Jikku Jose
Achal ― City scale asset management system on the blockchain


Significant time was invested to simplify Achal’s processes & to build a system that was consistent throughout. Since Achal aims to solve the problem of fake documents & asset management that's fundamentally threatening to the economy; it necessitated a system with elegant/trustable UX to ease adoption.


Achal is a self-sustainable system that relies solely on asset transaction fees. This allows other Achal services to be made free, making Achal truly impactful!


Achal’s uses a modular authentication system using a set of clever smart contracts. This isolation of the authentication system was architected to factor in country specific compliances enabling most legal systems to adopt Achal easily. Such a design single handedly makes the product adaptable to a diverse set of situations, even ones we haven't yet imagined!


Achal went through several iterations before arriving at its bare minimum UI. Its uses Facebook’s React for highly responsive UX & Google’s Material UI for the uniform design language. Each task in the system is painstakingly reimagined to minimise the number of steps required. Hence the snappy, decluttered, minimal & efficient UI.

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