After i finished high school story

After i finished high school story

After I finished high school I traveled from Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia to go study in Jordan. When I was in high school I was thinking about who will pay for me the university tuition after I finish high school. I write my finish paper with one of popular service - . Because my father was struggling the basic life of my family, and he was not able to pay my school fee. I had one choice which was to work hard and finish high school as a Valedictorian. Because there was a scholarship which Islamic development bank (IDB) was being provided the top students from less developed countries. I was dreaming about how I would get that scholarship, after hard work my dream became true. The IDB gave me the scholarship and sent me to Jordan.

It was November 11, 2008. I remember that day, it was Tuesday, and the main streets were closed because of security issues. The president and his delegates were traveling abroad, so the extra security was needed to ensure their safety. Maybe it’s normal in some countries when the president is traveling, but Somalia is a totally different situation. Also, I remember that there was a dead body in front of the airport. I assumed the peacekeepers who were at the airport took down the victim, because he looked suspicious, the victim, was walking by the front door of the airport, at night, even though the airport had closed at 5:00 pm.

I was only a teenager when making my first trip to the airport. When I got to the airport, an airport attendant helped me carry my belongings and told my relatives to stay back because only passengers could enter. I said goodbye to all my relatives and my parents who were very emotional. Leaving them to go study overseas was very hard. When the airport attendant and I reached Gate Number two, he told me to give him hundred dollars otherwise he would not give me my bags back. Maybe when he saw my age, he convinced himself, that he could take a hundred dollars from me. I went back to my family and they could enter the airport. My elder brother shouted at the attendant and told him that we wouldn’t give him a single penny. Usually, the attendant took ten dollars maximum. At the end, the airport worker took ten dollars. We finally solved the issue and got on the plane.

I am not somebody who likes to travel on airplanes. I was so nervous, because it was my first time to travel on plane. I was so scared, and even now when I want to go to Canada or any other states in USA, I prefer to travel by car instead.

It was 8:30 in the morning, when we took off from Aden Abdulla International Airport in Mogadishu, Somalia. After two hours of flight, we landed at Hargeisa International Airport in Somalia. we had a couple hours until our next flight, so I had breakfast with my friends. After eating breakfast, we decided to spend some time at the local mall and tour Hargeisa. Hargeisa is the second capital of Somalia and it is in northern Somalia. It has lots of outside markets and café where people come together to drink tea and talk. Everywhere we look there were small businesses and people buying and selling goods. We saw children outside playing soccer on the grass, Hargeisa looked like Mogadishu. We flew out at 12:00 pm from Hargeisa to Djibouti and after 45 minutes we landed in Djibouti International Airport. We passed the check-in and proceeded to the next flight since transit time was short. We flew from Djibouti at 1:00 pm and landed 4:30 pm in Dubai International Airport.

After we landed in Dubai, I was feeling very excited. I have heard, when I was in my country how the Dubai airport is big and beautiful. At the same time, I was nervous, because I left my family and it’s my first time being away from home. I was worried since I was in a place that I knew nothing about. We were eight students and I was the youngest guy. The officers of the airport stopped us when we said we came from Somalia. In Somalia there were a terrorist group called Al-Shabaab, which fights the Somali government and kills anyone who works with the government. Al-Shabaab is organized international terrorist group. They started to question all of us on why we were in their country and what was our destination. When they realized that we were just students, they released us, but only after they finished questioning us like an interview. We were at Dubai International Airport, walking around the all night. I saw different people with different cultures. Accidentally, my friends and I met with my cousin who came from Canada and was going to Nairobi, Kenya. We had a good time with him. It was good time to see my cousin after long time.

Then we went to the terminal and spent the rest of the night. In the morning, we traveled to Bahrain, which is one of the gulf countries, and landed after 45 minutes. We did not have much time before we changed planes and traveled to Jordan where our destination was.

After we landed in Jordan, the Jordan officers were very strict, and they started to ask us questions. Why we came to Jordan, where we came from, how we get the visa and many more questions. After long hours of interviews, they allowed us to enter their country and they took all our passports. It was night and we slept hard. In the morning, we went to the Jordanian intelligence agency for more interviews. They gave us our passports after verification.

Overall, it was a long journey. It was troubling and stressful. It was good experience and taught me that being from weak nation is sad and people hamulates citizens from a weak country and no one respect them. But finally, we reached our destina