Afghan Incense Афган Инценс

Afghan Incense Афган Инценс

Afghan Incense Афган Инценс

Afghan Incense Афган Инценс

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Afghan Incense is one of the most sought after legal highs available on the market today! This incense is made with a hashish recipe from centuries ago, and is infused with hemp oil to give it a very familiar aromatic fragrance. In addition to its incredible consistency, taste, and fragrance, Afghan Hash has developed a reputation for being one of the most powerful products of its kind available anywhere! After taking just one hit of Afghan Hash, you will soon be overcome with an intense high and feelings of euphoria. This legal hashish is arguably the strongest product of its class, and is comparable to sativa strains of MJ; leaving you with a clear mind and lots of energy to live your life to the fullest. When you try this product you will be amazed, as this legal hashish easily rivals some of the best and strongest strains of MJ out there! Actual working amazing afghan hash incense style.. Just one warning it takes about 5 minutes before the effects kick in and all you need is a few hits to feel great. Expect harder, longer, and more satisfying erections as it increases circulation to erogenous zones. It raises libido and heightens sensitivity for the best sexual experience of your life! This herbal pill is safe and requires no prescription. It is now known that the Lotus was held sacred because of its alluring fragrance and mystical intoxicating properties, which are said to induce a blissful state of dreamy euphoria. The flower was worshipped as a visionary plant and was a symbol for the origin of life. Its major medical uses therefore are mainly concerned with the sexual organs. It has historically been a popular natural aphrodisiac and that usage continues today. Damiana particularly boosts the libido of those women whose levels of progesterone are too low. It is also used to promote male fertility and delay the onset of menopause in women. In Germany Damiana is a popular herbal remedy for stress or nervous disorders. Another frequent use is as a natural laxative. Damiana is often taken as a slightly mood-altering substance in Mexico. When brewed in a tea, it has a mild euphoric effect that has led the authorities in many US states to try to implement a ban. Currently though, it is legal across both Mexico and the USA. Often this drink is supplemented with an alcoholic ingredient, the most common example being Vodka. Another addition that will be familiar to cat-lovers is catnip, for its similarly euphoric effect on the brain. What is 'Afghan Hash' Herbal Incense? What are the effects of 'Afghan Hash' Herbal Incense? No gimmicks or lies. Very happy with this product. Does the trick every time! How to use Afghan Hash Herbal Incense? Use rolling papers, pipe, or a bong. Roll or dump content of bag. Start with around 0. You can always add more later. Smoke it like you would any regular tobacco substances. True Hero Sex Pills. A replacement gift will be sent. Other Uses for Damiana Damiana is often taken as a slightly mood-altering substance in Mexico. Add around 1 gram of leaves per cup of tea, then drink no more than 3 cups per day.

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Afgan incense афган инсенс

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