All About Inline Mode!!

All About Inline Mode!!


Hey Reader,

I am here to introduce a feature that might prove to be very useful to you in your daily life where Documents are involved

It's Here , Documan now supports Inline Mode

A preview of Inline mode

Ever wanted to send a file to someone without opening another chat or your phone storage?

You can now Summon Documan into your chats and make it sends files on your behalf ain't that cool? It sure is...

You can now send files into any chat by using Documan's inline mode

It is only for Registered Users If you are a Un-Registered User/New User

It will prompt you to register yourself

After which Inline mode is for you to use.. Enough talking now let's get to the point

Go into any chat and type @theinhumaneme and wait.. You'll see some articles popup scroll up and see if any one of those articles could help you

Down below is a video for Visual Representation

To Access Files You need something called as a Subject Code

A Subject Code is nothing but a short form of the Subject Name

eg Applied Physics - AP, Digital Design - DD , Data Structures - DS , Circuit Theory - CT

Linear Integrated Circuits - LIC

To access a subject you need to be in that academic year

Example to use Inline mode

"@theinhumaneme_bot DD" using this in the text field will show you all the files from DD

See the video below for a Visual Representation and Inline Mode in Action

The Subject Code for Coursefiles is COURSEFILE

Lets see how to access Coursefiles

Type '@theinhumaneme_bot Coursefile' in text field

You'll see all the Coursefiles that Doucuman has at that particular moment in a instant

Lets see a video that demonstrates it

The videos above aren't sped up that is actually how fast you can summon Documan into your chats and send files without even changing the chat

Now How cool is that?

I hope that the New Inline Mode Will help you and your friends or Classmates

If you like using Documan don't forget to share with others who can miss out the fun

You can Share Documan by following the first example

If you have any further doubts you can contact Admin or Message in the Documan Feedback group, links for which can be found by using /admin to Documan we'd be happy to answer all your questions :D

Thank you for reading till the very end

~~Kalyan Signing off~~

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