A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale

Lady Emilia had not been long in the Russian court and at first she had been surprised and pleased by its splendour, but had quickly became aware of the hostility towards her as a foreigner and wary of the complex and dangerous webs of intrigue in which this society was so seeped. As a young and beautiful English lady she might have hoped for a love match, but her father's debts had ensured that she had been married-off to the rich Count Ribanov, an arrangement made to safeguard her family's business interests in Russia. The old Count may have been wealthy, but Emilia's flawless beauty, flowing blond hair and promise of youthful fertility was more than a fair exchange. She had been acquired by the Count to produce an heir and other children of good aristocratic stock.

Needless to say, the early few months of her marriage had been far from a happy time for Emilia, yet she put her best face forward as expected and taught to her from her own strict upbringing within the English gentry.

The Count had proved to be a poor lover, ugly and deeply unkind to Emilia, but it quickly became apparent that he was more interested in drinking, gambling and the company of other men than spending time with his new bride, or sharing her bed. She began to take long rides in the countryside on her beautiful white horse, which for a while helped her to forget her increasing loneliness.

On one such ride, her mount reared suddenly at the hissing of an Adder in the long grass and she had tumbled violently into an icy stream, knocked briefly unconscious and in serious danger of drowning. When she had awoken, she was freezing, soaked and in some pain, but being carried to safety in the strong arms of a handsome young man in the braided green uniform of a cavalry officer. By good fortune, Captain Alexander Petrov of a Cossack Regiment had been delivering a dispatch to the Count's estate and having seen her fall, galloped over to scoop Emilia from the water just in the nick-of-time.

On returning to the summer palace, Count Ribanov had chastised Emilia for her clumsiness, but thanked the Captain, who he knew as the young officer responsible for training the local militia. As a Cossack, Alexander or Sasha as he was better known, was a fine horseman and so the Count gruffly suggested that Sasha could teach Emilia to ride a horse this time: "without falling off!" It was thus how Emilia came to spend pleasant hours with Sasha learning special Cossack ways of riding that were not usually taught to members of the fairer sex.

There was clearly a frisson of attraction between the two young people, but both were keenly aware of their duty and the risks of anything more than mild flirting. This didn't stop Emilia day-dreaming of handsome Sasha and especially his sparkling blue eyes and firm body, while she soaped herself in the heat of her copper bath. Sometimes her hand would snake down slowly between her long legs and she would gently rub the lips of her pussy and the sensitive little clit above, gasping quietly with pleasure.

Her short, but wonderful time with Sasha was not to last however, as he was ordered to re-join his regiment for Autumn manoeuvres. "I will see you again before winter sets" he shouted cheerily to Emilia as he cantered away, turning back to gaze at her fondly, whilst her stomach fluttered and pained, yearning for the loss of him.

A few weeks later, as the harsh Russian winter was fast approaching, Count Ribanov summoned Emilia into his study to inform her that she was to proceed in advance to prepare their winter palace, which was located a few hundred miles to the south. She would go first in a horse drawn sled, as the first winter snows were arriving, along with a servant and the Count would follow in a week or so with the whole house retinue.

Emilia set-off a few days later in her finest warm clothing across the wintry Russian countryside. It was a bright clear morning with the sun glistening on the snow. The sleigh bells jingled on the little horse pulling them along behind it. It wasn't long however before dark clouds were forming on the horizon and flurries of snow started to fall heavily upon them, soon whipping-up into a full-blown blizzard. Emilia, with a sense of dread upon her, spurred the little horse into a gallop in an effort to find shelter at a settlement before they were totally blinded by the blustering snowfall.

The rough track they were following was soon hidden by snow and taking a corner far too quickly, the ornate sledge slipped suddenly sideways and buried itself deeply into a snowdrift, tipping both Emilia and the poor servant rudely into the cold, but thankfully, soft snow. The poor little horse was whinnying, but seemed unhurt although the old servant was badly shaken. "I'll go and find help" he said above the roaring of the wind and snow. "I think there's a village up ahead, so try to wrap up in the sled and I will return soon".

She watched as he disappeared into the gloom, but after an hour or so, there was no sign of any help and no indication that the fearsome blizzard would let-up. Although draped in velvet and sable, the cold was biting and intense, dangerously sapping Emilia's remaining energy and she felt a deep weariness creep upon her.

Suddenly, emerging from the swirling snow storm appeared a rider, - it was Sasha, still dashing in his elaborate Cossack uniform, although covered head to toe in snow and ice. He dismounted quickly and casting aside his sabre, rushed to her side and clutched her to him in a passionate hug, Wasting no time, he tied his own powerful mount alongside the other horse and urged them both forward, whilst putting his strong shoulder to the sledge and with an immense shove, the sleigh sprung free. Emilia staggered to Sasha embracing him with relief and gratitude, but delirious with cold and shock, she fainted into his strong arms.

She awakened slowly to the dancing shadows and glittering light of an open wood fire; it seemed she was lying on a soft bed within a little forest cabin, snuggled warmly within thick furs. Facing away from her and feeding logs into the fire was Sasha, stripped to the waist with the strong, muscled back and powerful shoulders of a soldier, honed for battle and the saddle. He turned to her with a smile on seeing her awake at last. Coming towards her and lifting the heavy furs, he slipped-in beside her, enveloping her nakedness with his powerful body. There was no outrage at his actions and she felt no offence to her lady's honour, only the understanding that they must cuddle together for mutual warmth.

They lay holding each other closely, drifting asleep as the fire heated the small room, faintly cracking and popping. Emilia slowly awakened again to the fire glowing in the background, but also to the heat and odour of a real man, so different from the cold, weedy body of her unpleasant husband, foisted upon her by noble alliance. The Count had last shared her bed months' ago in a foul drunken state and reeking of cigar smoke from the gambling tables.

The musky scent of a true man and the feel of his strong body overwhelmed her feminine senses and her pussy began to moisten inevitably, her nipples swelling as they brushed against his broad chest. He was now awake now too, instinct and the smell of an aroused woman causing his large, thick cock to swell and harden against her. Their faces were so close together, so they gazed lustily at one another, a moment of hesitation and then kissing, both moaning with pleasure as tongues met and swirled deeply. Their hands were all over each others' bodies, hers running across his muscled, manly frame, his stroking her womanly curves and grasping and fondling her perfect swelling breasts and nipples.

Soon her hand was grasping his erect cock, pumping the shaft up and down, while rubbing its engorged head over wet pussy lips and onto her aching clit; the pleasure shooting through Emilia, making her sigh with ecstacy. The passion was so intense, Sasha could hold back no longer and eased himself on top of her, his cock finding the opening to her soaking vagina and thrusting deeply all the way inside her; both shouted out as her tight moist pussy grasped wonderfully onto his throbbing shaft.

Sasha pumped into her, in and out, his balls slapping against her engorged labia, over and over again, both crying out at each thrust, her breasts and sensitive nipples rubbing exquisitely against his chest. They gazed adoringly into each others eyes, mouths open wide with the ecstacy of their union. Pistoning in and out of her sopping wet pussy, his thick cock swelling and building faster and faster, deeper and deeper...then suddenly she tensed... "argh!!! argh!!! argh!!!" she cried, her pussy grasping and spasming on on his throbbing pole as she was overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm. The intense rhythm of her cumming on his cock caused Sasha to burst inside her, shouting out loudly whilst shooting spurt after spurt of his hot white sperm deep within her.

Collapsing beside each other, holding close and gazing adoringly, their lust was totally satisfied and their love kindled never to be extinguished.