About proxy:

About proxy:

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Let's talk about how proxies work and how they differ.

We have a detailed FAQ on the site, but for those people who do not need detailed information, but rather general information, we have prepared a series of review posts.

In this post, we will talk how different types of proxies differ: Mobile, Residential and Server proxies.

The simplest and most familiar proxies on the market are Server proxies (Data center proxies). These are proxies that use the ip addresses of hosting providers located on virtual or physical servers.

They have pros and cons:

+ Ability to work with a large number of connections if there are no restrictions from the proxy-seller.

+ Well suited for narrow-profile solutions, such as scraping, where high processing speed is needed.

- Low trust.

- Static ip address, this is a huge lack, overlapping all the pros. Server proxies address may easily get a ban, because most social networks or other services easily determine this address belongs to a hosting provider. This is a notable marker to social networks and services that you are not a unique user.

Rotation of the external ip address can save the situation, so social network algorithms will not detect repeated actions immediately.

You can buy server proxies with rotation on our website - https://lteboost.com/en/?cat_id=5277

Mobile proxies, they are also 4G \ 3G proxies - uses the ip addresses of mobile operators:

+ High trust.

Cellular operator ip addresses is the most important advantage of mobile proxies. Famous services, such as Instagram or Facebook, cannot block such an ip address, since hundreds of people use this ip address from real devices (phone, tablet, PC).

But, if your account was seen in automatic actions, then it will be checked for other properties (user agent, device emulation, behavioral factor, and much more). Therefore, if your actions catch the spam block, then you need to look towards other factors in your work. At some point new ip addresses can help you increase trust in your account, but if your other components have lower trust, then you will be looking for other proxies, although the problem is not with proxies. Therefore, experienced people always test different bundles in order to find a middle ground and not be a hostage to the endless search for "magic" proxies, when all this time there was a bad account provider or unfinished software under their noses.

+ Small pools of ip addresses. Why is this a plus? Because, as we already wrote above, hundreds of ordinary users use one ip address and it is simply more difficult to identify you among real users. For example, MTS Moscow has about 8000+ addresses for the whole city. You will be mixed with real people.

- The speed is lower compared to server proxies. Most often, clients who have been working with server proxies for a long time become furious, not understanding why 50 accounts cannot be linked to one shared mobile proxy. If you need fast mobile proxies, then it's better to get our private ones, they have a speed of 12Mbps or more, and such proxies as Megafon Moscow most often have 18-20Mbps, you can buy them at the link - https://lteboost.com/en/? cat_id=15310

Residential proxies use the ip addresses of home or office providers:

+ High trust.

The properties are very similar to mobile ones. Everything is relative, so you have to do some tests, before you’ll get a nice work bundle. Residential proxies can work perfectly for the someone, but mobile proxies can show poor results at the same time. The opposite is true for the someone else. It depends on the bundle found (accounts, timings, software, behavioral factor, etc.)

- The lowest speed among all proxies. But it all depends on the person who rents out his ip address.

Also, someone will attribute this to pluses, and someone to minuses. Most proxy providers sell residential proxies with a limited traffic. In our case, residential proxies are unlimited. You can buy them at the link - https://lteboost.com/en/?cat_id=3823

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