A call to action on Instagram: to purchase, to engage, examples

A call to action on Instagram: to purchase, to engage, examples

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Call to Action (CTA) is a call in the form of a line of text or a button that prompts users to perform a specific action. For example, like, leave a comment, buy products or sign up for a webinar. The key objective of the CTA is to lead the person to the final goal in the shortest possible way.

A call to action on Instagram is what sells and converts an audience into leads. It is necessary to motivate the visitor to take the next step you need. A well-designed Call to Action increases the effectiveness of advertising, increasing the number of sales. In addition, CTA improves audience engagement.

In today's article, you will find a large number of working calls to action for Instagram in the form of templates and specific examples. Adapt them to the characteristics of your audience and niche in order to reach the maximum conversion! Also you can to use instagram tracker if you want to know everything about users.

How to write a call to action on Instagram

Before moving on to the examples, let's look at the basic principles for creating Call to Action.

CTA guidelines

  1. A different approach for different audiences. Study the needs of your subscribers, divide them into segments depending on the goals and features of behavior. Make a call to action targeted to a specific audience segment.
  2. One post - one CTA. Do not overload the post with a few calls for targeted action.
  3. A simple next step . Show your subscribers that the product is available to everyone, and placing your order takes seconds. Use the words "in ... minutes", "immediately", "instantly." This will make your offer more enticing.
  4. Use the imperative. For example, “write”, “buy”, “start”, “find out”. This pushes the user to action.
  5. Set a time limit. Urgency - a powerful trigger that increases conversion by 2-3 times. Such words will fit: “hurry,” “discount is valid until ...”, “have time to pick up the bonus.”
  6. Novelty and relevance. Emphasize the uniqueness of an event or product with the phrases “last”, “one of a kind”, “never sold before”.
  7. Sound the benefits. It must be valuable and clear. Offer not products, but a solution to the problem: not a means for losing weight, but an easy way to get the perfect figure.
  8. Social evidence. For example, “9 out of 10 of our customers receive the goods the day after payment”, “98% of program participants consider it the most effective on the market”, “500 entrepreneurs have already implemented this tool and entered the TOP. Keep up! ”

Now let's move on to compiling a call to action on Instagram, taking into account the above rules.

Call to action for sales

“Only for our subscribers until August 31, there is a discount. To order, write to Direct. "

  • "Promotion until September 10 - have time to get it!".
  • "Buy today and get a gift ...".
  • “The cost is only until August 14 ... rubles. And then it will grow 1.5 times! ”
  • “Summer offer! A free trial period of 7 days - order now and evaluate the new features of the service. ”
  • "Champagne as a gift upon first order."
  • "Start ... right now!".
  •  “Take the first step towards a happy life!”
  • “Buy today to save tomorrow.”
  • "Order ... and you forget what it means ...".
  • “High-quality repairs on the day of treatment. Write to Direct now! ”
  • “Take a trip with us. 10 days of drive, emotions and adventures that you will never forget! ”
  • “Photography in any genre. Write in the comments I WANT and catch a 20% discount. ”

Invoking call to action

“Do you agree with me? Write an answer in the comments. "

  • “What can you add to the above?”
  • “Whoever leaves a comment and likes it will receive a 5% discount!”
  • "Repost - and get a chance to win ...".
  • “Have you got some tips?” Click on the heart! ”
  • "What would you advise if ...?"
  • “Did you like the post?” Do not forget to like it. "
  • “Which option looks better?” Write the number in the comments! ”
  • “Did you like the content?” Thank Like! ”
  • “Like it. For you a trifle, but for us it is important. ”
  • "Make a repost to the story and save it to your archive so as not to lose."
  • “Be the first to comment on the material!”

Call to action in Storeys

In Instagram Stories, you can also add Call to Action, motivating the target action or increasing user engagement.

When setting up ads or when you have more than 10 thousand followers, you can add a link with a button to Stories. To improve the conversion rate at the checkout, add the text - "Click here!", "Pull up - and find out more" or "Swipe down to place an order." Or make a story template in advance , in which the link (swipe) will be highlighted.


Experiment with calls to action, remembering to analyze the results. So you will understand what tricks work best in your account. Save the article to your bookmarks to always have CTA templates for Instagram on hand!