A happier Anniversary

A happier Anniversary


As I passed the time sipping vodka and orange juice the occasional guy had come over to ask me if I wanted a drink, or to tell me his name, but I politely declined their advances. I knew the type of man I wanted next to me tonight, knew that I would feel a sudden need for naughtiness and a pleasant warmth between my thighs when he appeared, if he appeared.

Tonight wasn't a night I wanted to get to know a guy, to chat about Kandinsky's blue rider period, or discuss my favourite movies, maybe exchange numbers and arrange a date. Tonight I wanted a man who would put his hands on me and tell me straight out that he wants to fuck me in every position known to man, and maybe a few that aren't.

It's not that I lack a romantic inclination. Common wisdom holds that you get properly aquainted first, build some romance, if only the start, and then the sex will seem right and proper. But I know it can work equally well the other way round, and sometimes just forgetting romance altogether and having an eye only on sex is the best route to satisfy the carnal urge and lead to something more.

The moment he entered the bar I knew. His eyes roamed the room and found me, then took a slow route up my legs, hips, brests and face. I met his gaze across the room and smiled a telling smile, then turned to sip my drink.

He was alone as my husband had been the night I met him. Dressed in a red t-shirt with indecipherable writing on it and black jeans. I didn't notice his shoes, it's a fallacy that girls judge a man on his footwear, but I could hear the sound of steel capped heels as he came over to my table. Discretely I slipped the ring off my finger and dropped it into my bag.

'Vodka and orange?' he asked.
I smiled and nodded, eventhough I had half of my current drink still in the glass. He didn't have movie star good looks or pretty-boy perfect hair, but he did have that slightly dishevelled 'ready to go' look that told me he was looking for exactly the same as me tonight, a 'bit of rough'.

It took him maybe five minutes to get served but it felt like an eternity of wonderful sexual anticipation.

When he returned he put the drink down in front of me and sat down, not opposite, but dragged a chair round to be right next to me. He had brought himself a Jack daniels and coke with no ice, I could smell the sweetness of it as he took a drink and introduced himself. Tonight his name didn't matter to me but I reciproctated.

'I'm katie' I said as I watched his eyes again flicker over my thighs and breasts and back to my face.

'So,' he said 'do you.. erm.. come her often katie?'

I laughed, properly laughed out loud, but knew he wouldn't be offended, there was no mockery in it.

'Is that your best chat-up line?' I asked coyly.

'Do I need one?' he replied.

I shuffled myself closer to him, allowing my thigh to press against his and leaned in to whisper into his ear.

'What do you think?'

His hand eased onto my leg just above the knee and slid it slowly up the fishnet patterning of my stockings, onto the darker top, gently dragging the hem of my dress up, and a tingle of excitement surged through me as it settled onto the bare thigh above. I turned to look him in the eyes and a wicked grin spread across my face.

He whispered back into my ear 'I think I'm going to take you outside and fuck you.'
He reached for his drink but I took his hand before it could get there.

'Rigth now!' I whispered back urgently and stood up, leading him by the hand and out of the door. He took the lead outside taking me around to the back of the pub, where it was quiet and warm, lit only by a solitary orange street light. My heels clicked and clattered on the stone paving as I struggled to keep up with his eager pace.

'You look so fucking sexy' he said before pushing me roughly up against the wall and planting his mouth on mine. We kissed deeply, tongues lashing around like snakes in a mating ritual. One of his hands firmly grabbed at my breasts, grasping and squeezing. The other went down to my hip and around to grab my soft buttocks.

I slid a hand down to his crotch and stroked the stiff bulge in his pants.

'Fuck me' I gasped out as his mouth moved down to my neck. His hands were on my shoulders now pulling the straps of my dress down my arms, exposing my breasts in their pink brassiere as they heaved against him. I ran my other hand under his t-shirt, feeling his taut stomach and chest hair, his heart racing as he kissed and licked and groped at me, eventually reaching round and unclipping my bra.

'Fuck me' I gasped out again as his mouth and hands immediately sought out my now bared tits. His tongue lapped at the nipples, his wet mouth kissing and sucking on them in turn, squeezing the ample flesh in his strong hands.

I was panting heavily, loving every minute of this slutty interlude in my life.

His hands slid purposefully down my body and pulled my dress up, gathering the black and red around my waist. His fingers hooked my panties and roughly dragged them down to my knees. I shuffled and allowed them to drop around my ankles. The night air felt wonderful against my bare pussy but I yearned to have it filled with his cock.

But he had other plans first. He plled off his t-shirt hurriedly, baring his chest then slid to his knees and ran his hands up and down my stockinged legs before kissing around my exposed upper thighs. I wriggled a little to his attentions then felt him ease my legs apart as I stared up at the lights in the distance.

His mouth closed around my outer labia sucking gently, then licking and lapping at my pussy. I was warm and moist for him and his tongue seemed to revel in exploring. His hands grabbed onto my ass and I pushed myself down onto his face. I felt ready to orgasm. The feel of his tongue in me, the night air on my exposed flesh, the thrill of spontaneous carnality, the exciting risk of getting caught at any moment.

I was so close now, my breaths quick and shallow.

'Fuck me' I panted out for the third time and this time my want was answered.
He stood, his mouth wet with my juices and frantically undid his jeans, pulling out his thick meaty cock, stiff and staring up at me with it's glistening eye.

I wondered for a moment whether he wanted me to suck it first and I relished the task of teasing it with my tongue, but just like me he was driven by need and pushed himself hard up against me, dragging a leg up tand out to spread me open, then guided it to my aching hole and thrust in deep and powerfully.

I screamed out in pleasure as his cock forced apart the soft yielding walls of my wet pussy and rammed home, forcing me onto my toes with the force of that first manly thrust. His grunt came in unison and I loved the animalistic sound of it as he began to pull out only to drive back in again, equally as hard, each thrust coming with a another grunt.

I wrapped my raised leg around his and his hand grabbed onto it holding and stroking the nylon and flesh where my fishnet stockings ended. His other hand went back to the bouncing reddened tit-flesh he was so obviously enamoured with and kneaded it as my hard nipple pressed against his palm.

He found his rythm then, fucking me up against the back wall of the pub where we had met only minutes before, my dress around my waist and my panties hanging off the stiletto heel pressed against his leg.

I was in heaven, his cock a perfict fit allowing me to feel every glorious inch of his shaft as he slid it in and out of me.

'Fuck me' were the only words I had spoken since leaving the pub and they were all I could repeat now, 'Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me' over and over with each eager thrust.

He looked up and met my gaze, the animal lust in his eyes matching the sexual abandon in my own. He kissed me again and thrust in deep, leaving his cock buried inside of me and we locked mouths, and I squeezed my tunnel against his meat feeling it throb in the depths of me.

Suddenly he pulled out and turned me around manfully, roughly dragging me into the position he wanted now. He pushed on my back and I bent over, bracing a hand against the wall as his hands grasped at my ass, giving it a playful slap before again sliding the swollen tip of his hard-on between my pussy lips and slamming back in.

Again I screamed out, wondering if any passing stranger might come to investigate and be met with the sight of me bent over with my lover holding onto my hips and ramming into me.

We quicklyfound a perfect rhythm, me pushing back onto his pole as he powered into me, my greedy hole eager to swallow up every inch of it. His grunts had turned to gasps and he slowed his pace, sliding in and out still passionately but not with the end of the world urgency he had before. But it was still ecstacy – feeling the shaft slide and ease it's slippery way in and out of me as his body slapped against my ass, his pubic hair brushing my buttocks tantalisingly.

He leaned forward, impaling me again, and grabbed onto my swaying breasts. I could feel his hot rapid breath on the back of my neck as he resumed fucking me, this time with shorter, quicker thrusts, pulling out only a little before driving his cock back home.

I raised myself up and his thrusts lengthened again. His mouth found my neck and he kissed it all over, still dutifully filling my pussy. My hands went to his pressing them firmer still to my breasts. Eventually I again felt his hands slide down my body and he turned me back to face him.

I instinctively knew what he wanted, somehow we had achieved sexual synergy and I fell to my knees and lay back on the ground. The cold stone sent a shiver through me but it felt wonderful against my hot skin. He fell to his knees and took a hold of my legs at the calves, pulling them apart, a hungry smile spread across his face.

As if the whole night had been building to this position, he brought my ankles up to his shoulders, my right stiletto still dangling my pink lace panties from the heel. He stroked my legs roughly, hungrily, laddering my stockings but I didn't care, they were just an adornment, and had served their purpose.

His cock, swollen, flushed and hard as steel hung menacingly over my exposed open pussy, gaining a much needed rest before he began to ease himself forward, holding my gaze in mutual lust. My calves slid up his shoulders and my thighs eased back toward me as he positioned himself, still looking me in the eyes as he reached down to give his cock and my pussy what they both needed.

His arms were either side of me, hands planted on the ground beside my tits. I reached out to grasp them as he drove into me yet again. If anything his thrust was more powerful than that first of the night, penetrating me deep and hard.

'Oh God YES' I yelled out as I felt his swaying balls slap against me and his cock filling me to the hilt. I could tell by his face that my bliss was matched by his and it felt all the more satisfying seeing the intense pleasure on his face.

He began to pump into me again, hard, deep, fast. The orgasm I had been on the brink of for so long was now at the point of no return and I knew that he would fuck like this till he came.

Still he held my gaze, feeding off my intense lust. I reached up to stroke his face as he buried his cock manfully into my hungry sex, my legs swinging as he thrust his hips and impaled me over and over.

My orgasm tore through me in a wave of intense electric passion. My hands slapped the ground and tried to grab onto anything, graping but found nothing. I writhed and grabbed back for his arms, digging my nails into the flesh, barely able to find the breath to gasp out 'Oh god, yes, yes'

Still he rammed into me as I squirmed beneath him, panting, tears of bliss rolling down my face, smudging my mascara. I pushed a hand down to my exposed clitorus and the instant it touched another wave began, another mind-blowing orgasm to the sound of him now grunting out yes as he neared his own climax.

With a final slamming thrust he unleashed his load inside of me, his back arched and sweat dripping from his brow. I felt the first blast of hot sticky cum burst from his cock into my tunnel. He pulled out and slammed in again as we shared our climax. Another and another copious squirt as his cock now squelched with each thrust driving his thick semen out.

He pulled out and I sat up revelling in the afterglow and took his cock into my mouth, lapping at it with my tongue, coaxing another squirt of cum which dribbled down my chin as i slurped on his used shaft. He was gasping, desperately trying to pull air into his lungs as I dutifully licked clean his member.

He collpased onto me and we began to laugh. I kissed him again and he wrapped his arms around me in a passionate embrace. After a few moments we parted mouths and we sat up against the wall gathering our composure.

Re-enacting the night we first met had turned out to be better a gift than a card and a bunch of flowers could ever be.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wedding band, slipping it onto his ring finger. I did the same, searching my bag for the matching gold.

'Happy anniversary katie.' he smiled at me.

'happy anniversary honey.' I grinned back at him.




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