⊷ACTIVE⊷ Free #Instagram Followers - Get FREE Followers on #Instagram - No Verification - 2020

⊷ACTIVE⊷ Free #Instagram Followers - Get FREE Followers on #Instagram - No Verification - 2020


Gone are the days when you could brag about having a few hundred followers on Instagram. Today, if you want to be successful on the second most-downloaded free app in the Apple Store you need to develop a successful brand building strategy.

It may sound like you have to put in a lot of work, but if you follow these 15 easy tactics, you can get way more Instagram followers with minimal effort!

Free Instagram followers
Free Instagram followers

1. Set goals and objectives

The first step in developing a solid Instagram strategy is setting up goals. Determine what you want to achieve through your activity on IG. It could be any of these objectives:

Build brand awareness

Increase visibility for your company

Direct more traffic to your website

Improve social proof

Attract more potential customers

Drive sales

2. Decide who makes up your target audience

Now that you know what you wish to obtain from your Insta profile, you should define who the users that you want to address are. Depending on your niche, you may discover that you already have a substantial audience out there. Knowing who you are talking to helps you create an online persona and pick out a specific voice for your brand. It enables you to build a solid basis for your long-term strategy.

3. Create a consistent brand

Next, you need to make your profile appealing enough for Instagram users to follow it. People have a knack for consistency, symmetry, and relevance. You need to ensure that there is a perfect harmony between:

Your brand’s name

Your logo

Your Instagram profile picture

Your bio description

The colors scheme of your photos

4. Post high-quality content

The key ingredient to attract followers to your Instagram account frequently is to post high-quality content every single time. You can never lower the bar on the standards of quality that you impose for your profile. If you accustom your admirers with premium content every time you post something new, they will be more likely to share your account with their friends.

5. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags may seem like random sequences of words that you add to your posts. If you look at them like that, you will never get the full range of benefits that they have to offer.

You should use relevant hashtags to your activity, niche, and industry. People in your target audience have to find them easily. Look for those tags that best relate to your products and services to ensure that potential followers discover your profile quickly.

6. Tag your location

Since we’re at the hashtags discussion, we cannot omit the importance of the geo-location tag. Mentioning your physical location or at least the town where you operate from helps you reach out to potential followers in your area.

This simple trick should help you attract more admirers, more potential buyers and eventually to drive sales better. It works especially well if you promote a brand that has a physical shop or working location.

7. Get more followers quickly

One of the easiest tactics to get way more Instagram followers than through other methods is employing professional support for your account. You can grow your audience quickly by reaching out to the experts at InstaGrowing.net.

Their services are safe, affordable and incredibly effective. Every type of brand from major companies to entry-level influencers uses similar solutions to get more followers for their Instagram accounts. Browse through a wide collection of easy tactics to enhance your following.

8. Engage with your followers

Getting more followers should work in the long run. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop engaging with the admirers that you have attracted so far.

There are over 1 billion people that visit Instagram every month. You cannot attract them all to follow your profile, and you surely couldn’t interact even with 10% of them. However, you should try your best to answer as many comments as you get from them. Like back their posts and engage in constructive discussions to maintain their long-term loyalty.

9. Team up with influencers

A good way of getting more followers for your Instagram profile is to collaborate with more influencing accounts in your niche. Look for those profiles that are successful and have large audiences.

Ask them to do a joint campaign of posts in which you advertise each other’s products and services. This way, you can reach out to potential followers from your niches that are not yet in your following list.