All About Magnesium Citrate India

All About Magnesium Citrate India

If you own a pharmaceutical firm and you are looking for magnesium citrate, the first step that you should take is to consult the leading manufacturers of Magnesium Citrate India. It is to be noted that you are dealing with a critical area of health care and it is thus essential to ensure the authenticity of the compounds that you are using. You may either customise these based on your customer's requirement or use them in generic ratio. The reputed and experienced manufacturers of Magnesium Citrate India deal with trading of these compounds and citrates both within and across the national borders! Also, check for the expiry dates and it is always advisable to go for those combinations which are quite far from the expiry dates than those nearer!

General Information - Magnesium citrates are used widely for cleaning stool from the intestines before surgery or to relieve constipation. It is actually a saline laxative which functions by increasing the fluid content in the smaller intestine and hence results in bowel movement within 30 minutes to maximum of 3 hours. The other alternatives of magnesium citrates include stool softeners and bulk-forming laxatives.

How to use Magnesium Citrate Compound - First of all, abide by the instruction of the doctor. If he has advised the patient to use it before surgery or for bowel movement, he will also guide you on the duration before which this needs to be consumed. Also, this can be consumed by chilling it a bit in the refrigerator to improve the taste but do not freeze it! Freezing would spoil the compound and it will not serve you the purpose.

Generally doctors advise to consume at least 8 ounces or 240 milliliters of water which is almost equivalent to a full glass, after having the magnesium citrate as it prevents all the side effects that might occur, the most common and serious being loss of too much body water-dehydration.

Magnesium citrate, if used frequently for bowel movements, it can produce laxative dependence, which mean the patient will not be able to regular bowel movement without consuming this compound at all. Moreover over usage of magnesium citrate is known to produce diarrhea, abdominal pain, decreased weight, and weakness in the body. In such a situation, consult the physician immediately.

Do not consume tetracycline or quinolone antibiotics like doxycycline, tetracycline and ciprofloxacin within a range of 2 hours before or after consuming magnesium citrate as it chemically reacts in the body and neutralizes the citrate functionality and often brings forth serious side effects.

Things to keep in mind - Firstly, since these are critical health drug components, it is advisable to seek the necessary guidance from the certified and experienced dealers and drug pharmaceuticals organisation for the right combination, and customised compound as per customer requirement. Make sure that the products adhere to the expiry dates. Moreover the shelf life should be long enough to allow effectiveness and purity of the drug compounds. These dealers who provide the drugs internationally are known to have separate quality and improvement specialists and R&D wing which continuously thrive towards providing better service in terms of delivery, packaging, customisation of quantity and most importantly better health!

Consult the leading manufacturers of Magnesium Citrate India now for genuine products and aim towards a healthy digestive initiative!