A Walk In the Woods

A Walk In the Woods

A Walk In the Woods (Naked Hubby)

I have been a closet exhibitionist most of my life, meaning I like to be naked, but no one has ever seen me naked but my wife. My wife knows of my kink and aside from a few naked house cleaning events, my fantasy has remained largely in my head. That all changed after our kids moved out and started their own lives. My wife has recently begun to warm to the idea of my exhibitionism. Even though she doesn't share my enthusiasm for public nudity, she has embraced the fact that she now enjoys putting me in potentially embarrassing situations. She has also figured that as long as she has her camera with her, she can always call it "art" if anyone complains. Regardless, I am really enjoying her new found adventurous side.

We live in a rural area with a few hiking trails in the woods behind our house. They are not frequented by much other than wildlife and the occasional walker. My wife and I have occasionally ventured out on the trails on warm evenings, but not too often. I think that was all about to change.

I had just finished mowing the yard and was sitting on the back porch when my wife walked out with her camera bag slung over her shoulder.

Handing me a beer and she asks, "Want to go for a walk?"

"Sure" I replied, "Let me go change." I tell her.

"You're fine as you are, let's go."

I should have suspected something at this point, but I brushed it off thinking she wanted to capture the evening light or some other photographer stuff.

I turn my beer up and finish it, grab her hand and off we go into a trail at the back of our yard.

As we get deeper into the woods I discovered that my wife had a plan for me. Just as we reached the first turn and were mostly out of site of the houses, she stopped and said, "Strip!"

Almost immediately I have a tent in my shorts. She quickly noticed this and with wicked gleam in her eye and held out her hand for them. I slide them down my legs and over my shoes. Standing up I hand my shorts to her, since I was working in the yard I wasn't wearing underwear. With a smile she tucked my shorts into the camera bag. I pull my t-shirt off and she adds it to the bag with my shorts.

She then reached for my hand and we continued down the trail. My clothes now safely tucked away under her arm. I shivered a little in my nakedness, even though I wasn't chilled. Quite the opposite I'd say.

Reaching out she grabs my hard cock stating, "You really do enjoy this don't you?"

"Kinda obvious huh?" I reply.

As she caresses my cock, it's like an electric shock and causes me to shiver even more.

I had to admit, the warm air felt great against my skin, but the thought of being on a public trail wearing just my shoes caused me a little concern.

As we walked her hands roamed over my ass and onto my cock, her caresses made me forget my concerns in the excitement of the moment.

I was truly excited (and very obviously aroused). But the real fun for her I think was that she controlled my nakedness simply by possessing my clothes. Having me walking about in the woods literally hanging out and erect to amuse or horrify any wandering neighbors seemed to not phase my wife, but was constantly at the edges of my thoughts.

On past walks we had occasionally run into a neighbor and his wife out for a stroll, thankfully I was fully dressed during those particular walks.

I was constantly reminded of my nakedness by her statements such as, "I wonder who else is out walking on such a beautiful afternoon?"

Or, "I sure hope someone else is enjoying this beautiful afternoon as much as we are!"

I was haunted by the knowledge that I might be caught out, and I'd have to ask my wife for my clothes.

Being naked and exposed as I was, was a risk. A small one perhaps, but it doesn't feel like a small risk when it's your cock and buns hanging out.

Desy admitted she felt some of the risk herself. After all, she was fully clothed and walking with a naked man, however, she laughed it off saying that all the focus would be on me anyway. This was a very unfair albeit very exciting game for me.

Well, to continue, when I'm hanging out, I'm almost always erect, Desy makes certain of that, keeping an eye on me and reminding me that I'm not allowed to let her "Toy" deflate.

She amuses herself by leading me along by the balls, sometimes figuratively, sometime physically. She also enjoys batting playfully at the tip of my cock so that it bobs up and down.

We were just walking and chatting, enjoying each other's company, the beauty of woods, however, at the moment one of us was quite visibly more excited than the other. Although knowing Desy as I do, she was probably quite excited herself, it just doesn't show as evidently as with me.

Not knowing what was around the next corner added to my sexual excitement. Every rustle of leaves, or snaps of a twig caused my stomach to lurch and my cock to throb at the prospect of encountering another human being.

Ok, I had figured out by this time that I liked this dangerous, one-sided game.

We came to an area where there is an intersection, but instead of taking the regular, more traveled path, she seemed to have a new direction in mind. I didn't ask, I just followed along. It was evident that she knew where she was going, most likely having scouted this area as a photography spot before. After a few minutes, we stop near an old farmers pond and long forgotten orchard.

There was a nice clearing with light filtering through the old fruit trees. Directly in front of us the trees were bent and ragged from age, but they still seemed to bear edible fruit. The tree closest to me was a peach tree with several ripe fruit dangling from its branches and ready for the picking. Under the trees, wild flowers and grasses grew, making for an very serene setting.

Stopping to pull her camera out she tells me, "Reach up like you are going to pick the fruit."

The peach was soft and fuzzy to the touch, but not yet too overripe.

"Great," she said, pointing the camera at me and adjusting the shooting angle. "Just hold that pose, now."

"That's good. Now turn towards me a little bit," She'd say, happily choreographing my moves while I complied.

"Pick it and put it to you nose and smell it."

I did as she asked and the peach smelled wonderful, I was tempted to take a bite when she said just that.

"Take a bite Bill, let me see the expression on your face as you taste it."

As my teeth sink into the succulent flesh, it reveals just how juicy it is. Peach juice runs from the corners of my mouth, down my neck and onto my chest, leaving a shiny trail.

"Oh, that's sexy!" my wife comments, while moving in for a closer shot.

The flavor of the peach was incredibly sweet and as I dig in for another bite more juice squeezed out. This time running all the way down my chest only to be stopped by the intersection of my cock and my groin.

The camera is whirring away as frame after frame are captured in digital format.

"Run the peach along your cock."

"Ooh, kinky!" I respond to her.

Sliding the juicy fruit along my shaft leaves a shiny stripe. Stopping at the end, I roll the peach flesh around the head and then continue back down the other side.

My wife had been steadily capturing all of my actions, getting ever closer to me. When the lens was almost touching my distended cock, she leans in and swipes he tongue across my shiny, peach flavored flesh.

"Mmmm, I love peaches, put more on there!"

I run the peach all around my cock, squeezing it a little to get some more juice out. The head is nice and shiny now, and my wife leans forward and sucks it in her mouth, running her tongue all around paying special attention to that sensitive spot under the tip.

Pulling her mouth away with a pop, she resumes photographing my saliva slickened erection. I groan as she pulls her mouth away as I was quite enjoying her oral ministrations.

"I love sucking your cock, but that peach juice certainly increases the flavor!"

I make a mental note to grab some extra peaches to take home tonight.

She continued having me pose in various areas around the clearing and trees, even venturing down to the pond for some "water photos" as she called them. Having me stand at the waters edge and lewdly display myself to her camera. She was really having fun posing and positioning me for her photos.

We had lost track of the time and the light was now fading. The flash had gone off on her last couple of shots, startling both of us.

"What shall we do for my final images?" She wonders aloud.

"It looks like 'he' has lost interest in modeling for me," She smirked, referring to the now semi-erect state of my cock.

Her comment renewed attention to "him" and caused me to begin to swell back to full hardness.

"Oh yeah, that's better," she said, pointing the camera at me once again.

"Now I know what I want: I think I'd like to capture one of those cum shots of yours."

"Work your cock for me baby."

Liking the idea of some relief, I began stroking my cock. In a few moments I was feeling the affects of my hand and getting close. After nearly two hours of teasing and the erotic nature of everything we had done in the since we entered the woods had me quite primed.

I was close and getting even more worked up when she said, "Stop for a moment."

She walked over to the peach tree, pulled another fruit from it and tossed it to me.

"I want to see you cum all over the peach and eat it the way you did the first one."

Her suggestion took me the final step, with another pull on my cock I began to cum. The first shot arched up and over the peach, completely missing it. Adjusting my aim, the next 3 volleys land squarely on the fuzzy skin and coat it like a caramel apple. Two more less powerful shots come out and I drizzle those across the fruit.

My hand and the peach are coated in thick white spunk. The steady staccato of the camera shutter is a reminder that my actions are being recorded.

Lifting the cum covered peach to my mouth, instead of taking a bite, I look directly into the camera and slide my tongue along the cleft of the peach that resembles a woman's ass.

"Oh fuck!" my wife exclaims with a shiver. "I just came in my shorts!"

Opening my mouth, I take a bite of peach fleshand man juice. The peach is just aa juicy as the ffirst one, and again the juice is flowing out the corners of my mouth, only this time the peach juice is mixed with my spunk.

Extending my arm, I offer the fruit to my wife. She leans in, swipes her tongue across the cum covered flesh and takes a bite. She too has my cum and peach juice running down her face, leaving a sticky path.

Seeing her do this causes me cock to swell and I am once again standing straight out and ready for round two.

Noticing my revived erection, she shoves her camera in her bag and tells me, "Let's get home so you can fuck me, my pussy is on fire!"

"Can I at least have my shorts back?" I ask.

"No." Was her emphatic reply. "You'll just have to hope no one sees you." The last statement is shouted over her shoulder as she has taken off at an easy jog.

I pick up the pace and run up to her. As I catch up, she notices my erection bouncing as I run.

"I like that, maybe I'll get some shots of you working out naked, you know, jumping jacks, flutter kicks, or on the treadmill, that way I can really see it bounce around while you run."

Continuing our hurried pace, we make it back to the house without being seen (I think). Dropping her clothes as we rush through the house she doesn't even make it to the bedroom, instead stopping in the living room and bending over the padded arm of the couch.

Without hesitation is walk up behind her and drive my cock in to the hilt. As my hips contact her ass, she begins bucking back at me. Her tight channel works its magic and within minutes I am on the verge of coming.

I reach around to play with her clit, hoping to bring her off with me, but her hand is already there. She's strumming her clit like a bass guitar. I put my hand over hers and "strum" with her. That sets her off. I feel her stiffen under me and she holds her breath for few seconds. With a deep moan, she gasps and I feel her spray my thighs with her cream.

"Cum in me!" She croaks out.

One last forward push of my hips and my balls pull up tight in my sack. My cock pulses several times before I feel my cum travel down the shaft and blast into her cunt. With every pulse of my cock, I feel her body jerk and spasm.

Flexing her Kegel muscles, she draws the last of my cum out of my now softening cock.

I stand up on shaky legs and separate myself from her. She remains laying over the arm of the couch, catching her breath and enjoying the afterglow.

I can't help but look between her legs and see her red, abused pussy lips. They are covered in her creamy nectar and my cum.

Feeling the urge to partake in one of my favorite activities, I drop to my knees, lean forward and swipe my tongue through her lips, gathering up our combined juices.

As I go for a second helping and my wife moans deeply.

"I was hoping if I stayed still you'd do that for me. You gave me wonderful orgasms with your cock, now I need some gentle loving with your tongue."

Rolling her hips back, she gives me even greater access to her pussy, and I swipe my tongue from her clit, through her lips and up across her asshole, collecting my spunk and her cream as I go.

On the next pass of my tongue I stop at her tight pucker. I flattening my tongue and bath her in gentle swipes, eliciting even more moans and coos from her. Pointing my tongue, I drive it into her hole and wiggle it around.

"My clit! Suck my clit!" She almost screams at me.

Pulling my tongue out her asshole, I lower my face and suck her engorged clit into my mouth sawing my tongue across it. In seconds she is in the throes of another deep body shaking orgasm. I grab her hips and pull my face deeper into her sex, riding the waves of her pleasure with her.

When she reaches back to push my face away, I see that her spasms have pushed out more of the cum I dumped in there earlier, I scoop it up with my tongue causing a shiver to run up her spine.

"No more, please, I'm done."

Standing up and stretching my legs, I help her to stand, and together we wobble to our bed and fall into a deep slumber.