African Dwarf Frog Fact Sheet Educational Teaching Aid

African Dwarf Frog Fact Sheet Educational Teaching Aid

Professor J Baker

Only 10% of frog species take care of their young after the eggs are laid and/or hatched. Source

African Dwarf Frogs do not take care of African dwarf frog eggs

African dwarf frogs occur in forested parts of equatorial Africa, from Nigeria and Cameroon in the north, and south through Gabon and east throughout the Congo River Basin.

Do not use a filter when hatching African dwarf frog eggs

what do african dwarf frog eggs look like?

Expected to live to about 5 years of age in average water conditions. However, the African dwarf frog life span can reach considerable lengths, up to 20 years.

Do African dwarf frogs need land? According to our main research source, the answer is no, they are fully aquatic species that only come up for air.

In fact, outside of water, an African dwarf will perish quickly from drying out.

According to African dwarf frog behavior, Not only do they spend little time out of the water, they attempt to avoid it at all costs.

  • Dwarf frogs have four webbed feet. African clawed frogs have webbed hind feet while their front feet have autonomous digits.
  • African dwarf frogs have eyes positioned on the sides of their heads, while African clawed frogs have eyes on the tops of their heads.
  • African clawed frogs have curved, flat snouts. The snout of an African dwarf frog is pointed.


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