Description: A revolutionary solution for leasing commercial real estate

Date of Token Pre-Sale: 

01.08.2018 - 15.08.2018

About the project:

AgentMile is the world's first decentralized leasing platform for commercial real estate based on AI. The platform provides an opportunity for brokers, tenants and landlords to publish their commercial objects using the MLS (multiple listing service) portal, based on Blockchain technology, and offers enhanced search, leasing, auditing and property management capabilities

Agentmile platform features:

- Availability of CRM and marketing automation for brokers

- Smart property search

- Audit

- Using Smart Contracts

- Digital identification of people and real estate

- AR / VR Virtual view of objects

- AI for decision support

- Simple and secure data exchange

Details of Token Sale:


Hardcap: 20 mln USD

Price: 1 ESTATE = 0,2 USD

Bonus: 50%

Road map

- Q3 2018 Block and Smart contracts

- Q4 2018 Online booking and payments

- Q2 2019 Mobile applications for agents and users

Interesting Facts

- Among the clients, such companies as: Century 21,

O'Rourke realty, Coldwell banker, Nativu, Property Guru, Girasol homes, Land Serve

- The project received awards in the nominations for the best User experience and Rising star in 2017


  • To transform the CRE property search into an easy, quick and transparent experience; 
  • To simplify and accelerate the property and cash flow management using Smart Contracts; 
  • To help build connected real estate markets worldwide that would respond effectively to consumer and investor demand.