A useful tool for attracting customers

A useful tool for attracting customers

We often invest heavily in marketing methods, which ultimately leads to low lead conversions.  Or, sometimes, it's just that the leads we send to our sales force aren't the quality we're looking for.

If you think your marketing methods are not working, you should be aware of this LinkedIn feature: Sales Navigator from https://www.ergonized.com/blog/salesforce-linkedin-integration/.

Linkedin sales navigator salesforce can be a great tool to effectively generate leads if you do it right.

Either way, the point is that there are some great practices you can follow to generate more leads with Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn's new sales tool allows you to optimize your advanced searches to find the people and businesses that are closest to your goal.  With special offers and tailor-made tactics, you will be able to get leads who can guarantee the most conversions.  But you can also register an activity of great interest to your business.


What is a Sales Navigator?

The social network that brings people and companies together to build better professional relationships continues to move forward with its new features.

The latest version of Sales Navigator describes itself as the best LinkedIn tool for generating leads and improving sales statistics.

The incorporation of this tool into your marketing methods is directly related to your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.  ABM is a customer acquisition tactic that focuses on the accounts (companies) you want to reach.

Finding the right customer has become much easier and more efficient, tracking users, as well as changing accounts and connecting with people outside your network are some of the main characteristics of this feature.

With its many features, segmentation is becoming a key differentiator in Sales Navigator.  This makes it easier to find your target audience by setting up new filters, saving leads, getting notifications of new matches, and optimizing your LinkedIn campaigns.

It is important to familiarize yourself with linkedin for salesforce pricing before using such tools.  And then, you just need to contact the specialists who will help launch the entire mechanism, which will attract a large number of potential customers in the future.