Airtrack - Take your gymnastics to a whole new level

Airtrack - Take your gymnastics to a whole new level

Peter Springer

Into gymnastics and sports? Have you tried an Airtrack yet? By using Airtracks you can take your gymnastics to a whole new level, learn new jumps, do new jumps that was previous impossible to do, and have twice the fun by doing it. For the last 3 weeks I have been testing one of the new GymPlay Airtracks for home use, and had tons of fun doing so. A little bit of info about me. My name is Peter, and I am 17 years old. Have been training fitness, football and gymnastics for the last 6 years. I got one of those new Airtracks because a friend of mine recommended that I gave it a try. Well I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. After trying it for an hour or so. I was tempted to say I was right, this isn't fun, and this isn't an improvement over my normal gymnastics mat. After trying it for a few hours the next day I had totally new view on the Air track. Now it was suddenly pretty amazing, and it just got more fun the more I used it. But let's take a closer look at this new type of gymnastics training mat.

A little more info on Airtracks

If you are still a bit confused about what an Airtrack even is, let me try to define it a little better. When you train gymnastics, you normally have a a padded floor to train on, or you use a long thing gymnastic mat, so that you don't hurt yourself, if you fail a jump. An Air track takes it all a step further and instead of just being a training mat that helps you land a bit softer, it also boost your jumping power due to the Air inside of it. And why is that a good thing? Well have you tried to do a backflip or a salto on a trampoline? Much easier right? Airtracks are basically mini trampolines with just a fraction of the bounce effect. But still enough to give you 20-40% extra height on a jump. Because of this help it's much easier to do a difficult jump. This way you can easily train and practice the jumps you could't do before, and this way learn them much faster than normally - pretty neat right? But that's not even the best part Well for beginners it most certainly is. But for those with more experience who already know how to do the jumps there is a much better reason to get an Airtrack. Hold your breath - You can do amazing jumps on it! With those additional 30-40% height you can another flip or twist to your jumps, make jump combinations that are truely crazy and super fun to do. This has made gymnastics so much more fun for me. If you are into gymnastics, fitness and sports then I know you will love using these Airtrack gym mats as a part of your training.

Buy a cheap and an expensive Airtrack?

So should you want to try this yourself, and are you intersted in buy an Airtrack then it's time to decide which model to get. Should it be a high quality brand like my GymPlay Airtrack, or a cheap noname or something inbetween. This can be a little hard to say as it depends on so many different things. The older you are, and the better you are at gymnastics the bigger an Airtrack would you want to buy. Having an Air track that is to small, just takes most of the fun out of it. Having an Air track that is to big, makes it heavy to carry around, takes more time to setup and put awhile, so you will be less likely to use it. So an important first sted would be to find the perfect height and length for your need. Remember that for some Airtrack models, you can add various types of accessories like springboards, incline mats, landing mats etc. These can be used to increase the length of your track once you feel it's no longer big enough for you. You can find more info here at this online webshop. Most cheap Airtrack doesn't have this feature, so you can't increase the length here. Increasing the height an an existing Airtrack just isn't possible, even though I sometimes wish it was.
The quality and performance of the small models isn't quite as good as the more expensive ones. Like with most other stuff, you get what you pay for. But still, if you got a very limited budget, I would say it's still better to get a cheap model that is longer or thicker, than go for a high quality one. Size does matter when we talk about Airtracks. Another thing to keep in mind beside quality, is that most cheaper Air tracks, are filled with toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your skin if you are in to much direct contact with the plastic. One solution could to use it fully clothed, or buy an Airtrack cover.

Gymastics on Airtrack

For most who are into gymnastics, it would make a lot of sense to use an Airtrack as part of your training. But there are also many other types of sports, where you can gain a lot if you include Airtracks into your training. Sports such as parkour and cheerleading which got a lot of jumps is perfect for Air tracks. Certain types of martial arts can also benefit a lot from training on Airtracks. As can most sports that involves jumping, that can benefit from using an Air track as part of the training.
But for most people the Airtrack is mainly for improving your gymnastic skills, or for doing tumbling.

That was a bit about Airtrack sport. Now you should have a better background about this sport and why you can use this type of gym mat to enhance your training and become better at gymnastics and sport. I am on doing an online blog where I post training videos, and training tips at least once a week. Most of the stuff will be realted to the Airtracks, but there will also be some trampoling and general fitness tips. So stay tuned and hope to see you soon.

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