About me

About me

Anton Danilov


I'm a Node.js - developer. About this.

I have accounts on Instagram and Twitter, but I'm rarely write posts there. You can add me to friends on Facebook or VK.

Sometimes I publish the strange notes in my Telegram-channel and Telegraph. I have an Unsplash with cool photos. Also i have a YouTube channel with few videos and SoundCloud.

Recent Posts:

I love Me (in Russian)

Он лучше меня? (in Russian)


If you wanna contact me about DTP, please look at contacts page of project.

True Story

I leaved school at 16 y.o, and relocated to Saint Petersburg at 17 y.o. Read full story here.

How contact me?

Easy way — Telegram and mail. I respond quickly everywhere, only if i still alive =).


By the way, I have funny stickers pack in Telegram, add it to youself possible here)