A tryst at the Chateau

A tryst at the Chateau


There is a knock on the door, and I know it is you. I grab the remote, get up and go to the door, positioning myself behind it as I open it.

I hear your intake of breath as you see the twenty five roses on the coffee table. They are in a lillet lead crystal vase, the best they had,

but not exactly what I would have gotten had I had more time. Nevertheless, its better than nothing. I grab you as you step in the room,

turning to kiss me.

Hello, sweetness. I hope you are ready to getthe ride of your life.

I am indeed, you reply, rubbing my crotch.

Thats good, darling, because Ive brought all the requisite accoutrement.

You purr and remove your hand, the color rising in your cheeks.

Dont worry, my fragrant tulip, I am going to be very gentle, and believe me; you will be ready. You said any way I wanted you, too,

taking your hand and leading you to the couch, pointing the clicker over my shoulder at the stereo.

First, I want you to do a strip tease for me.

You began to relax and I opened a bottle of 1977 Taittinger rosé. I sat on the couch, filled the flutes and handed you one. I cued the

fourth track on Sex Mob Does Bond, Dr. Yes.

You will be gentle, wont you?

Of course. I think youll love it. I am not that big anyway. Youll like it; I replied, giving you that steely look I know you love, halfjest, half genuine roué. You took a sip of the Champagne, set it down and took off your belt.

Turn around. I want to see your callipygian wonderment. I was thinking how horny you made me, all the time. I would be at my desk, under deadline, the electric clocks overhead only ticking in mine. Fucking world! Guerrilla movements, deficits,

legions of murdered home boys. Why cant everybody just find someone like you, my Sweet yvette, and blissfully, madly fuck each other-- for the next 5 decades? Or six. I would be caught in these reveries of the previous nights bacchanal, trying to churn out copy in the city section or help polish some business claptrap.

But now here we were again. At the Chateau Bleu on Lavaca, your boyfriend writing code at some geek ridden campus.You took offyour shirt, neatly folding it in half and putting it on the little desk by the door. I could scarcely keep from coming over there and gleefully ripping your clothes off. You turned around, staring coolly at me, a neutral quality in your gaze which you said unnerved every other man youd ever met, save me. Your pink nipples strained against the Wacoal Awareness full figured seamless Id bought you last Christmas. I remember the name because you accused me of buying it to mark my territory. I was taken aback, but I didnt need to think about it

long to see that you were right. I pleaded brotherhood and lean holidays as a youth. Smalls were a perfectly appropriate gift. Yeah. Awareness was the right word. I was feeling increasing discernment as you reached in front and undid the clasp.

Come over here, I growled sternly, but you purred wait in that cheerleader voice, your tongue tracing your upper lip. You dramatically unleashed your breasts, and I shifted to accommodate my impatient trouser bowser. Woof! Down! I was going to make this last. You lifted your right legand shimmied out ofyour jeans, turning slightly as you bent over, so I could see your beautiful ass. I shifted on the sofa to give my now rock hard cock more room, and your breasts hung down. Man! I thought! Maybe there is a god! I am going to do everything to this incredible creature!You stepped out of your pumps and stood before me expectantly.

Come over here, now. I said more softly, and you walked over to me. As you did I cued Fantchas Criolina, and set the remote on the coffee table. You stood in front of me and I ran my hands on your thighs and your lower back, working my way down to your round buttocks. I pulled you to me, and lightly kissed your tummy, while cupping your cheeks in my hands. You reached down to feel my bulging muscles, a feathery sigh escaping your lips. I pulled down your panties, running my hand on the inside of your thigh, reaching up with the other to firmly squeeze first one breast and then the other. I turned you slightly, perpendicular to me, firmly grabbed one of

your buttocks, and ran my hand up to your mouth. I stuck two fingers in your mouth and worked the other hand down to your pussy, immediately feeling your excitement. You grabbed my hand and began to suck my fingers, and I really wanted to slam fuck you rightthen and there. No way. I was quite determined to give you the time of your life. I felt virile, powerful, tenacious. I was going to make you beg for it. I abruptly turned you around, got on my knees behind you, and told you to bend over. I began to kiss and fondle your ass, and then stuck my tongue up your pussy. The taste of your cunt drove me literally sexually insane. I have never had a woman like you. There was something piquant and sweet and florid and pungent about your juices, the very essence of sex, and to be eating you like this was the absolute height of eroticism. I worked my way up to your clit, running my tongue all over your labia, getting my face covered with you. I was in heaven. I did this for several minutes, finally homing in on your clit for some vigorous tonguing. I could sense that you were going to come, your legs quivering, unsteady on your feet. I withdrew my tongue and put my arm between your legs on your tummy, holding you up. With my other hand, I spread your ass cheeks and vigorously tongued your asshole. You flinched, said; oh! and reached around, your hand on the back of my head, but I continued. I reached up andgrabbed your right breast, and you began to relax your sphincter a little bit. I gently worked my tongue into your ass, thinking; if there was any question in your mind, I am sure that I have dispelled it, that I am a total maniacal sex beast.

I got up and you fluidly turned around.

Oh, my god! I have never had anyone do that!

Did you like it? I asked, a lecherous lopsided grin on my face.

Yes! Its so nasty!

I know. Your Mom wouldnt approve.

I pulled off my T-shirt, threw off my shoes, and pulled off my pants.

Get on the bed lying face up with your head hanging over the side.

My, but were in charge.

Thats right, funbuns.

I grabbed a small, soft latex-covered dildo from between the couch covers and walked over to the nightstand, but first making a beeline

to the deck. I hit disc three, the Lounge Lizards first album. This ought to promote some raucous grindage, I thought.

Opening the drawer and rummaging for the nearly tasteless and scent-free avocado massage oil, I laughed, thinking of when we had

met, eyeing each other across the expanse of Debs tony Pacific Heights apartment. The usual yuplets were at Debs usual Friday night

drinks party, an assemblage of cocky young MBA dropouts pining for VC, naturally occurring vacuums masquerading as Marina Habitués, and the odd academic, tortoise shelled or herringboned, colleagues of Debs doctoral candidate room mate. I scanned this well-scrubbed mass of po-mo detritus and alighted upon you. It was the first time Id felt that steely gaze, and I remember it now. It brought me back to excelsior and tenth:

Deb handed me a perfect Manhattan with Old Overholt straight rye, and I asked whos the refuscent dame on the couch?

Ah, thats Yvette, a genuine Californian.

No dice. Howd a sweetie like that get woven into this chaff?

Dont be such a misanthrope. You got thirty more years before you can actually pull off the curmudgeon thing.

You think? What if I got the space fixed between my teeth, and got a tweed sport coat?

s gonna take more than that, rocko. Shes single.

Single, eh? How do you know?

I can tell by the way she is looking at you.

What do you mean? Like a trooper at a car wreck?

Shes PHD material. You often see that dispassionate observance of the world with genius.

Is that right? Maybe I have a peanut skin on my tooth. Deb laughed and motioned for you to come over.You strode over and we chatted. I asked you if you were allergic to avocado oil.

You lay on your back and I eagerly walked over, armed with the oil and faux cock. I set them on the bed and pulled you down a little,

your head hanging over. I then grabbed an overstuffed pillow from the couch, instructing you to place it midway up your back. I

grabbed your legs and pulled them up, bending your knees and placing them on either side of your tummy. I began to drizzle the oil on

you, on the backs of your legs, your tummy, inbetween your breasts, and on your ass and pussy. I threw the oil on the bed and began

to massage your legs, tits and finally your pussy and beautiful ass cheeks, while you pulled down my Alfanis and stroked my rock hard cock. I bent my knees a little.

Suck on my balls. Mmmm. Like that. Gently. I reached down and stroked my cock while fingering your tight hole, the palm of my hand

rubbing your labia.

How many times can you come? I asked, rubbing your clit vigorously and spreading your pussy lips.

Oooh, your pussy is swollen. Do you like it when I talk dirty to you?

I dont know. came your reply, diffident and shy. Three, maybe four times.

Hmm. That shouldnt be a problem, not that I am purely results oriented.

I continued to put my hands all over you, alternately sliding my shaft down your throat and running it along your mouth, occasionally slapping it lightly against your face.I stopped and bent over to suck your nipples and kiss you.

I want you to fuck me!

Oh, not yet dear. Weve only just started. I pulled your legs back up and worked the vibrator into your pussy, simultaneously turning

it on. I slid it in and out, shoving all 7 inches up your tight hole.

Mmm. Oh! I watched your luscious now sopping pussy clamp on and off the dildo and loved the way your ass tightened and loosened

in unison.

Do you swallow? Or did you want me to come all over you?

I want to swallow it, but first you have to fuck me, came your breathless reply.

Well see. I think Ill want to shoot it all over your mouth and rub in it. Or maybe on your beautiful tits.

I put the vibrator all the way in you and said Dont push it out. I then put an arm on the bed, bent down a bit and slid my cock back

in your mouth. I reached under the mattress and pulled out a small butt plug attached by wires to a battery pack. I straightened up,

pulling you farther toward the edge of the bed and caught the dildo just as it was about to come flying out.

I want you to sit on my face.

OK! You said cheerily.

I lay on my back, in the middle of the bed, putting 2 pillows under my head.

Face that way, I said, turning your butt toward me and straddling your leg over me. I pulled you down on me, spreading your legs

and grabbing your ass cheeks and spreading them roughly. You took the length of me in your mouth, and I grabbed your head and coaxed your mouth up and down. I buried my face in your pussy, running my tongue up and down the whole length, stopping to suck on your clit, spreading you wide with my hands and breathing in your sweet essence. Heaven. There is no place Id rather be.

I reached for the dildo and the butt plug, running my hand blindly around ‘til I found the oil. I took the dildo and slid it into your sopping cunt, marveling at how strong your kegel muscles were. It clamped down on the slightly bulbous head, making it difficult to pull it back out. I ran it in and out, turning it in a slight orbit and you moaned. I reached around again, guiding your head up and down on my cock, gently shoving until you took the whole length in your mouth. You gagged a little and stopped, running your hand up and down my glistening shft. I wanted you to worship my cock.

Ill tell you. I could play with your pussy and ass forever. Sweet obsession.

I opened the cap on the oil and squoze some out on your butt, moving it in a circular motion, really putting a lot on. I rubbed it all over your ass, working some into your crack and fingering your tight little pink butthole. Then I took the butt plug and positioned it right on your ass. I pulled you down to my mouth and began to suck on your clit, then slowly worked the plug in.

Oh, ow ow ow.

Its all right, baby, just relax. Just relax your ass. Good girl. Good girl. I turned on the plug and began to move it in a circular motion on your sphincter, slowly increasing the pressure on your hole. Then I grabbed the dildo again and slid it back into your cunt.

Thats the way, easy. Its OK. Its not that big. You began to gyrate your hips a little bit and I worked the dildo all the way up your cunny, slowly and finally working the plug in.

Oh! Oh, my God!

Good girl. I knew you could take it. I ogled your tight little butt hole squeezing down on the plug and continued to work the dildo in and out.

I dont know if I should come or pee, you said, and I could tell that you were blushing. The thought of you blushing for what I was doing to you, made me even hornier, and I got even harder.

Oh. Uhm. Oh. Oh.

I began to increase the rhythm of the dildo going in and out, holding the plug firmly in your ass, making sure it was on full blast.

Im gonna make you come baby. Youre going to love me fucking every one of your sweet holes. Thats so beautiful.Watching your sweet, wet holes getting filled.

Oh, my God. Oh my God! I could tell you were about to come because by this time you had absolutely drenched my chest with pussy juice. I was pushing and pulling the dildo in and out, and you began to quiver uncontrollably. You grabbed my thighs and pushed back against the dildo, and I continued to suck on your clit. I loved watching your ass clamp down on the butt plug.

Ahhhhh-oooo-haaah! Oh, oh!You came and a small rush of your sweet juice flooded my face. You quickly stopped, and tried to get off of me, but I held you tight.

Wait! Thats the way, baby. I knew you could do it. You were still shaking and you turned around and said:

Oh, I am so sorry! I am sosorry! I turned the vibrators off, but left the butt plug in.

Dont worry about it, I said emphatically, Its totally normal.And you cant tell me it didnt feel good.

I have to admit, now that you mention it, it did feel good, but I didnt want you to get upset.

Not a problem.

Oh, Colin, you are just too much! Where have you been?!

Waiting for you, I said, and moved you off to the side. I got up and walked over to the coffee table, rubbing your sweet juice into my chest and smelling my fingers. I cued Harold Budds ambient album, 86ing the last cut of Criolina, grabbed the bottle from the tub and the two glasses, and walked back over to the bed. You had pulled the plug out of your ass, languidly sprawled out. I handed you your glass, giving you a sly wink.

You blushed a little and pulled me down to you.











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