I walked past the mirror again to check the exposure. I was covered standing there but it seemed to be barely so. She came up behind me and whispered, "You’re cute. You’re naked all day at work and you are fussing about being covered."

I looked at her in mirror, "In public feels very different." She smiled and I wondered what she really had in mind for the club.

A club house on a late Saturday morning is largely populated by men ending their games or enjoying the atmosphere of the game and competition. It is also a highly charged location to be wearing the outfit Mrs. Cornell had me dressed in. Sitting in the dining room, she chose a table far from the door. As we walked through the room, I could feel all the male eyes following me like big cats following prey. When I sat, I was sitting on bare skin. The blouse had been unbuttoned far enough to show plenty of cleavage and the hint of lace bra underneath depending on how I moved or the angle of someone looking.

She purposely sat us so her back was to the door and I faced it. She wore a floppy hat in an attempt to hide her identity since the guys would probably know her if they got a good look. As we were finishing lunch, I spotted the guys coming in. Mr. Cornell spotted me with surprise and, I think, some suspicion as he considered his wife’s appearance. I shrugged. They sat along the windows overlooking the 18th hole on one side and the main parking lot on the other.

"Here’s what is going to happen, Abby. First, you go to the restroom where you will removed both bra and panties. When you retied the blouse, there will be NO buttons fastened." I looked at her in shock. As I repeated to her, public seems very different. She didn’t pay my objection any consideration. She continued, "While you are doing that, I will charge the bill to our account. I will begin leaving when I see you. You hesitate so we are apart. I will drop my keys a few tables away from them." I watched her, anticipating an embarrassing scenerio being laid out for me. "You must follow my directions exactly, young lady. I will ask Joe later." I nodded and waited. How did I so quickly go from Personal Assistant-lover to lover of the couple to a ploy to be used for exhibitionistic play? When she finished describing my actions, I swallowed hard and nodded.

In the restroom, I placed my purse on the counter and checked to make sure I was alone there, then reached under my tiny skirt to pull down my bikini panties. Then, I untied the blouse, slipped it off quickly, reached around my back to unclasp the bra. I picked up the panty and stuffed both into my purse wishing I had brought a larger purse. There is nothing tiny about my bras. I slipped the blouse back on and retied it below my breasts without buttoning it all. When I was finished, I looked at the large gap exposing a deep cleavage. I turned to both sides quickly and saw how my breast swayed without the support of the bra under the gaping blouse. In the office, such movement had become normal. This was anything but normal but, at the same time, I could feel the excitement building inside me in anticipation. The thrill of exhibitionism.

I paused at the opening from the small hallway, waited for Mrs. Cornell to make her move, then took a slightly different route toward the restaurant door. I saw her drop her keys along her leg away from the men. I moved to that area, made a show of finding the keys as she left through the door. I looked around the dining room drawing attention, then carefully positioned myself in the process, I bent over from the waist, my back to the table of men. I could feel the very short skirt rise and the air-conditioned air find my exposed ass. What I didn’t know for sure was if they could also see my pussy in the lighting of the room. Completing that part of the instructions, though, I parted my feet about a foot.

I stood and looked around, again. Then, as if urgently seeking to find the woman, I moved to the table with men, leaned over it and peered out the window, turning in both direction as if seeking her but really making sure all the men got a good look.

"That woman dropped her keys. Do you see her?"

Leaning way over their table, my unrestrained breasts swung forward, gapping the unbuttoned blouse further and nearly popping my nipples out before I exclaimed, "There she is!" I put my hand on Mr. Cornell’s shoulder as I turned, facing him I purposely/accidently pulled the blouse open further to flash a nipple at him. Without looking at the men, I turned and jogged out the door and past the window, not easily done in the new heels. I could feel my breasts bouncing and swaying with each stride and I fought not to use my hands to hold my blouse together. As I passed another group of golfers coming to the club house, I was sure a nipple or both flashed before their eyes.

By the time I had caught up with Mrs. Cornell around the corner, I was gasping and my heart raising. It wasn’t from the jog.

"What was that all about? Jeez, you two. Abby, you nearly had three heart attacks at the table when you bent over for the keys and turned around and bent over the table with your breasts nearly out of your blouse." He had just arrived home and saw us sitting at the kitchen table drinking wine and dying to hear what the reaction was. He stood at the end of the rectangular table, looked at each of us, then focused on his wife. "Samantha, this has you written all over it. Abby wouldn’t be that comfortable to pull that prank."

She smiled demurely at him. "It caused a reaction, then?" Then she stopped, "They didn’t recognize me, did they?"

He shook his head in disbelief. "Are you kidding? With this one," he indicated me, "bouncing her breasts around as she left the restroom hall? Hell, that was the only thing they were going to see."

She stood and moved into his arms as smoothly as a cat knowing how to be petted. "It was pretty sexy, I bet. I only wish I could have seen it."

"Sexy," he replied softer, "sexy is an understatement. It gave me a hard-on I’ve still got."

She giggled and put her hand out to me as she began pulling him, "Come on, girl. It seems a woman’s work is never done."

He wanted to fuck us both time. He had us strip and bend over the bed, our legs spread wide. He eased into us in turn, fucked for a minute or so, pulled out and moved to the next. As it went, there was no more easing in. He rammed his big cock into our now gaping pussies. Back and forth he went until he came and it happened to be in her. I heard his grunting and her gasping so I moved to snake a hand underneath her and rubbed her clit furiously. She came a moment after he did. She collapsed on the bed, his cock pulling out of her in the process. I dropped to my knees before him and took his cock into my mouth, then licking it up and down, cleaning his cum and our juices from it.

As I was doing that, she moved to the shower. She called back, "Don’t forget dinner." I continued sucking his cock long after I heard the shower running.

When she was done in the shower, I released his once again hard cock from my mouth. Our turn … at the same time. Minutes later while he was pounding his cock into my pussy from behind while pressed against the wall with the water cascading over us, I noticed a shadow on the frosted glass of the shower wall. Then, "Okay, you two. Don’t make us late for our dinner reservation."

"Yes, ma’am," I responded and moaned as his cock rammed my cervix. I sighed as he pulled out obediendtly. I turned around and gave him a kiss and commented, "I guess we’ll just have to continue this later." I washed his cock and that did nothing to help soften it. I winked at her as we exited the shower toweling off and his still hard cock bobbing in front of him. I whisper to her, "That should guarrantee more action for us later." She giggled and shook her head.

She said, "You’re terrible. You’re wonderful. I love it."

She made reservation for us at one of the fanciest restaurants in the city. It was known for it steaks but it had a wonderful ***********ion of most anything, I wore a mini-dress with a deep plunging cleavage. I was already clear to me that she enjoyed drawing attention to my large breasts. She wore a similar dress in style but with a bit more hem and a hint at showing cleavage. Mr. Cornell wore a smart looking dark suit with white shirt and tie.

After the salads and before the main entres, Mrs. Cornell rose and leaned next to him, whispered something into his ear, and he looked at me. I saw him nod and she came to me and put her hand our. She led me to the restroom and my heart picked up pace, immediately. She said what I suspected: she wanted me to removed my underwear. I first thought she could have requested this before we left but this was part of her fun. In order to accomplish what she wanted, I would be force to nearly strip in the restroom. Although any coming in would be a woman and likely an adult, the idea of being caught like that in a place it wasn’t appropriate made me very anxious. I pulled the hem of my dress up near my hips, reached underneath and pulled my thong down. I handed them to her but she placed them on the counter where anyone coming in would see them. Of course, anyone coming might also see me partially undressed. I next reached behind my neck, loosened the clasp and pulled the zipper down my back. I shrugged the dress off my shoulders and pulled it down over my breasts, quickly returned my hands behind me, unclasped my bra and shrugged it off, too. I then pulled my dress up and she helped me zip it. I reached for my underwear but she stopped me. She arranged them on the counter so the bra was near the mirror and the thong arranged near the edge. Anyone coming in would know that some woman out there was now without underwear … some woman with large breasts … some woman who is in the small minority of size.

The dress was tight enough to provide some measure of support but they still jiggled considerably. Also, the dress pushed them into the gap and displayed even more breast tissue. I, and the Cornells, notice the male server spent more time next to my chair when taking requests. I blushed frequently and they seemed to enjoy it. I had to admit, though it was embarrassing it provided a definite spark of excitement.

When leaving, the valet assisted us by holding the door. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was flashing a bare pussy as I got into the back seat.

Later, as we prepared to get into bed less frantically than the previous night, I knelt at the end of the bed where Mr. Cornell sat. I sucked and licked his cock while Mrs. Cornelll knelt along side him. The kissed and caressed each and they frequently paused to watch me with his cock. This was hugely different than being seen at the office. This attention was very casual and intentional while at the office it would be glances and fleeting. Also, and this was a big part of it, I was sucking this woman’s husband.

I heard her softly ask him, "Joe, have you ever had the opportunity to try anal? I know you haven’t with me, the idea terrifies me. My man is so big you fill my pussy so completely and the asshole is so much tighter."

I looked up while continuing to suck his cock. He kissed her hard while grasping one of her breasts. "No, love. I’ve never found a woman who would give me that experience." They were looking at each other with that look people who know each other very well use when they are silently communicating.

She looked down at me. I diverted my eyes and plunged my mouth down over his big cock and taking much of it into my throat, the length and thickness testing my ability to control the gagging. I knew what she was doing, it was the reason I refocused my attention, the reason I nearly gagged on his cock as a diversion. Could I? Would I?’ Is this one of the ‘anything’ I said I would do? What was this feeling I had for him, this connection that magically happened during encountered late in the office? What was it about him that had me saying things like ‘I’d do anything for him’?

I sat back on my heels and looked up at them, their heads pressed together watching me. My look was soft. Though I had stopped sucking his cock, my hand continued to stroke up and down in a long motion that twisted at the head. My eyes flicked from one to the other of them. They were both intently and expectantly watching.

"Sir … I … I … with Mrs. Cornell’s understanding and permission … I would like to offer my body for your use in anything sexual or erotic or … whatever … that you might desire to explore." He looked at me for a moment. I suspected they were teasing, playing with me but not completely. Now I had made the offer and it was more expansive than they intended. She leaned into him and whispered something. Her hands were caressing his chest and down his stomach.

"Why did you make that offer, Abby?" he inquired. "Samantha was teasing about anal but you went past that into the unknown. You know you could have refused even the tease of anal. All other women have. I understand my cock size may be a limiting factor. So, why make such an open-ended offer of yourself? Am I to take it seriously or is it some pressure you feel because of the job I have offered you?"

"Sir, I will learn and do everything necessary to not let you down as far the job goes. No, sir, the rules of the office are very clear and nobody feels pressure to engage in something they are not comfortable with. And, you have restricted your own participation to avoid adding potential influence over those in much lower positions. I was secure in that, sir. No …" I looked at his wife, "… I tried to explain it to your wife, sir. We both feel in our hearts that you are an extraordinary man and an extraordinary we can both help in our own ways. I think this is one off those ways for me and if it takes away some feeling of regret for Mrs. Cornell, so much the better."

He pulled me up to sit alongside him opposite his wife. His arms went around both of us. "We have a lot to talk about, Abby. I am feeling quite possessive about you."

I smiled at both of them, "It wouldn’t do me any favors in the office if you were to become possessive about me there. In some respects, I envision being kind of an interface between you and the main body of the office. I was one of them and we shouldn’t lose that."

He nodded. I could see a conflict but also a recognition of my point. "Then, we do have something to talk about." He turned to his wife, "Just as Samantha and I have much to talk about, too."

Was I wrong? Was there a conflict brewing under the surface I hadn’t noticed? She smiled and leaned across him, her hand pulling my head to her. She kissed me on the lips and murmurred, "All good things to talk about, dear. You’re so exciting that he and I need to discuss all this." She wants more involvement.

Then, he refocused us, "Honey, do we have some lubrication around?"

"Of course, my old body sometimes needs a little assistance, remember?" She went to the nightstand.

"Your body is amazing, ma’am."

She laughed, "Well, thank you, dear, but compared to you it is old. Besides, there are some things taking care of yourself and exercising can’t account for. Sometimes I need a little lubrication help." She giggled. "I know what a lucky woman I am having a man like him loving me."

I flushed. These two were so in love and she was so trusting and open. Here I was, the woman who would be available to him during the day to fuck or suck him as he wanted. The woman who was about to offer her ass to him, yet I could feel the connection that somehow had instantly formed between us, two women intent on be his buttress of support.

I took the lubrication from her, parted my legs and bent over very unlady like to apply a generous amount of lubrication to my asshole outside and inside. I then knelt before him, again. With more lubrication, I spread it liberally over his cock head, then spreading it down the shaft. With my eyes on the shaft that now seemed much too big, too thick, I asked, "You’ll be gentle with me, sir?"

He reassured, "This and anything else is always up to you, dear."

Her voice added, "All you have to do is tell him. Tell him to stop, no more, whatever."

"How do you want me, sir?" He didn’t know. He had no experience in this to offer anything. "Maybe, if I have control?" He said like cowgirl, me on top. I nodded. He scooted like a crab into the center of the bed. I followed and Mrs. Cornell followed along with me. He hand was rubbing my back as I crawled over his mid-section and straddled his hips. I felt his cock moving along my ass crack and looked behind. She smiled at me with unsure smile. She wanted to put her husband into my ass. No words were spoken. Intention was clear, though. My reaction was the same. I put my hands on my ass cheeks and pulled them apart, presenting my asshole to her … and his cock. He lay back watching, expectant, anticipating, anxously waiting hopeful. Our eyes made contact and we spoke volumes in silence at that moment as his cock was placed at my tight hole by his wife. We both felt it and we both sucked in a breath of anticipation. Niether of us knew what this would feel like. I had experience anal but not like this.

My eyes locked on his as I sat back slightly, feeling the pressure of his cock head at my, as yet, unyielding hole. She put her face near mine and offered earnestly, "Try to relax, sweety. Maybe think of something else."

I looked at her dumbly, "Said the woman who has never done it?" She looked embarressed and crestfallen. "I’m sorry, ma’am. You’re right, of course. You want to help take my mind off it?" She nodded, pleased again to help. I pulled her alongside of me and kissed her passionately. I felt the smile on her lips as we kissed. One of her hands moved to a breast and she shifted so the other hand could get between my legs, the fingers moving over my empty pussy.

I gasped and groaned, "OH … FUCK … OH … YESSSS." She took it for affirmation of what she was doing which was wonderful What if it was though, was the feeling of the bulbous head spreading my tight sphincter, feeling it at what I thought was the widest. I cried out when the head passed through the restictive muscle and both stopped to peer at me with concern. I remained perfectly still sitting with just the head inside me, my heart racing, my hands on his chest. I opened my eyes and a smile slowly formed on his face. His wife saw his reaction and bent over to better look into my face. The pain, the searing pain like tearing eased by the second. "FUCK," I exclaimed. I grabbed her and kissed her wildly until she began giggling. I then leaned down, the head of his cock moving slightly causing another gasp but I kissed him, too. I took a deep breath. "I did it. Now we fuck but slowly until I can get used to it."

He smiled, "You’re in control, dear."

Mrs. Cornell began sucking a nipple as I slowly began rising and lowering, each cycle taking a few more inches into me asshole. My hands went to my hair, combing through it, pulling it. I gasped, sighed, groaned and moaned. He did the same. Mrs. Cornell had the biggest smile on her face as she alternated kissed on me and him.

When I finally was sitting on his thighes, it felt it like the head was in my bowels. I began rising and lowering faster as the muscles relaxed, adjusted to being opened so much. I clenched my ass and continued moving. I felt him pulse. I heard him grunt, gasp, and moan. I continued fucking, faster and faster, clenching tight and working his cock. I felt him pulse, strain, and finally shoot deep into my ass. But I kept moving. He spewed cum and our fucking became even easier. Still I continued. I clenched and kept rising and falling. His cock remained hard and I kept fucking. I was beyond thought, consideration, or deliberate action. I just fucked. My body was on fire. I had never felt anything like this, filled to capacity but somehow wanting … no demandign more. I orgasmed. I exploded. I had to lean forward as my body shook and convulsed. My breasts heaved and swung wildly as I continued to fuck him somehow even through the orgasm.

He moaned and his cock seemed to get even harder inside me. My orgasm eased but started rising as I continued to lift and drop. Mrs. Cornell commanded, "Turn around." My eyes opened in a dazed slit but the questioning look must have still been shown. "You had me did it. Turn." God, I thought. That was with this pole in her pussy not her ass but I rose and started trying to figure it out. I felt so weird as I clumsily turned on his cock in my ass, his cum providing the extra lubrication necessary to make it possible. With my back to him, she pushed me back. "Fuck her, Joe." Now she was bossing her husband in ass fucking me. But, as he began fucking his hips up and his cock into me, she bent over and planted her lips to my very engorged clit and inserted two fingers into my empty but drooling pussy.

"Oh God!" It was Mr. Cornell. I felt her fingers moving inside me but, as I concentrated with the little bit of mind I had left, I realized what was happening. While sucking my clit she was stroking his cock from inside my pussy. How did she come up with that? We both came, again.

* * * CHAPTER 6: ANOTHER FIRST DAYS will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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