About me

About me

Patsy A. Brice

My name is fool A. Bryce. I am already thirty-five years ago. Since childhood, I preferred cars, sports and food. However, my hobbies for sports created me, I feel that I want to eat right. And since I studied and received a diploma in good condition. I noticed that you just have to learn how to eat properly to be always in shape. I like sports together. We regularly move to the ski resorts with the whole family. I always like snow. I still really love to drive a car. In my youth I was even fond of technology since childhood. and I taught me that. If you want to change the wheel inside the car, I will do it correctly. I even have a married woman, Jessica. we have 2 children. I prefer the expression "Do not be afraid to come up with good things to achieve even a lot." I try to live like this. I really like my children. I really enjoy playing with them. I always needed to have a giant family. I always had to be happy. I think I did it. I even have some friends. and that we usually meet to celebrate some events or just watch football. I even have a student with whom I go to the gymnasium so that my body is usually in physical form. I even have my favorite work https://askgeek.io/ru/cpus/vs . I prefer to sell and advise people. I always try to help them notice what is best for them.

I will try to talk about my work. It is unlikely that anyone will be stunned that games these days are sealed in a very pipelined way, and a vicious computer is simply connected to a bunch of expensive iron. you don’t want to litter in the crisis itself, but you really need to play! Nowadays, we are going to determine that games with a reliable processor are very important, and which, on the contrary, believe in the performance of a video card.

We are sleeping at an amazing time, comrades! On the one hand, computers have not developed at an explosive pace for a long time - with the development of processors in recent years there has been a kind of shame, and a huge part of video cards simply changed the nameplates from year to year. year until a new technological method appears. however, it’s worthwhile to establish the optimal system of software or games and, in particular, to take into account that the general public can be immediately furious and hinted that it was time to buy traditional instruments. And if you do not have money for traditional equipment - buy a console in which you do not need to choose spare parts for games.

And in general, they are partly right - in consoles you do not need to think about the configuration. In exchange, based on the selected system, a set of exclusive games will perform, as they currently claim.

You see a new game from Electronic Arts - wait in the traumatic engine and high demands on the processor with modest appetite for the video card. You see a game about "stalkers" - prepare the flagship video accelerator and C.P.U. or experience low detail graphics. He needed to be gentle - to prepare a productive video card, and therefore the adventures of the magnificent Lara farm are also fraught with uncontrolled consumption of video memory.

Love a piece of land - love the desire for speed (the performance is the same), but be prepared for the fact that for extremely cool graphics in sports games you may need a cool video card as well as for shooters.

Ubisoft's old sandboxes are Ubisoft's gluttonous sandboxes. New games already have a chance to avoid processor loss.

GTA has long ceased to be a “crooked port from consoles” - a median PC with a graphics accelerator of 3 or 4 gigabytes of video memory is enough for this. Methods on PCs are unpredictable: some of them are developed by mediocre studios, so games "slow down" in any areas, half can be a remake of previous games that do not require powerful equipment.

And only large online games can turn a computer player into a weapon with iron at almost any level.