Amazing Ideas to Increase Views on YouTube

Amazing Ideas to Increase Views on YouTube

YouTube is constantly changing and evolving. Long gone are the days dominated by funny cat videos and dogs on skateboards. Today YouTube is also a place for marketers. Over 1 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube daily — that’s more than Netflix and Facebook video combined. Video Statistics - YouTube But, here’s the kicker… 62 percent of businesses use Youtube as a channel to post video content — which is crazy! Crazy-awesome for you that is — because when used effectively, YouTube is an extremely powerful business tool. But in order to boost your sales, you’ve got to get more free YouTube views. In this article, you’ll learn 16 ways to get more views on YouTube, build your brand, and boost your sales. But first, let’s talk quickly about how to make a video on YouTube.

When you start your blog, the social media page, or a YouTube channel, the ultimate destiny is to increase and enhance your audience. For YouTube, you strive to get Free YouTube views; for blogs, you need traffic, and similarly, the definition of the audience for all the platforms is different. 

If you cannot attract an audience, there is no use of your web presence. If we talk specifically about YouTube, there is the most straightforward rule of monetizing; that is gaining an audience. Higher the numbers of subscribers and viewers, the higher are the chances of earning. 

Now, how can you improve or boost your audience? It is only possible through CTA, Clickable Tools, and activities that engage visitors. 

Impact Clickable Tools and CTA on Subscribers:

Pop-ups are quite annoying for all of us, but those are important to gain leads and contacts. However, to Get Free YouTube views, YouTube offers more exciting and less annoying features. 

These tools are clickable and invite CTA, but do not interrupt the users or break their connection while watching a video on YouTube. 

Some of the standard clickable tools for a YouTube channel include:

  • Branding Watermarks:

Watermarks are not disturbing. If your user even looks at it, he does not get annoyed. Yet it seeks the attention of the user. YouTube allows you to add a watermark to your screen wherever necessary. 

This watermark has a hover effect. Whenever the user points out on the watermark, it will get highlighted. It grabs the interest of the user. Once the user clicks on it, they receive the subscription CTA. 

  • Adding Bell Icon In Between Your Video:

Bell icon is yet another way to get Free YouTube views. That small icon on the corner of the window does not cause an interruption to the user, but it will surely be a notification to the sight.

Once the user likes your video or content, he will not forget to click on the bell to follow your channel.

  • Clickable Text:

Not all users go to the icons on the window. However, you cannot miss a chance to convert them into your subscribers. So, for them, you can add a text for CTA. 

Well, you need to be very careful about placing your text. It should not disturb the user and give you convertible subscribers too. Make sure you decide the size, style, and colour of the font with precision. 

  • EndScreens :

It is one of the most commonly used options by most of the YouTube channel owners. It is highly convenient to use, and the safest form to convert those viewers who reach your end screens. 

However, designing the end screens requires mind, creativity, and branding abilities too. You have to encrypt everything precisely in a 20-second screen flash and get enough actions on it before the YouTube algorithm drags the user to the next window. 

The conversion rate for the YouTube channel owners using clickable tools along with their videos is three times higher than those who do not imply. 

Wrapping Up:

Every day thousands of new YouTube channels hit the YouTube platform. You have to excel indifferently to Get Free YouTube views and stand out of the crowd. 

Work on the content, make it entertaining, informative, educating, and optimize it depending on your brand's tone of voice. Do not make your channel for bots, but create a source connection for your target audience.

Billions of people visit this second-most popular channel of YouTube. You just have to grab the opportunity to convert them. It is not difficult to that difficult if your efforts are consistent.

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