Allegiant Airlines Deals And Discounted Flights: How To Find Them

Allegiant Airlines Deals And Discounted Flights: How To Find Them

Danial Thomas

Although Allegiant Airlines boasts more than 300 destinations, the airline offers discounted flights to just 82 of them. If you’re looking to take advantage of an Allegiant Air deal, it’s important to know which destinations have deals available and how to find them. Follow these steps to learn more about Allegiant Airlines deals and discounted flights to make sure you get the most bang for your buck during your next vacation or business trip. 

What is an Allegiant flight discount?

Allegiant Airlines is a discount carrier that flies to small and medium-sized airports in large metropolitan areas, but it’s also known for offering discounts on allegiant book flight. (Think $39 tickets from Atlanta to New York, Washington D.C., and Boston.) The airline offers flights only through its website; if you want to get an Allegiant flight discount or special, you need to book a fare through Allegiant flight booking instead of your favorite travel site. The best deals are available during off-peak times—midweek during February or March when most kids aren’t in school, for example—and on Monday through Thursday between September and November. 

When are Allegiant flights on sale?

It's true that Allegiant has a sale page, where customers can get deals on flights. The best part is, though, that there are almost always ways to find Allegiant airline tickets for even less than what's offered on sale. That’s because these sales often last for only a short time and has various restrictions (like blackout dates), so it pays to plan ahead. Here are some things you should know about finding Allegiant airfare deals and discounts

What are the best days to find deals on flights with Allegiant?

If you’re looking for deals on Allegiant Airlines flights, fly on Tuesdays. The second-best day to get a deal is Wednesday and then again every Thursday. During non-holiday times of year, Sunday is usually your least expensive option when it comes to flying with Allegiant airfares. However, holiday travel might mean higher prices across several days in a week or during particular months of year. When it comes to booking allegiant air these cheaper fares and deals, don’t delay; look for promo codes and coupons now!

What about non-sale travel?

Want to take a trip, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it? Look into deals that are offered by Allegiant Airlines website. You can buy in advance, which will save you money. You can also find their sales online or through travel agents like Flight Centers or Expedia. If you buy early enough, you might be able to get discounted plane tickets from Allegiant airlines!

Can I save money booking a package with flights from Allegiant Air?

Yes, you absolutely can save money booking a package with flights from Allegiant Air. If you’re already planning to travel somewhere, why not go there through Allegiant Air tickets? Sometimes it makes sense to plan a trip based around where you have an airfare discount available; rather than searching for airfare deals on your destination, why not find out if there are any great offers available on a route that takes you somewhere else? Say, Allegiant flights to Las Vegas – Phoenix is often significantly cheaper when traveling through Las Vegas than if traveling directly to Phoenix. Searching for packages can be tricky – but with Allegiant Airlines deals and discounts codes (they make regular offers through Travelocity and Orbitz), taking advantage of those better-priced flight packages couldn’t be easier. Read More

How can I find the cheapest available fares from Allegiant air on other airlines?

So you’ve decided to fly with Allegiant air fares and booked your flights only to find out there’s a cheaper fare available. What do you do? Your best bet is to immediately call Allegiant airlines customer service +1-888-720-1433 as they most likely have not updated their inventory of flight information. Once you’ve gotten on that call, always politely ask for them to price match (or better) a competitive airline’s fare. It never hurts to ask and most times, Allegiant will work with you without question—they want your business after all! Sometimes there are added bonuses such as upgrades or perks; just make sure it's worth your while by searching other options first.

How can I be sure I am getting a real airline ticket?

The best way to verify that you are buying a real airline ticket is by going directly to an airline’s website. Your best bet is going straight to Allegiant Airlines official site. They currently sell tickets from several major carriers, so even if you book on their site, you may actually be purchasing through a third party.

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