All about Rainwater Harvesting

All about Rainwater Harvesting

Water plays a significant role in everyone’s life. All of us are aware of the increase of water shortage in several parts of the world. It is essential to take ideal measures to reduce the high rate of water loss. Various methods can be implemented to address the problem. One such way is rainwater harvesting.

What is Rainwater Harvesting

It is a technique of collecting rainwater and storing it in a proper way for future use. Water can be obtained from various platforms and surfaces. In most of the cases, water is being collected from rooftops or other hard surfaces. Rainwater harvesting is considered as one of the most reliable ways of conserving water.

Techniques of Rainwater Harvesting

•   Rain barrels: This is the most affordable and easiest method of rainwater harvesting at home. In this method barrels or water tanks are installed below the downspouts of the rooftop guttering system which is then directed to the tanks. This tank can be connected to the current plumbing system and work as backup water, or it can be attached to a pipe for drip irrigation.

   Dry System: It is similar to the barrel system. In this, a large storage container is used which is usually a few meters away from the property. The gutter is re-designed so that water can be diverted to the storage tank.

   Wet System: This technique is entirely different from the above methods. Here, the collection pipes are situated underground and always have water in them. These collection pipes are connected to the downspouts of the building and diverted into an underground storage tank.

•   Green Roof: This method does not use storage tanks. Here, the water is channeled straight to the garden through a drainage system, installed on building’s rooftop to the backyard.

How Rainwater Harvesting Solves Water Shortage

Proper Rainwater Storage System Implementation helps to collect the rainwater in a way that can be used to address the water crisis in various parts of the world. There are certain areas which have a good amount of rainfall but don’t have enough ground water supply. So, in such areas, a simple water conservation method can be used as a remarkable solution.

It is important for builders and architects to think of implementing rainwater harvesting methods while designing a new home or a building. This rainwater Storage System Implementation reduces the reliability on other sources for groundwater. It will also help to save energy, water, and other resources in the long run.