset. But I am curious. Come on, we always have been honest with each other. Don't tell me who. But I would like to know if."

"If you're sure....ok, yes, we had sex last night. God, it feels strange talking about this with you."

"Sorry. Well, not really. I'm a little jealous, I guess. Not over whoever it was. Just that you got laid last night and I'm horny as hell here with no prospects. Sure you can't help a sister out?" she joked. "Come on, we'll make it a wild ride. I promise, just sex."

I thought it over. I wasn't committed to Kitty, not yet anyway. Helena really seemed to be in need. And while our sex lives were never quite what I had with Kitty, it sure as hell wasn't bad. "Ok, sure, come on over. One last time. Except I have nothing in the house for lunch; I was going to do some shopping."

"I'll bring us something. I can be there in two hours. Is that good for you? 11:30?"

"Make it 12:30. I have some tidying up to do, plus I have to take a shower."

"You'd better. If you smell of another woman...." We both laughed.

"I won't. Promise. See you in a few hours."

I stripped my bed and put on fresh bedding, took a long hot shower and shaved, then I had something light to eat, yogurt and toast and juice. It was practically all I had in the house, except some cans of soup and a few frozen pot pies. I really needed to go food shopping.

I was done by 11, so I called Kitty. I know, talking to one while waiting on another. Not exactly my classiest moment. But she did want me to call and I didn't want to let her think I wasn't going to call her all day. A young man picked up on the third ring. "Hello?"

"Hi, you must be Jack?"

"Yeah? Who's this?" Kind of surly.

"Hi, I'm Artie. I'm an old friend of your mother. Could I talk to her?"

"MA! That Artie guy is on the phone!" He just dropped it without saying anything else to me. I could tell, he was going to be a problem.

A voice other than Kitty's came on the phone. "Hi Artie, it's Angela! How are you?"

"I'm good, thanks, and you?"

"Fine" she said with a giggle. "Thank you, by the way."

"What for?"

"Mom's been in such a great mood all morning. She came home last night like she was drunk, but a happy drunk. Whatever you two did...or didn't do...she had a great time." Another giggle.

I was blushing over the phone. "Uh, you're welcome, I guess. We had a nice time."

Before we could say more, Kitty picked up the phone in another room. "Angela, hang up!" The phone clicked as Angela got off the line, but not before we could hear her laughing heartily. "Sorry about that. She's a real piece of work, but a good kid. I hope she didn't make you feel weird."

"Well, I'm a little red in the face right now. But I can handle it. How are you this morning?"

"I'm just great. Artie, I had the best time last night."

"Same here. So much so I can't wait until Wednesday. Dinner and dessert."

"Am I the dessert?" Kitty asked with a lusty edge.

"I think we're both the dessert. Something with whipped cream, remember. What time can you get here? I get home by 3:30 or so. I'll make sure I have no appointments that day."

"I need a little time; I usually work until 5. I can bring a change of clothes with me and my kids are capable of taking care of dinner, especially if I leave them some money. Maybe my ex will want to spend some time with them."

"Just keep in mind I have to be at work early the next morning, by 7:45, so I leave here at a quarter after 7. You're welcome to take your time, sleep a little if you like. I won't kick you out."

"Gee, thanks. I'm really looking forward to spending the night with you. We might be too tired to work the next day" Kitty said in a way that was getting me hard.

"Well, then we can spend the day in bed together. I won't complain."

"Hmmm we'll see. Could be fun. So, what are you doing today?"

I hoped she wouldn't ask. "Helena is coming over. We have to talk over some things about Jeremy and college. He's aiming pretty high, Cornell and Binghamton." Not the truth, but at least some of it. Shit, this was a lousy way to rekindle our relationship, I said to myself.

"Yeah, we never really rid ourselves of our exes, do we. I'm going shopping with Angela. She needs a dress for a sorority party. So, Wednesday, right? About 6 ok?"

"6 is fine. Bring your appetite. Both of them." We laughed together at that.

"Oh, I will. I'll be starving. You have fun with your ex."

"I will" I said, trying to sound like it was the last thing I wanted to do. "Say hi to Angela for me. She's really a nice girl."

"The best. Too bad Jeremy's too young for her. See you Wednesday. Bye, honey."

"Bye." We got off the phone. I really felt like shit lying to her. It even felt like I was cheating. I wasn't, we had been out once, we didn't have any sort of commitment, but still.

I tidied a few things while I waited for Helena and I threw in a load of laundry. She arrived just before 12:30. She was always right on time. It was one of her better traits. I was the same way. I opened the door, and I had to admit, she looked pretty great. We saw each other every two weeks when I picked up our son, so she didn't change much from visit to visit. But she looked different that day. She always was a beautiful woman, and I always had felt like I was out of my league with her. Very different in looks than Kitty, though both were beautiful and sexy. Helena was almost 5'7" compared to Kitty's 5'4", and more slender. Today she looked like she put some extra effort into her appearance.

Her short blond curls were thick and looked very sassy, piled up on her head. Like her hair was disheveled and yet styled at the same time. Her brown eyes were slightly closed, looking very seductive, with just a little makeup on her face. She had on a yellow with red flowers sundress, sleeveless, that hugged her medium sized breasts and tummy, then flowed easily around her hips, coming down to above her knees. Cork wedge sandals went perfectly with her dress. I know, I used to sell ladies shoes when I was in college in a department store.

"Hey," I said as she came in and we kissed cheeks. "You look outstanding, Helena. Really."

"Thanks, Artie. You look good too." I was just wearing a simple grey with black striped dress shirt and black jeans. She had a shopping bag with her from our favorite kosher deli.

"You got me pastrami, I hope?" I asked.

"Of course. I got the turkey. And two knishes and two diet black cherry sodas. And pickles of course."

"God, you're the best. I could eat this now."

"We should. The pastrami is still hot, so are the knishes. Just make sure you're not too full to fuck me." She could be blunt,

which I liked, actually.

"You have my word!" We sat in my kitchen and dug into lunch, talking like the friends we still were. Helena filled me in about her parents, who I had been close to when we were married. We talked about Jeremy. Her job as computer lab tech (I love smart women). My job. Mutual friends. It was almost like we were still married.

After clearing the dishes and the remnants from lunch, we sat on my couch and turned on some music. We knew each other very well, knew how things would progress. My arm was around her and Helena leaned close against me. It wasn't long before we were kissing and our old physical chemistry came out. Her hand went to my face as she turned on the couch, one knee coming up on the cushion. There was a lot of hunger in our kisses, especially on her part. Then just as I was about to pull down the zipper on her dress, she said "I have to use your bathroom for a minute. I'll be right back." She kissed me softly, then went with her handbag to the bathroom.

She was gone less than five minutes, but it seemed longer. When Helena came out, she had ditched the dress, changed from her sandals to a pair of black patent spike heel pumps, and just had a pair of black panties that were little more than a couple of triangles, front and back, connected by two thin strings on the side. "Wow. You look good enough to eat!"

"Then I hope you didn't fill up on lunch. Lets go to your bedroom." She held out her hand and I took it, following her into the bedroom. I closed the door behind me and Helena slipped into my arms as we shared a long, very hot kiss. Her body was tan all over except for where her 34B breasts stood on her chest. "You're over dressed, Artie. I need to do something about that." Instead of unbuttoning my shirt, she pulled it open, sending buttons flying all over the room. She had never done that while we were married. Who was this wild woman?

"Hey, that was a not at all new shirt. You owe me two bucks."

"Take it out in trade, stud." She lifted her right leg and wrapped it around my leg while we were still standing, and she was grinding her pussy on the crotch of my jeans. "I'm so fucking hot. I need you so bad!"

I picked her up with my hands under her ass and carried her to the bed. I tossed her gently on the mattress and was on top of her immediately. Despite my evening with Kitty the night before, I was very eager to have this sexy creature who was kissing me like her life depended on it. We got my shirt off and Helena ran her fingers through my chest hairs, teasing me like she used to do when she was a little drunk. Then I felt her fingers grasping for my belt and undoing the buttons on my jeans. Helena pushed my jeans down over my hips and my ass, pushing my boxers down with them. My cock sprang up and she grabbed it aggressively, in an urgent manner like never before. I kept wondering who this woman was and where she had been all our marriage.

I touched her pussy over her tiny panties and Helena groaned as she lifted her ass off the bed. "Yeah, like that, touch me, finger my pussy, I'm so fucking wet for you!"

That made me pause. "What's got into you, Helena? You never, ever talked like that when we had sex before. What's going on?"

"Don't complain, enjoy it. I'm fighting for my man!" She tried to kiss me but I pushed away.

"Hold on, Helena. Is that what you're doing? You're jealous because I was out with someone else and slept with her? I thought this was a sex only one time thing."

She was breathing hard, sitting up part way with her arms behind her and her hands on the bed. "Maybe I changed my mind. Maybe I want you back. Are we going to do this or not?"

I was feeling very used. I know, a lot of men wouldn't have cared, especially to be with such a beautiful woman. But honestly, I didn't want her back. I cared about her, I loved her, but that part of my life was over. There had been a lot of negatives to go with the positives. A lot.

"I don't think we are. Sorry, Helena, it's my fault. I never should have agreed to this. Even when it was just a one time thing. But I'm not looking to go back. You shouldn't either."

She sat on the edge of the bed with a I-can't-believe-you're-turning-me-down expression. "Sure, you got yours last night" she said bitterly, covering her breasts with her arms. "You're moving on. And I'm stuck in neutral. Can't go forward, can't go back."

I sat on the bed next to Helena, picked up my shirt and draped it over over her shoulders. Then I put my arm around her. "Helena, I'm always going to love you. And I'll always be your friend. I'm sorry, but we can't go back to being a couple together. You're not remembering how miserable we were the last 5 years together."

Helena leaned on my shoulder and started crying. "I'm sorry, Artie. I fucked this up like I fucked up our marriage. We could have had a nice afternoon and I just....screwed it up!" She was sobbing hard and I held her as tight as I could.

"First of all, it takes two to fuck up a marriage. We both took care of that. And second, we shouldn't have even tried to do this. Again, both of us were at fault. You were feeling lonely and vulnerable and I felt bad for you...."