Adding Two Indian Wives

Adding Two Indian Wives

It may have been only two days but it feels more like a week. By now I fucked LT (large tit indian wife) in every hole. Of course, allot of it I have recorded on my phone sending it to my wife Gwen who is Vietnamese. Seeing how LT's husband is away I am staying in their house. Allowing me to fuck her every place in the home.

I like that LT has a nice collection of heels so in the house, she is always naked except for heels. I find the more humiliation she experiences the hornier she is and wants more humiliation. It seems every time I talk with my wife this bitch wants to suck my cock. Which is ok by me and even Gwen doesn't give a shit.

On my last call I told Gwen to bring our latest three bitches down here. If you have been reading my stories you will know I own two Vietnamese teens and my bike club owns one of the teen's mother. I told her that we are going to expand what we have.

Now if you remember the first time, I saw LT was at a BBQ place here in TX, as she was eating with two friends. I learned all three are like sisters, all married to Indian doctors, all feel they should keep their Indian heritage by wearing traditional clothing. All born in India and in arranged marriages. One of them is a new mother of a girl.

It has been driving me crazy as the other two have been calling LT none stop. They see each other every day and all day I am just fucking LT so she is a bit busy lol. Yes, even during some of her phone calls I am fucking her. LT told me the day they saw me all three were talking about me. They started out by condemning my look and they all felt I was a killer.

The funny part was as LT put it. They seemed to talk more about if I rape helpless women. Even when now those two other bitches are talking about me. LT always puts her phone on speaker. They seem to have changed from if I rape, to what size cock, seeing how I am not Indian. They all agree their husbands are worthless when it comes to sex. Little do they know one of them knows my cock well and soon the other two will also.

What gives me the confidence I will be fucking the other two is the shit LT has feed me about them. You see all three like to watch porn and read porn stories.

Shamla now large tits (LT) always likes cuckold videos, where it is an Indian couple to a white bull.

Amara (the new mother) is into videos of being mulled on a bus, train, plane any public transportation. Again, helpless indian girl, white bull.

Bimala is into videos of lesbian massage as well as lesbian bondage. She claims she has never been with a woman, but she gets herself off best watching them.

All three admit that none of their husbands can make them cum.

In minutes the other two will be meeting me. LT has invited the them over. I am sitting in a large reclining chair, while LT is on her knees between my legs blowing me. As we hear the door opens I grad LT's long black hair turning her to face the direction they will enter the room. I am very pleased as she lands on her ass her legs open exposing what is mine.

I am sure what the two are seeing is a shock to their system. They see both of us naked the long black hair in a pile on my crotch. Their sister naked except with heels like an indian whore, a clean-shaven cunt open and leaking her desires. I am also hoping they see also see the hit of a butt plug in that ass.

In Hindi I am hearing shouting and yelling. As one reaches in her purse to pull out a phone I yell "shut the fuck up."

With a wave of my hand LT starts to speak to her friends. "This is my white bull he owns my ass and if you are lucky, he will own your ass to. He never forced me to do anything until he owned me. Now I only do as he demands. Now get naked like me or get the fuck out."

Both look at each other stunned. "Amara look at your tits, you are so horny they are leaking like a cow, you high and mighty Bimala I can smell your cunt even over here." LT yells.

That did it as both have tears yet slowly remove their cloths. Once naked LT adds "Bitch's I said like me. Go get your heels and stand before Sir like a married indian whore will." It is normal for Indians to remove their shoes before entering a home.

Once again, they are now standing before me. "Fucken hair I hate a hairy cunt. LT get everything to shave these married bitches."

As LT leaves, I see the new mother has very heavy tits nice and plump. I tell her to turn around and bend over, then grab the ass cheeks opening to show the tiny asshole. Then she turns around facing me. Those nipples are leaking all over as it seems she needs a milking.

As I look at the other one, I see she has a waist chain on and when she stripped, she also has thigh highs. I can see why LT called her high and mighty. A very nice c-cup tits that do not sag at all, slim waist and you can tell she is high mateines because her make up is perfect. As I have her do the same of turning to show her asshole, I like how she also has an anklet like LT.

I point at the new mother, "I will call you cow and you (pointing at the other one) put those thigh highs back on and you are HCB high class bitch."

I like as HCB gives a smirk of, I know I am sexy: as she puts back on the thigh highs and heels. By the time she has them back on LT returns with everything for the shaving.

"Cow sit your ass down on the couch, ass on the edge and legs open." I tell her as I walk over there also.

As I get close LT goes to hand me the scissors. "Bitch you are going to shave her."

"Sir I never touched a cunt other than mine."

I give a stern look, "I didn't ask if you touched another cunt. I said shave that cunt." I know the word cunt is foreign to her vocabulary but it sounds good coming from her mouth.

Looking down at the cunt I hear, "Yes Sir."

I move closer to the cow. "HCB get over here and milk a tit on my cock and lick it off."

With a smile on her face, she starts doing it. She squeezes very lightly at first, tell cow moans "Harder."

Now the milk is shooting all over my cock, the balls, on LT's hair. Not only HCB licks and sucks it off the cow joins in licking her own milk off of my cock and balls.

I look down from time to time seeing LT cutting and shaving as I did hers. I know when she is at the asshole because cow moans loudly and covers her mouth. Once done I have HCB switch places.

This time as she is being shaved, I have the cow feed her tits to HCB's mouth. The sucking and slurping are very loud and yes, I am videoing it. LT gives me the eye of record this. I kneel, as I watch LT take two fingers shoving them in HCB's ass to the knuckle. HCB is squirming and bucking as if a red-hot poker is in her ass.

As she bucked away, I like how the cow never let her tit leave that mouth. The shavings are over and the fun begins. I have HCB lay on the floor on her back.

In Hindi HCB asks "aaaa."

I stop her "English bitch."

"Shamla does that thing in your ass hurt?"

"HCB it is not Shamla anymore it is large tits or LT." I say as I bend down finding a nipple squeezing it hard.

LT respond, "I like the butt plug in my ass and so will you."

I cut in "Enough talking, cow squat over HCB's head and feed her that cunt."

She does. I bend over taking HCB's leg pulling them up and handing them to cow. I see cow squirming already so I know she is being licked. Being shaved and with the thigh highs HCB does look very good and I am sure she will be a good money maker. Taking LT's hair, I pull her to the available cunt. With only a short look of shame she leans over to start licking away.

HCB's legs locked in cows arms she is squeezing her own tits as she grinds away on the face below her. I move over LT to feed my cock to cow. I like that the cow with just a few pushes can deep throat. So, keeping two hands full of hair I fuck away her throat.

I am very pleased with LT's because as I am about to blow my load of cum, she takes three fingers shoving all three deep in HCB asshole. Which causes her to squirt and squeal in cow's cunt, which makes cow shove her head forward taking my cock as deep as it can go.

LT sits up yell that, "the bitch peed on me." I laugh letting her know it is not pee but just her squirting of cum. Her face is quite a mess as well a big mess between those legs.

I tell LT and HCB to go shower then return. I sit back down in my chair as cow crawls over between my legs. Looking up at me with her big blown eyes, "Sir can I ask you something?"

Of course, I say "yes."

"Sir I am ashamed to ask but I cannot help myself. Sir I have never had anything in my ass, well except for LT's finger. I have read many porn stories of being fucked in the ass. I mmmmm."

I didn't let her finish as I need some help to get hard fast. Once hard I pulled her off by the hair. I spin her facing away from me as she lowers herself taking my cock in hand. Before I let her lower herself more I poor lube on the cock head and her fingers.

It takes some time and I have to remind her to bare down like she is shitting to go in easily. Once I am in, she rides me hard. Being a nice guy, I play with her clit and squeeze the tits. Milk flying, as she covers my hands with hers. I love her moans and how she is calling herself a whore. I pinch the clit very hard as I fill the ass with cum.

Hmmm the other two bitches should be done by now. I think so I push cow on the floor getting up with ass and cum on my cock I walk to the bathroom.

I am surprised what I see. There is HCB hands tied by her thigh highs above her head laying in the bathtub. Her legs open with LT's fist in her cunt. Plus, we cannot forget that LT is over HCB's face peeing.

Looking up at me, "Master if she pees on me, I pee on her."

MY response is "Bitch she now has a gap for a cunt and the thigh highs are fucked. You will be punished. Now shower and you two get your ass out here. I am hunger."