Afternoon distractions

Afternoon distractions


The sweat was running down his face from his exertions, he looked at her reclining body as he regained his breath.

You should do that more often, my love, it was so good the smile on her face widening as she spoke.

Thats ok for you to say, you are not the one doing all the effort!

Her laughing was almost causing her to spill her beer, I told you to take it easy, and that tree has been there for years.

He looked back at the downed tree and the chippings from the axe he had used to cut it down and smiled, Well it needed to come down before it fell down as he gratefully accepted her glass and drained it in one gulp. What is next on your wish list, my angel?

Come here and I will tell you

He sat down at the side of her recliner and she wiped the sweat from his face and chest with his tee-shirt. If you have enough energy left you can wash the car!

Bloody slave driver that is what I married when I married you!

You married me because you love me and I love you too, besides, who else would look after you the way I do? Her arms wrapped themselves around his neck and she pulled him close to kiss him, Just think of your reward tonight, and then you can look forwards to washing the car!

I have a sex maniac for a wife! His lips met hers in a long lasting embrace as they kissed deeply.

Go have a shower, you are all sweaty now and I am clean, my love.

It is not that when we are sweaty together, you love it then

But I am not, so go get a shower! He rose and was going into the house as he heard her say, Bring me another beer first, please.

Want a brush up my arse and I will sweep the path as I go in?

Her laugh was sparkling as he went into the house and brought out another cold beer for her, See you in a few minutes, slave driver

Even though it had been hot outside he still preferred to have a warm shower, he could not get used to having cold ones even though the temperature was in the 30s. As he shampooed his hair he felt the hands caress his chest, I thought you might want your back washed, my love. Turn round and I will do it for you

He dutifully turned around still with his eyes closed as her hands soaped over his back and shoulders. He just put his hands against the tiles and stood there as she washed him, her hands all over his back and then coming round to his chest as she stepped into the shower, naked, with him.

Hmmmmmmmm! Getting better all the time!

Her hands moved over his belly and down to his groin where he was already hardening from her touch.

Feels interesting there I think as her hand cupped his balls and raised his swelling shaft up.Her hand moved onto his shaft and slowly pulled back his foreskin. Got to make sure everything is clean before you get out of here

Any excuse is all you need. You just want to get me hard and tease me again

Do you think all I want to do is tease you? I want more than that, watching you out there got me wet! Her hand started to stroke his hardened shaft and she pressed her naked breasts against his back so he could feel her nipples.

By now the shampoo was out of his hair and eyes and he turned round and pulled her against his body, they were both wet and soapy and he let the water run over them until they were rinsed off.

What am I going to do with you, you little sex maniac? You always get wet no matter what I am doing!

I cant help it, my love, it just happens and when it does I want you to make love to me.

Your wish is my command, mistress as he turned off the water and took her by the hand, bed, now!

We are still wet!

I know you are! Best way for you to be, my love.

They lay on the bed and stroked each others wet bodies, his hands over her breasts playing with her nipples and hers slipping all over his neck and shoulders.

I think I know what you need, precious He moved down her body kissing and licking it until he came to the junction of her thighs.

Oh yes! There please!

His mouth covered her wet mound and his tongue slowly caressed her outer lips. She let her thighs open wider and his head moved in between them. His tongue now licking her wetness as it appeared between her inner lips.

Oh god! That is so good. Dont stop. My love, it is just so good.

His tongue found her clitoris and her hips jerked as it brushed across it, Uuuuuhhhh! she gasped as the feelings spread through out her whole body from her clitoris. It felt as though it was the center of the universe for her and the feelings radiated from there to every nerve in her body. She closed her eyes as his tongue slid between her inner lips to her wet core.

Oooohh! Yes! There please, more.

Instead of replying to her words, his tongue pressed even deeper into her and she pushed up against his face at the same time as her hand sought his hair to try and control his head.He tasted her silky smooth wetness and thought how good she tasted, his tongue now alternating between her clitoris and her wet vagina, licking, teasing, probing her all over.

He felt one of her hands leave his head and then grasp his shaft firmly, holding it as if to gauge the heat of it. He knew already the wetness was forming at the urethra and her finger tip slowly spread it over his swollen head.

His shaft felt hot and solid in her hand, she loved the way it felt and let her finger tips move to its head where she found him secreting wetness just as she was. She spread it gently over the swollen head and started to ease his foreskin slowly over it, enjoying the smooth way it slid back and forwards.

I want you in my mouth, I want to taste you too.

Keeping his head between her thighs he positioned himself over his wifes face with her still holding onto his erect shaft. Once he was there he felt her move about so she could take him in her mouth. The feeling of her moist lips enclosing his hot head was amazing and it was his turn for the hip jerk. Both of her hands now came to his erect penis and gently pulled back his foreskin while the head was still in her mouth.

He groaned into her vagina at this and let his tongue rest against her clitoris as he enjoyed the feel of her tongue and mouth on him. He felt her lips slide down his shaft and her hands hold his balls between them. ‘Oh my god! He thought as her mouth worked up and down his shaft. He went back to licking her clitoris and vagina to try and distract himself from the attention she was giving him.

She looked at his swollen shaft as he positioned it over her head, his balls were hanging down under it and moved gently, her hand still held him and she raised her head to take him in her mouth. As her lips met the swollen head she tasted his wetness and thought about salty fish! Her lips covered the head and her tongue moved round it slowly, she knew he loved this and felt him jerk a little. She pulled back on his foreskin to feel his complete head exposed inside her mouth and she sucked on it greedily. Taking him in her mouth only made her wetter and she could feel her husband resume licking and probing her.

‘I am going to come she thought and started to speed up her motions on his mouth as she cupped his balls with her hands. ‘Oh God! she thought as his tongue flicked across her clitoris. He knew exactly how to make her come this way and there was no way she could stop it once it started. The heat built up inside her and she felt her wetness start to increase, his tongue was all over her now and the first feelings of an orgasm started deep inside her. The sensation was like electricity, it just expanded from her clitoris and vagina and spread all through her, she let his shaft slip out of her mouth as she closed her eyes tightly to feel her body respond to him.

As soon as he felt himself slip out of her mouth, he knew she was nearly coming, he had done this to her so many times that he knew all the little signs. Her eyes would be squeezed shut to concentrate the feeling inside her, she would be grasping the bed clothes tightly trying to hold back her orgasm but he knew she could not stop it even if she wanted to. His tongue dived deep into her, flicked her clitoris back and forth and then he licked up and down her wet pussy from clitoris to anus. He sucked her lips and gently chewed her as she pushed up against his mouth, his tongue now concentrated only on her clitoris and he could feel the increase in wetness from her, he sucked this into his mouth along with her clitoris and let his tongue bring her to release.

I am going to come! She gasped as she felt him suck her clitoris hard inside his mouth, his tongue all over it and the ever expanding feeling spreading through her whole body. She could feel every part of herself as if it was independent but at the same time totally connected to her clitoris. Her belly fluttered, her nipples felt as though they would explode, her mouth and lips dry, the backs of her knees starting to sweat a little, her brain totally filled with sensation.

She came and came, the heat rushing through her to the ends of her fingers, toes and hair, every nerve electrified with her orgasm. Her vagina pulsing and her clitoris throbbing , the wetness suddenly feeling if it was a river flowing out of her into his mouth as his tongue teased the final tremors out of her body. She had pushed her vagina up to his mouth even harder to get the most out of his tongue before collapsing back onto the bed with every nerve tingling with life.

Oh God! That was so good. Her voice husky with the orgasm that had run all through her.

He raised his head from her wet mound and got his breath back from the exertion, I am glad, my love. I love making you come this way, I love the way you come it is so different from when I am inside you. I love tasting you and feeling you come against my mouth

You certainly know how to make me come! She pushed a hand through her hair and saw his still erect penis with its head partially exposed and the wetness gathered at the tip of it. I think it is your turn now. Lie back and it will be better for you, my love.

He turned on the bed and lay beside her supported on his elbow as he lowered his mouth to hers. Her tongue was everywhere inside his mouth as he tasted himself from her lips and she tasted her own wetness from his mouth.

Lie back, my love and let me make you come now, you deserve it after that

He needed no encouragement as he lay back and she arranged herself comfortably with her head above his erect shaft. There was no need for preliminaries as he was already aroused from the earlier contact from her mouth and from making her come.

Her fingers eased his foreskin back and her mouth covered the wet head quickly. Again his hips jerked at the contact of her mouth on him as her lips slid as far down his shaft as they could with one of her hands around the base of his shaft to steady it and the other holding his balls gently. The sensation as his wifes mouth slid down him was amazing, he felt himself as hard as possible in her mouth as it slowly slid up and down the length of him.

She loved the silky feeling of his shaft and head in her mouth as her tongue rolled around it, she also loved the feeling of heat in her mouth. She let her lips slide up to the head and let it slip out between them. Her tongue licked down his shaft to his balls and she felt his erection jerk in her hand as she did this. She loved licking his balls as they were hairless from shaving, she licked all over them and over the seam between them.

Again she licked up the shaft to the head where a small droplet was forming and she licked this away before covering it with her mouth.

She tucked her long hair behind her ear as she knew he loved watching her suck him and watch her mouth move up and down his shaft. She held him firmly in her hand and increased the motion of her mouth on him.

Watching his wife suck him was an additional arousing experience and she knew it as he watched her give him such pleasure.

She knew every part of her mans penis and no part of it was left out of her sensuous arousal of it, she licked his balls, licked between his shaft and balls, licked between his balls and anus as well. This made him jerk and she smiled to herself before taking him as far into her mouth as she could. She started moving her hand up and down his shaft as she sucked its head.

Oh my god! That is so good, my love

She did not reply but with the tip of her tongue she teased the very end of his head before letting it roll around him again. She felt his balls start to tighten and knew what would be next!

His shaft seemed to get harder in her mouth if this was possible and heard him groan a little. She moved her mouth and hand faster increasing the sensations to the head and his shaft, cupped his balls a little tighter and felt the heat there. He was going to come, she was just as knowledgeable about her husband as he was about her.

He knew it would not be too long before he would come, all the signs were there as his wife increased the sensations he felt.

I am going to come, I am going to come!

She sucked and masturbated her husbands penis even harder and then she was rewarded with his orgasm. His hips thrust up from the bed and she controlled the depth of his shaft in her mouth as the first spurt of hot come left him and spread in her mouth. This was followed by more and more as his hips jerked of their own momentum into her mouth. She just held her mouth on him as the spurts lessened and his hips sank back onto the bed. His wife sucked the last of his come and let his softening shaft slip from her mouth.

She gently fondled his balls as he recovered from his orgasm and them moved up the bed level with him and then was her turn to kiss him and let him taste himself in her mouth.

My god! Every time you do that to me I explode so much in your mouth, my love. It is so good.

I am glad you do because I love doing that to you and I love the taste of you in my mouth too. You taste great, my love.

You too, my princess, you too and he held her in his arms with her head on his chest.

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