A quick guide to help you build a Postmates Clone app!

A quick guide to help you build a Postmates Clone app!


With the obsession of people with both technology and food, food delivery apps have been on a rise these days. That, with this COVID-19 lockdown, has made a massive revolution in the food delivery industry. Postmates like apps have bought a huge disruption in the supply chain.

Though the food delivering apps are the most crucial ones, creating one of your own is quite a tedious task. But that can be made easier with the Postmates Clone app.

Know what are the features and workflow of the Postmates Clone app are:

  • Demands are generated by browsing for the products and stores
  • Payment is done for the order received
  • After the confirmation of the order, the delivery worker would get notified
  • Delivery is done at the fastest time

Creating an app similar to the Postmates app:

Before developing the app, it is mandatory to know the target audience and workflow of the app, as without them nothing would make sense. Because, to partner with the restaurants, knowing the target audience is the right plan. The Clone app would contain the following:

  • A list of restaurants with the delivery areas, menu, and reviews would be displayed
  • Upcoming deals and codes
  • Lists offered by restaurants
  • Tracking the delivery
  • Different payment modes
  • Reviews and ratings of the customers


The monetization in an app like Postmates may be done in three different ways:

Delivery fees: For every order, the delivery fee is charged which is collected by the restaurants.

Convenience fees: Convenience fees charged from every delivery goes to the delivery person

Merchant fees: This fee is provided to the restaurant with which the app has been partnered.

If you are not comfortable with creating the app from scratch you could always opt for the white-label solutions.

The Postmates like app development can be done by using the white-label Postmates Clone solution. The scripts are developed by a team of experienced and expert developers. There is neither a coding background needed for you nor a team of developers as they are ready-made solutions.

The scripts are readily available and can be customized. You can add special features for giving it a unique touch. Then the app would be ready to launch.